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2002-05-03 Global UniChip announces USB 2.0 SIP
Claimed to be the first device controller and PHY coverified USB 2.0 solution from Taiwan, the Medusa USB 2.0 device controller SIP from Global UniChip Corp. supports the USB 1.1 and 2.0 specifications and uses a UTMI standard interface.
2006-06-08 Wireless USB SiP includes development kit
Staccato Communications is debuting a reference design kit for developers of Certified Wireless USB HWA and DWA designs
2006-04-19 USB dongle sweeps 2.4GHz ISM band
MetaGeek's less-than-$100 Wi-Spy plug-in is just the ticket for rudimentary analysis of IEEE-802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.
2010-09-13 USB 3.0 solution streams to multiple displays
SMSC's ViewSpan remote graphics technology changes the way displays are connected to PCs.
2002-09-03 Software stack provides USB connectivity to embedded OS
The USB Slave Stack provides device manufacturers with a USB driver layer and API to easily incorporate standard USB connectivity in peripheral devices with embedded OS that lack such support
2002-10-16 Pointchip rolls Flash USB drive controller IC
The PP2201 Flash USB drive controller IC from Pointchips Inc. provides data exchange between USB host and storage device up to 12Mbps
2006-09-22 NXP integrates WUSB in new device controller
The new WUSB device controller from NXP is based on the Certified Wireless USB specification, and features 32Kbytes of ROM and 96Kbytes of configurable RAM for data and buffering
2004-12-07 New USB 2.0 host controller 40 times faster
Parvus announced that it will soon release its new 4-port high-speed USB 2.0 host controller with two high-current USB ports for directly powering attached devices
2012-11-01 Measure HSIC USB without disturbing the system
Take advantage of the known characteristics of HSIC USB to optimize the capture of data while minimizing disturbance to the system under test
2005-03-02 Inexpensive DA, control modules use plug-and-play USB
In its ECONseries product roll-out, Data Translation relies on serial USB 2.0's so-called full-speed mode, operating at 12Mbps
2005-06-27 Freescale, Icron eliminate USB 2.0 wires with UWB
Freescale Semiconductor and Icron Technologies Corp. have demonstrated what they claim as the industry's first USB 2.0 wireless solution using ultra-wideband (UWB
2007-10-03 Forum drafts next-generation Wireless USB spec
The Wireless USB Promoter Group has started developing the next version of the Wireless USB specification, dubbed 1.1, that will build on the existing 1.0 standard
2005-06-24 Fast USB module from ACCES I/O packs 32 digital I/O lines
If you need to add lots of TTL I/O capabilities to a USB PC, check out ACCES I/O Products' ruggedized digital I/O and counter module
2008-11-14 FAQs: USB design
What are the differences between USB 1.1 and USB 2.0? Is there a difference between Hi-Speed USB and USB 2.0? Which is the correct nomenclature
2002-04-10 Cypress, Realtek roll out USB 2.0 scanner solution
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Realtek Semiconductor Corp. have jointly developed a USB 2.0 scanner reference design that scans an A4-sized paper at 600dpi, 16-bit color mode in <20s
2002-01-21 CATC introduces USB 2.0 port tester
Claimed to be the world's first USB 2.0 tester, the UPT2 can automatically test high-speed, full-speed and low-speed operations for each USB ports of PC motherboards and systems
2003-02-26 Atmel debuts its first ARM-9 controller
Atmel Corp. has introduced ASSP and ASIC versions of its first ARM-9 microcontroller, the AT91RM9200.
2002-01-08 Alcor Micro USB 1.1 hub controller enables more USB ports on a PC
The AU9274 USB 1.1 hub controller can be used in an external stand-alone USB hub box to increase the number of USB ports on a PC without requiring an additional USB root port controller
2014-01-24 TI wireless charging controller touts foreign object detection
TI's bq500412 controller, a wireless power transfer circuit with foreign object detection, allows designers to bring to market 3-coil, 5-V, and 12-V A6 charging stations compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium 1.1 specification
2003-10-28 SiS unveils low-power Flash controller
Under the dual channel mode, the SiS150 USB 2.0 Flash disk controller from Silicon Integrated Systems can achieve read speed of up to 18MBps
2009-05-21 Host controller handles SuperSpeed USB 3.0
NEC Electronics has launched the ?PD720200 USB host controller tailored for the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard
2002-01-03 Ericsson controller speeds development of Bluetooth devices
Pre-qualified to Bluetooth version 1.1, the PBM 990 90 baseband controller enables the quick development of Bluetooth products including mobile phones, PDAs and accessories
2002-03-04 Ericsson Bluetooth controller IC suited for PP, PMP apps
The PBM 990 90 baseband controller IC supports up to seven slaves, making it suitable for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications
2010-06-07 Designing a Hi-Speed USB host PCI adapter using the ISP1561
This application note contains a description of the ISP1561 application schematics and the PCB design recommendations.
2010-01-12 Designing a Hi-Speed USB host PCI adapter using ISP1564/8A
This application note contains a description of the ISP1564/8A application schematics and PCB design recommendations.
2011-11-23 USB-to-Ethernet controller cuts BOM, power use
The LAN9730 links SoCs and peripherals, and are targeted for low power applications.
2011-08-12 USB 3.0 hub controllers support 2-layer PCB designs
SMSC's family of SuperSpeed USB hubs that claims to deliver the industry's smallest footprint eases expansion in docking stations, port replicators and all-in-one monitors
2002-06-22 Transcend equips USB Flash drives with security features
Transcend Information Inc. has announced that it has equipped its line of JetFlash USB Flash drives with password protection and a write protect switch to ensure the privacy and retention of sensitive information
2002-08-08 Motorola rolls out CAN reference design
Motorola Inc. has announced the availability of a CAN reference design to enable system designers to employ Ethernet LAN technology alongside CAN technology.
2010-11-17 Bridge chip targets tablets, smartphones
Elan Digital launches system bus to USB host controller bridge and USB2.0 to SD/SDIO host bridge chip
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