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2009-06-08 CDMA2000 boosts 3G services in China
According to the CDMA Development Group (CDG), new 3G wireless voice and mobile broadband service offerings in China are poised to rapidly replace fixed-line solutions, exemplified by subscriber adoption of China Telecom's CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) mobile broadband services
2007-09-03 Capacitive touch chip manages power efficiently
Quantum Research Group has released a one-channel touch on/touch off sensor chip with integral power-management and safety functionality
2004-09-20 Cadence users mixed on tools and services, survey says
Cadence users ranked First Encounter as its best tool and Assura as its worst and said they like local but not hot-line support, according to a user study presented Sept. 14 at the Cadence Users Group meeting.
2010-03-03 Bluetooth enters smart grid market
The Bluetooth SIG has formed the Smart Energy Study Group to address smart energy initiatives sponsored by governments and other organizations on energy management throughout the world
2008-05-08 Atmel restructuring strategy baffles analysts
The sale of Atmel's WiMAX development group in Germany begs some simple questions: What's next? Is the worse over for the company? And what is Atmel in the first place
2008-02-08 Atmel enters touch sensing market with Quantum acquisition
Atmel has signed an agreement to acquire Quantum Research Group, an independent developer of capacitive sensing IP and solutions for user interfaces.
2006-01-18 Asynchronous EDA tools coming in Q2, says Silistix
Silistix, a spin-out company from an asynchronous logic research group at the University of Manchester in England, has announced further details of its asynchronous interconnect design tools
2009-03-09 ARM-based netbooks face software roadblock
Qualcomm and other vendors using ARM-based processors to try to muscle their way into the Atom-dominated netbook market also face consumer demand for the familiar user experience offered by Windows XP
2009-01-12 ARM-based integrated processor aims at photo frames
Marvell Technology Group Ltd is pushing its Sheeva ARM9 core to GHz levels in the first of a family of integrated processors aimed at consumer and embedded systems. The PXA168 targets a range of devices including Web-connected digital photo frames
2009-06-24 April IC growth strongest since 1996
Semiconductor sales in April were 15.6 percent higher than the previous month's, if the fact that March was a five-week month is factored in, according to market research group Future Horizon
2008-09-23 Android-powered smart phones ready for launch
Google's Android OS will account for 4 percent of all smart phones sold in the United States during the Q4 08, according to market research group Strategy Analytics
2005-09-16 Analysts give thumbs up to CDNLive!
Though there was nothing unanticipated about a group of new products, technologies and marketing tactics announced earlier this week by Cadence Design Systems Inc., industry analysts by-in-large applauded the No. 1 EDA vendor for following through with previously disclosed strategies and hosting a successful user conference, re-branded this year as CDNLive!
2011-12-14 Alliance gears up for 60GHz software specs
WiGig announced it has formed a working group to define the upper software layers for devices that use its technology and will define software standards any WiGig system will need to use for specific functions
2005-06-08 Agere, NComm unveil software that cuts network downtime
Seeking to slash downtime costs during resetting of telecom networks, Agere and NComm have developed a software that can dynamically reset host chip processors controlling network equipment with no interruption in user traffic
2002-11-29 ADEMCO licenses Franklin IC for security systems
The ADEMCO Group has licensed Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.'s RISC processor-based ASIC to be the core of its security and alarm systems keypads
2009-01-30 3D graphics zoom in on HDTVs
STMicroelectronics has disclosed its vision for the development of advanced user interfaces employing advanced 3D graphics for high-definition (HD) TV
2010-10-21 22 Europe companies join CCSL project to push LEDs
A group of 22 leading European companies and academic institutions have just announced that they are collaborating in the "Consumerizing Solid-State Lighting" (CSSL) project
2009-12-07 1.6kW power supplies pack fan-speed control
Safety Power Group is rolling out a new range of 1.6kW power supplies that features fan-speed control to reduce acoustic noise
2013-01-09 Wi-Fi, WiGig Alliance to operate under one roof
The Wi-Fi Alliance and WiGig Alliance have executed a memorandum of agreement outlining their plans to consolidate activity under one group
2014-04-29 Project Ara modular smartphones promote differentiation
Google's open-source modular smartphone concept could drive a shift from selling stand-alone products to simplified swappable modules performing the same functionalities that meet a user's end requirements
2015-04-20 Multipurpose module predicts IC failure
The Multipurpose Electromigration (MPEM) module provides a low-cost user-friendly test suite for evaluating reliability of copper lines in modern integrated circuits
2011-05-24 Depth-sensing is the future of mobile 3D
Depth-sensing interfaces will ultimately revolutionize how we interact with our devices. Xbox Kinect features depth-sensing that allows a two-way "conversation" between user and device in the 3D world
2009-03-19 Synopsys CEO confident of IC rebound
Synopsys Inc. chairman and CEO Aart de Geus touted the company's new products and said the semiconductor industry would remain critical to the world after emerging from a recession expected to be long and deep.
2005-08-01 Optical forum finds support for 100-, 160Gb interfaces
The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has collected input on possible standards for some of the first optical physical-layer interfaces to exceed 100Gbps.
2004-12-14 NEC to supply Spain mobile operator with MMS solution
NEC Corp. has received an order for its messaging intelligent router MMS (MIR) solution from Telefsnica Msviles Espaqa, S.A., a mobile operator in Spain.
2009-10-27 Mentor, Aeroconseil partner for China aviation
The two companies are working together to ease DO-254 compliance, thus ensuring in-flight hardware safety.
2014-09-05 If Moore's Law hangs back, revert to using old nodes
As the cost of scaling below 28nm multiplies, there has been a corresponding push to create new designs at established nodes using everything from near-threshold computing to back biasing and analogue sensors.
2013-08-12 Gaming hardware sales resist PC market slump
Despite the drop in global PC market sales, hope still lies in the PC gaming segment where users are driven not by short-lived trends but by long-standing need for speed, power, utility and handling.
2014-04-22 FPGAs must shape up to accelerate growth
The rocketing ASIC mask-set and NRE costs have not yielded a surge of FPGA designs, but have rather driven engineers to resort to older technology nodes to mitigate the cost issues. Considering this and the standing Moore's Law concern, the FPGA outlook does not appear so bright.
2013-07-24 EMC simulation addresses ECU validation issues
A more straightforward validation of electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved by combining tools.
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