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2002-08-14 TI op amps offer low distortion, unity gain stability
The THS4271/5 series of op amps offers a unity gain stability with 1.4GHz unity-gain bandwidth, 900V/5s slew rate, distortion of -84dBc (2Vpp output, 30MHz) and a 2.8nV/sqrt-Hz voltage noise density
2006-01-18 Variable gain amplifier takes aim at wireless infrastructure
ADI announced an analog-control variable-gain amplifier that is optimized for linearity in wireless infrastructure applications, such as cellular base station radio transceivers
2008-02-20 Variable gain amplifier supports multichannel data access
ADI has introduced a general-purpose two-channel, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier developed with specific features for today's cable modem termination system
2008-02-08 Variable gain amp sets new performance standard
ADI has introduced a digitally programmable variable gain amplifier with transmit driver claimed to set a new standard of performance for driving signals over power lines, cables and other applications with low impedance
2009-08-07 Gain control amp suits digital radio equipments
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has introduced the NJM2287 450KHz IF gain control amplifier IC with mixer for digital radio equipments
2010-08-19 WLAN power amplifier is 1.5mm x 1.5mm
Microsemi introduces the new LX5514M power amplifier, a continuation of their WLAN product family expansion for the smartphone market
2007-06-19 White LED driver integrates Class AB audio amplifier
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX8678, the industry's only white LED (WLED) driver to combine a highly efficient negative charge pump with a fully differential, bridged audio amplifier
2014-09-30 Transimpedance amplifier offers 21GHz bandwidth, 10k gain
The device boasts high level of sensitivity, with less than 2?A IRN and virtually no cross talk between channels, which help achieve high signal integrity for 100G optical networking systems.
2005-01-18 TI audio power amplifier with 80% lower noise floor
TI introduced a high-performance, filter-free stereo Class-D audio power amplifier
2008-01-22 Solid-state GaAs amplifier delivers high linearity
The SM09296-47L from Stealth Microwave is a 925-960MHz solid state GaAs amplifier designed for the cellular/GSM telephony market
2013-03-08 Solid state amplifier 10Hz1MHz Frequency range apps
AR's 350AH1 solid state amplifier is a portable, self-contained, 350 watt/10Hz C 1MHz unit ready for a wide range of applications
2004-08-30 Op amp with unity-gain stability zips at 1GHz
ADI revealed an op amp that combines easy-to-use voltage-feedback architecture, unity-gain stability, and pin-out optimized for high-performance systems
2004-01-14 ON Semi oscillator amplifier eyes telecom apps
Expanding its portfolio of advanced components for high-speed data and telecommunication applications, ON Semiconductor has introduced the NBLVEP16VR amplifier that features both an oscillator gain stage and enabled high gain outputs
2005-08-24 ON Semi enters high-speed operational amplifier market
ON Semiconductor announced its entry into the high-speed operational amplifier market with the introduction of four new devices designed for the growing low-power video apps space
2004-04-28 ON Semi audio amplifier improves sound quality
The company has introduced the NCP2809 stereo audio amplifier that improves sound quality and reduces part count in space-restricted wireless apps
2002-12-23 ON Semi audio amplifier fits mobile phones, PDAs
The NCP2890 Class AB audio amplifier from ON Semiconductor is available in a Micro-8 (14.72mm?) and a Microbump-9 (2.25mm?) package
2004-10-28 NJR amplifier suits 800MHz, 2.1GHz phones
NJR rolled out a bypass circuit-equipped low-noise amplifier GaAs MMIC engineered primarily for use in W-CDMA 800MHz and 2.1GHz dual-band mobile phones
2005-09-29 New limiting post amplifier from Micrel tailored for PON apps
Micrel expanded its family of limiting post amplifiers with the introduction of the SY88903ALKG, a 1.25Gbps limiting post amplifier featuring 3.3V operation with better than 5mV sensitivity
2005-08-19 New broadband microwave amplifier can be remotely controlled
AR Worldwide's newest broadbanded linear amplifier has a number of hooks that are likely to make it user-friendly, especially in the lab and on the factory floor
2003-05-23 National buffer amps offer low differential phase, gain specs
National Semiconductor Corp.'s two new LMH buffer amplifiers are derived from the VIP10 process technology, which the company claims increases bandwidth and minimizes distortion for high-performance video applications.
2007-09-03 Limiting post amplifier introduced for fiber-optic receivers
Micrel's SY88973BL low-power limiting post amplifier is designed for use in fiber-optic receivers that follow a variety of optical networking standards
2004-10-29 Intersil amplifier breaks 1GHz barrier
The first triple amplifier touted to break the 1GHz amplifier barrier was recently announced by Intersil
2003-07-31 Headphone amplifier suits portable audio systems
The Boomer stereo headphone amplifier from National Semiconductor is designed for use in apps that require a single 1.5V battery
2009-12-17 Gain blocks suit broadband, RF apps
Avago's new gain blocks offer flat gain and high linearity for a variety of devices operating in the 40- to 6,000MHz frequency range
2007-12-19 GaAs FET amplifier handles 1.5GHz
Stealth Microwave has introduced Model SM0520-36/36H, a 500-2,000MHz solid state GaAs FET amplifier designed for multipurpose use in multiple wireless and military markets
2008-09-09 GaAs FET amplifier gears up for military, wireless apps
Stealth Microwave has designed Model SM06927-36H, a 690-2,700MHz solid-state GaAs FET amplifier designed for multipurpose use in multiple wireless and military markets
2005-06-29 Feedback amplifier combines high performance, low power
Designed to drive high-quality video, Intersil Corp.'s new ultra-wideband, low-power, four-channel current feedback amplifier features a slew rate of 5,000V/?s and 500MHz of gain bandwidth on all four channels
2013-06-04 Differential amplifier boasts 20?Vrms low noise input
The Model 121 3 channel DC differential amplifier can be used in a variety of instrumentation lab, vibration and shock testing and comes with a low noise input of less than 20?Vrms
2002-04-16 Celeritek VSAT power amp provides 34.5dB gain
Designed for transmit subsystem functions in the Ku-band of VSAT applications, the CMM1430-KU 1W power amplifier offers a 34.5dB linear gain and 32dBm of saturated output power
2010-11-22 Broadband gain blocks give high linearity via InGaP HBT technology
Avago Technologies announced two new high-linearity gain block amplifiers. The AVT-55689 and AVT-54689 gain blocks provide low current consumption and robust electrostatic discharge protection. These devices function in frequency bands from DC to 6000 MHz
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