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What is UPS?
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is equipment that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it provides
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2012-04-30 TI intros gate drivers for powers devices
The UCC27511 and UCC27517 drivers claim to improve efficiency, reliability and power-density in applications such as off-line isolated power supplies, telecom modules, air conditioner systems, UPS and portable power tools.
2015-04-22 SSL inspection sol'n for network monitoring, security apps
The Transparent SSL Proxy solution from EZchip claims to deliver 20Gb/s of SSL Proxy throughput and more than 30,000 new connection set-ups per second on a single TILE-Gx processor.
2004-06-23 Sota Enertech SLA batteries rated at 90W
Designed for UPS apps, the 12-UPSA690W SLA batteries from Sota Enertech feature a rating of 6V, 90W, and come in dimensions of 70-by-47-by-106mm.
2005-09-02 SIA, FSA in talks over Indian chip industry
The India Semiconductor Agency (ISA) has entered into tie-ups with overseas bodies, and is in talks with the Fabless Semiconductor Association and the Semiconductor Industry Association, as part of a rapid expansion of efforts to establish a semiconductor industry in India.
2002-09-09 Shimastu SLA battery allows 1,800 charging cycles
The NP12-12 SLA battery of Shimastu Electronic Co. Ltd has a nominal 12V, 12Ah capacity, lasts 1,200 to 1,800 charging cycles, and is suitable for use in UPS devices and emergency lights.
2010-03-11 RFID market to enjoy steady growth
Despite the economic let-ups, RFID outlook is good for steady growth through the next five years, according to new market data by ABI Research.
2012-01-12 Products for ASK/FSK wireless device testing
Read Agilent N9310A RF signal generator and Agilent N9320B RF spectrum analyzer, and their use in ASK/FSK wireless device test set ups.
2008-07-01 PDPs pursue HDTV victory
PDPs clearly had a very good 2007, but the picture for 2008 is clouding over. How the PDP-vs.-LCD duel in HDTVs will look one year from now will depend on many variables, including relative supply and demand, continuing or aborted investment in new factories, the speed of manufacturing ramp-ups at new plants, and TV makers' pricing patterns.
2008-02-28 Nvidia scientist sees GPUs in future supercomputers
By 2012, three of the top five supercomputers in the world will have GPUs using parallel computing applications to crunch numbers at a clip that's not possible on standard CPU-only set-ups, predicts David Kirk, Nvidia chief scientist.
2010-11-17 Nvidia GPU supercomputing available on demand from AWS
Nvidia announced that enterprises and start-ups will now be able to access the supercomputing-class performance of Nvidia Tesla GPUs through Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud offering, called Cluster GPU Instances. This new offering expands the available options for flexible, on-demand high performance computing within the Amazon Web Services cloud.
2006-12-07 Nanotech venture capital to exceed $650M, exits remain thin
Venture capital investments in nanotech start-ups will reach $650 million this year, but exits for venture capitalists in nanotechnology is said to remain elusive, reported Lux Research.
2006-06-21 Motorola Ventures invests $25 million in Israel
Motorola Ventures, the venture capital arm of U.S.-based Motorola, will invest up to $25 million in Israeli start-ups in 2006, according to a Reuters report.
2009-08-17 MOSFETs offer very low gate charge
International Rectifier unveiled a series of ultralow gate charge HEXFET power MOSFETs for industrial applications such as switch mode power supplies, UPS, inverters and DC motor drives.
2008-05-15 MOSFET devices come in robust TO-247 package
International Rectifier has expanded its portfolio of 60V, 75V and 100V MOSFETs for SMPS, UPS and industrial applications such as power tools, forklifts and other high power DC drives.
2015-03-12 More than 100 tapeouts use 16nm FinFET-based process
Synopsys said the latest chips include a quad ARM Cortex-A72 device made in TSMC's 16nm process, while Cadence unveiled a physical design tool that touts significant speed ups in FinFET and planar processes.
2013-10-09 Mellanox up against Intel, Cisco in silicon photonics race
Mellanox is up against the likes of Cisco Systems, Intel, and the start-ups Luxtera and OneChip in a race to field the technology to make fast, dense switches and interconnects practical.
2014-11-27 Lollipop 5.0: Encryption causes bitter performance drops
Google ups the security features in its latest release of the Android OS, but the improvement proves to be the hard candy that causes as much as 62.9 per cent drop in random read performance, and 50.5 per cent in random write performance.
2010-07-23 iSuppli: Apple will ship 12.9 million iPads in 2010
iSuppli Corporation ups previous forecast for iPads, from 7.1 million units in April 2010, to 12.9 million, with steady market domination at least until 2012.
2015-02-12 India to become second largest start-up ecosystem by 2017
Nasscom revealed that the country saw 800 new technology start-ups setting shop so far this fiscal and is poised to house the second biggest eco-system for them after the U.S. in the next two years.
2007-03-16 IGBT optocouplers suit power-management apps
Avago's ACPL-332J and -331J series of high-speed IGBT optocouplers are suited for power management applications, including isolated IGBT/power MOSFET gate drives, AC and brushless DC motor drives, industrial inverters and UPS.
2014-03-11 High-tech supply chains become more customer-oriented
The 2013 UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain survey gives an insight into how customer service factors into the decision making of high-tech supply chains.
2015-01-23 HDMI protection devices from ST target Ultra-HD devices
The HDMI2C1 series boasts active pull-ups on all display data channel (DDC) lines to maintain Ultra-HD signal integrity and reduce dependence on HDMI cable quality.
2015-02-04 Get ready for the smart kitchen
A session on "Cooking with IoT" at the Embedded Systems Conference in Santa Clara in July will bring together a handful of Internet of Things start-ups invading the kitchen.
2015-09-08 First IoT ecosystem accelerator to rise in China
The accelerator in China will create an Internet of Things one-stop shop for start-ups and OEMs, providing integrated hardware and software expertise as well as resources from the ARM ecosystem.
2002-06-18 Fairchild recovery diodes rated at 1.2kV
Fairchild Semiconductor has extended its Stealth line of fast/soft recovery diodes with the addition of 1.2kV-rated models designed for use in switching power supplies, motor drives, UPS, and other high-power, HF applications.
2008-02-06 Fairchild opens R&D center in India
Fairchild has set up a design center in India dedicated for next generation power MOSFETs and IGBT technology to support solar inverters, UPS, automotive, lighting and ballast applications.
2013-03-21 EDA industry needs a makeover, says Cadence CEO
Cadence CEO Lip-Bu Tan talks about the lack of start-ups, the rising cost of chip design and the need to reposition the EDA industry for growth at the annual CDN Live event.
2015-11-04 Digital isolator flaunts 10kV surge protection
The Si86xxxT devices from Silicon Labs are aimed at microinverters, base station power supplies, manufacturing equipment, motor controls, industrial UPS and battery management systems for EVs.
2001-03-29 Designing a low-cost USB interface for an uninterruptable power supply with the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63001 USB controller
This application note describes how a cost-effective USB UPS interface can be built using Cypress Semiconductor's single-chip CY7C63001 USB controller.
2008-08-18 Design with IGBT modules for high power inverters
Many applications require the design of inverters with ratings close to or even beyond1MVA with 1,2000V or 1,7000V devices. Applications like variable speed drives, UPS systems, heavy-duty commercial vehicles or renewable energy systems like windmills or large solar farms often imply restrictions that don't allow to design with higher voltage levels.
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