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2008-06-18 Intel spins off solar unit, forms SpectraWatt
Intel Corp. is spinning off key assets of a solar startup business inside Intel's New Business Initiatives group to form an independent company called SpectraWatt Inc
2013-06-21 Intel expands Xeon Phi range
Intel's Xeon Phi coprocessor families offer something for every supercomputer user, from high-end systems to workstations to embedded systems
2011-02-17 Intel earmarks $26 million for six startup firms
Representing key growth areas of the mobile ecosystem, all six startups have created innovative technologies to enhance user experience and will help bring key features to next-gen mobile devices
2002-04-22 Industry alliance formed to define digital connectivity specification
Hitachi, Matsushita Electric, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson and Toshiba have formed a working group to define the next-generation digital interface specification for consumer electronics products
2013-10-10 IDT takes on wireless power market with dual-mode solution
IDT's dual-mode solution can automatically switch between WPC and PMA protocols and negotiate the power exchange without user supervision
2005-07-28 IBM, QLogic collaborate on iSCSI blade server
QLogic Corp. will supply iSCSI expansion cards for IBM eServer BladeCenter servers, creating the industry's first iSCSI blade server platform. The iSCSI adapter, shipping today, is powered by a single-chip TCP/IP and iSCSI offload engine designed to deliver user-friendly, high-performance storage networking while preserving CPU resources, according to QLogic
2002-03-05 IBM will steer PowerPC into mobile mart
IBM intends to take its PowerPC processor architecture to the mobile sector and into "head-to-head competition with Intel" and that company's Xscale processor, John Kelly III, senior vice president of IBM's Technology Group, said last week
2008-01-24 IBM sets up software dev't lab in Malaysia
IBM has opened its first software development lab in Malaysia to help accelerate the creation of products for its Tivoli Netcool software group that focuses on the communications service providers
2009-11-26 HSPA success in APEJ paves way for LTE
IDC expects a select group of 3G operators to pioneer investment in LTE, seen as the all-IP migration path to 4G
2013-05-02 Grasp the significance of gesture interface
When combined with other advanced user interface technologies, gestures can create a richer user experience that strives to understand the human language, thereby fueling the next wave of electronic innovation
2015-03-23 Fujitsu builds new data centre in Singapore
As a response to the increasing need for cloud services in Asia, the Fujitsu group established its latest data centre located in the western part of Singapore
2006-09-18 Freescale develops wireless push
Freescale Semiconductor is stepping up its wireless push, armed with innovations in magnetoresistive memory and packaging, and guided by a new general manager, Sandeep Chennakeshu, recruited from Ericsson's handset group
2008-05-06 Forum pushes spec to unify home nets efforts
A group of companies that hopes to define a standard for chips that drive gigabit-class networking on coax, phone and power lines by 2009 has been launched as the HomeGrid Forum
2002-06-26 Flomerics upgrades EMC modeling package
Flomerics Group plc has announced the availability of FLO/EMC v1.2 3D EMC modeling package developed to help design engineers comply with stringent European regulations on electromagnetics
2007-01-10 Embedded database integrates RTOS support
Hitachi's embedded business group is announcing that Entier, its relational database management system, is being ported to RTOS from Mentor Graphics and Wind River Systems
2006-09-18 EDA rivals spar over power issues
Any EDA vendor or large EDA user will tell you there's a compelling need for a standard way to express power-management intent throughout the IC design flow. The problem is that two separate groups are working toward that objective, amid profound disagreements over how to get there
2004-03-01 Eclipse provides tool integration framework
Eclipse provides the framework for combining disparate tools into a single integrated application with a seamless user interface
2013-01-11 Easing thermal management design, production
Thermal management, whether the end user is the military, aerospace industry or Silicon Valley, should entail extremely close association and planning at all stages
2003-08-21 EASi products to be integrated into ESI portfolio
ESI Group, a software provider of virtual prototyping solutions, and EASi have formed a strategic partnership in software integration and engineering services
2004-06-14 Dual-link wireless module eyed for notebooks
In a presentation at the PCI Special Interest Group developer's conference here this week, engineers will discuss a wireless module that can use either a 1X Express or a USB 2.0 interconnect
2008-02-05 Dual-core chips achieve 1,920 MIPS processing
Renesas Technology's SH7786 Group of dual-core processors built around twin SH-4A CPU cores achieve up to 1,920 MIPS when operating at 533MHz
2002-09-02 DSP names Synopsys unit as official SoC center
DSP Group Inc. has designated Synopsys Professional Services as a design center for its SmartCores DSP Family
2014-11-19 Demystifying ULP benchmarks for MCUs
The EEMBC has formed a working group to define and establish a new benchmark that is focused on ultra-low-power applications. This article examines some of the mysteries surrounding this benchmark for MCUs
2003-11-18 Darpa to overhaul supercomputing benchmarks by '06
Just as clusters of inexpensive systems are hitting new milestones in supercomputing, a group of 20 top researchers has kicked off a program to redefine the benchmarks used to measure high-performance systems
2008-12-19 Customized DC/DC module cuts design time
Ericsson Power Modules has released the BMR653 3+ series of customized DC/DC modules under its Customer Specified Products group, which provides optimized solutions for applications where off-the-shelf products do not match 100% of the customers' specification
2011-10-18 Cornell researchers work on cloud errors
A group of Cornell University researchers, with the support of NSF and Microsoft, are developing methods on eliminating cloud computing errors
2006-02-16 Converter tool offers faster, easier access to DBF records
HiBase Group announces the release of DBF converter, a tool for DBF export to other formats. According to the press release, this tool delivers a host of new features aimed at faster and easier access to DBF records
2008-10-02 Companies step up mobile broadband promotion
An initiative led by the GSMA trade group has united 16 IT and wireless service providers to drive the adoption of notebook computers with mobile broadband capability
2011-06-13 Combined FPGA suite offers complete prototyping, debugging
Veridae Systems' Certus FPGA Prototyping Suite and the Dini Group's prototyping and I/O software are integrated to offer a complete platform for multiFPGA prototyping and debug
2009-07-23 Cisco, Intel help boost smart grids
A broad group of companies including giants Cisco Systems and Intel Corp. are working with utilities to draft proposals for smart grid, competing for $3.9 billion in grants recently announced by the Department of Energy
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