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2001-10-03 Using the ST7 universal serial bus microcontroller
This application note describes an example firmware for interaction with the USB interface hardware and support interactions between a USB device and a host system
2010-09-03 USB MCU touts low power consumption
Microchip expanded its 8-bit and USB microcontroller (MCU) line with the PIC18F47J53. Featuring "XLP technology" for eXtreme Low Power Consumption, the new MCU offers up to 128KB flash program memory and 4KB RAM, giving plenty of code space for Microchip's free USB stack and for application code.
2000-03-20 Total USB solution eases interfacing peripherals
This paper introduces the EZ-USB, a family of 8-bit microcontrollers optimized for full-speed (12Mbps) USB applications. As the name implies, the architecture is designed for "Ease of Use" and takes care of the majority of the USB protocol in hardware, allowing the designer to focus on developing his application function
2010-02-23 TI, S3 Group deliver USB-enabled platform for healthcare apps
Texas Instruments Inc. and S3 Group, a connected healthcare technology solutions company, have developed the Continua Certified USB-enabled platform for building agent healthcare devices
2014-01-09 Three easy steps to add USB to your design
Know how to use the CP2130 USB-to-SPI bridge controller to simplify and speed up implementation of a USB bus
2001-03-28 SPI implementation using serial mode 0 on EZ-USB
This application note demonstrates how to implement SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) using one of the EZ-USB UARTs in serial mode 0
2001-03-27 Software SPI implementation on EZ-USB
This application note demonstrates how to implement software SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) on Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-USB. This demonstration uses the EZ-USB as the master, and transfers data to and from a 25LC320 EEPROM
2001-03-28 Soft USB controller design challenges
This application note details the problem encountered in a USB controller design and outlines the novel solution embodied in Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-USB chip family
2004-09-28 Silicon Lab USB upgrades Bird's cell phone interface cable
The CP2101 USB microcontroller from Silicon Laboratories Inc. has been adopted by Chongqing Bird Technology Co. Ltd for its new cellular phone interface cable.
2001-03-27 Quick and EZ guide to USB
This application note presents a quick and easy guide to familiarize the user with the basics of USB (Universal Serial Bus). It covers the basics of USB topology, hardware and software issues
2014-01-22 NXP releases LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers
The LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors builds on the company's LPC11Uxx portfolio with a range of enhanced features, including a more energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, more flash and SRAM, more serial communications, a new 2-Msps ADC, and more versatile timers
2005-01-24 Mini USB board bridges to I?C bus
Saelig's new product can help consumers use and embed USB in their next instrumentation and/or DAQ and control project
2009-12-03 MCUs deliver easy-to-use USB connectivity
The USB 2.0 device controller is fully certified and supports all 4 transfer types including isochronous transfer
2009-07-27 MCU packs embedded full-speed USB
Texas Instruments Inc. has rolled out a new microcontroller family that incorporates an embedded full-speed 12Mbit/s USB.
2004-05-25 Low cost USB microcontroller programmer
This app note explores in detail the hardware design, Windows-based software, and PIC16C745 firmware.
2001-03-29 Firmware considerations for the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63xxx USB microcontroller family
This application note provides information that will aid in the development of firmware for Cypress Semiconductor's CY7C63xxx family of low-speed USB microcontrollers
2001-03-23 EZ-USB IO ports
This application note explains the differences in the implementation of the I/O ports of the EZ-USB devices, and presents a code example and waveforms for using the "MOVX @R0" instruction
2001-03-29 Designing a USB keyboard with the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63413 USB microcontroller
This application note describes how to design a USB keyboard using Cypress Semiconductor's single-chip CY7C63413 USB microcontroller.
2001-03-26 Designing a USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse combination device using the Cypress semiconductor CY7C63413 USB Microcontroller
This application note describes how to design a USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse combination device using the Cypress Semiconductor single-chip CY7C63413 USB microcontroller.
2001-03-29 Designing a low-cost USB mouse with the Cypress semiconductor CY7C63000 USB controller
This application note describes how a cost-effective USB opto-mechanical mouse can be built quickly using Cypress Semiconductor's single-chip CY7C63000 USB controller
2001-03-29 Designing a low-cost USB interface for an uninterruptable power supply with the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63001 USB controller
This application note describes how a cost-effective USB UPS interface can be built using Cypress Semiconductor's single-chip CY7C63001 USB controller
2006-06-28 Cypress unrolls 'first' USB MCU for mobile phones
Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a 1.8V high-speed USB 2.0 programmable microcontroller, touted to be the world's first such product.
2003-02-06 Cygnal USB ?controller eliminates external crystal
The C8051F321 Flash microcontroller from Cygnal Integrated Products comes with an integrated full-speed USB 2.0 function controller and PHY.
2001-03-23 Converting from Intel 8x930Ax to Cypress EZ-USB
This application note provides pointers on how to convert the Intel 8x930AX design into a Cypress EZ-USB family member, along with comparisons between the two USB microcontroller families.
2001-03-27 Configuring EZ-USB without a USB connection
This application note details the implementation on how to load the program code into Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-USB chip in the absence of a USB connection
2003-01-24 Atmel ships single-chip secure USB MCU
Atmel Corp. is sampling a single chip USB full-speed secure microcontroller encased in a PQFP44 package.
2004-06-10 Agilent, Freescale team on USB wireless optical mouse
Agilent introduced what it claims as the industry's first USB wireless optical mouse reference design for PC pointing devices
2007-01-01 Achieving high-performance DAQ via USB
Properly implemented, a DAQ module can use the PC's USB 2.0 port to pump data into a PC as fast as PCI-based cards
2003-10-10 Velocity core modules support Ethernet, USB
Velocity Semiconductor Inc. has announced the availability of the first members of its VS2000 TCM family that supports a variety of network interfaces.
2000-03-01 Using the SmartDMA controller with USB on the Am186CC microcontroller
This application note explains how using the SmartDMA controller with USB enhances the functionality of an Am186CC microcontroller. It also assumes that the reader is knowledgeable about the Am186CC microcontroller and USB.
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