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2008-09-19 Cisco employs virtualization OS for storage tools
Cisco Systems has released a set of boards, systems and software to upgrade its support for virtualization in storage area networks.
2007-09-14 Chip reduces blur in fast 1,080p HD video
The TC90240XBG chip from TAEC integrates a scan rate converter to upgrade standard 60Hz signals to 120Hz, improving the blurry motion sometimes seen during fast-paced action scenes in high-definition content.
2004-06-04 China's military modernization continues to stress electronics
U.S. military analysts in an annual report to Congress argue that China's military modernization effort continues as it seeks to strengthen its space capabilities while leveraging technological gains in its civilian sector to upgrade weapons and supporting networks.
2004-11-03 Cellular silicon a tough nut with high growth
The evolution of the cellular handset industry has been beneficial as well as challenging for chipmakers, as they quickly integrate new technologies into many wireless handsets, prompting users to upgrade their phones.
2014-05-21 Cadence upgrades FastSPICE with mixed-signal design support
The upgrade enables multi-core simulation to provide the additional performance scalability required in mixed-signal circuits.
2005-12-15 Bridging chip upgrades bus interface designs to PCI Express
PLX Technology's latest bridge chip, dubbed PEX 8311, is designed to upgrade standard processor, DSP and FPGA bus interface designs to PCI Express.
2003-04-30 AVR462: Reducing the Power Consumption of the AT80EIT1 - AVR Embedded Internet Toolkit
This application note discusses the procedure to upgrade of the AT90EIT1 by reducing the power consumption of the Ethernet board.
2003-04-25 AVR074: Upgrading AT90ICEPRO to ATICE10
This application note discusses the procedures to upgrade the AT90ICEPRO emulator to ATICE10 ver. 2.0.
2006-02-06 austriamicro upgrades H35 design kit
austriamicro's full service foundry business unit announced an upgrade of its analog/mixed-signal high performance technology design kit for its advanced 0.35m high-voltage CMOS process H35.
2004-04-30 Aries SOIC adapters provide hassle-free upgrades
Aries has released new SOIC adapters that cost-effectively provide an upgrade from older Aromat HB2E relays to surface mount TXSS relays.
2002-08-13 Aries rolls DIP-to-SOIC adapter
Aries Electronics Inc. has introduced the lead-free Correct-A-Chip adapter that enables users to upgrade from DIP devices to SOJ or SOIC devices with no PCB rework or redesign.
2002-09-17 Aries lead-free adapter rolls out
A high-temperature, lead-free adapter from Aries Electronics lets users upgrade to SOJ or SOIC devices from DIP components with no PCB rework or redesign.
2014-08-20 AMD joins storage market with SSDs for gamers
The Radeon R7 series is an excellent choice for gamers looking to upgrade their system's overall responsiveness with an economical solution that puts performance and reliability front and centre.
2002-07-01 Actel upgrades FPGA design tool bundle
Actel Corp. has released an upgrade to its Libero FPGA design environment with new ease-of-use and run-time enhancement features.
2007-06-28 8/32bit MCUs promise pin-for-pin compatibility
Freescale Semiconductor has started sampling a range of MCUs that it says will allow designers to upgrade easily from 8bit to 32bit capability with the same on-chip peripheral functions and toolsets.
2014-02-10 300mm wafer processing dominates, 200mm capacity stays relevant
IC Insights indicated that nearly all fab upgrade and construction activity has to do with 300mm wafer processing, but there is still plenty of life remaining in 200mm fabs.
2014-10-15 200mm fab lives on, end nowhere in sight
Despite the upgrade to larger wafer sizeswith fabs that transitioned to 300mm over a decade agothere is still plenty of life remaining in 200mm fabs, and the introduction of MEMS-based accelerometers for motion tracking has been a boon to eight-inch wafers.
2005-09-29 1.3MP imagers deliver higher resolution for camera phones
The newly launched suite of 1/4-inch optical format, 1.3MP imaging solutions from Cypress allows mobile device manufacturers to upgrade their products with improved image quality at a higher resolution while maintaining the same optical format and form factor.
2003-08-27 Zuken bundles routers into PCB package
Tool vendor Zuken Ltd has released a Cadstar desktop PCB design package that includes high-end routing technologies.
2011-04-28 ZTE, Malaysian network demo WiMAX, TD-LTE integration
ZTE has demonstrated the ability for WiMAX and TD-LTE to co-exist on a network. The demonstration at Port Dickson was conducted with P1, Malaysia's WiMAX operator.
2010-01-05 ZTE bags Europe 3G network upgrades
In cooperation with ZTE, E-Plus Group and KPN Group Belgium are planning to expand their 3G networks in Germany and Belgium.
2002-06-03 Zoran, NEC collaborate for DVD recording solutions
Zoran Corp. and NEC Corp. have collaborated to develop DVD recording solutions for consumer electronic manufacturers.
2005-09-21 ZMD CMOS' EEPROM saves, processes complex configurations
ZMD AG's new CMOS device features an integrated EEPROM that promises to enable users to save and process complex configurations such as inversion and data filtering
2004-10-08 Zilog unveils new version of ZTP software suite
Zilog has launched a new version of ZTP that offers standard network connectivity across a wide range of apps.
2004-11-23 Zilog MCU offers improved costs, power efficiency
Zilog released a new family of microcontrollers that promises to achieve significant improvements in cost and power efficiency.
2007-03-01 Zigbee vet strives to reduce cost of solutions
Wireless microcontroller specialist Jennic is putting the marker down for next-generation Zigbee-compliant devices at sub-$2 prices in 100,000-plus units.
2010-09-07 Zigbee SoC comes with free protocol stack, reference designs
SoC compatible with IEEE 802.15.4 for low-power consumption, high reliability
2014-11-19 Zigbee 3.0 goes for 'one size fits all'
The ZigBee Alliance is consolidating all forms of its low-power wireless technology under one standard, the ZigBee 3.0, in a move that will provide interoperability among the widest range of smart devices.
2010-04-12 Zain Bahrain makes first LTE call in Middle East
Zain Bahrain has demonstrated the Middle East's first LTE call, achieving download data speed of 70Mbit/s with Nokia Siemens Networks' Flexi base stations.
2011-03-02 Xoom powered by Nvidia, Atmel, STMicro chips, devices
Inside Xoom are Atmel's four-chip touch-screen controller solution, AKM's electronic compass, Kionix's 3-axis accelerometer, STMicro's 3-axis gyroscope and Bosch Sensortec's pressure monitor.
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