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2008-08-08 Japanese firm preps FED panel ramp up by late '09
Sony Corp. spin-off firm Field Emission Technologies Inc. is poised to mass produce 26-inch field-emission display (FED) panels by the end of 2009.
2013-09-09 ITRI shows atmospheric pressure process for GZO
ITRI's aePlasma offers thin-film deposition and organic film etching at atmospheric pressure for touch panel and transparent solar cell manufacturing. An alternative to ITO processes.
2007-08-08 Israeli researchers explore time travel
Researchers at Technion University in Haifa, Israel claim they have developed a theoretical model of a time machine that, in the distant future, could enable future generations to travel into the past.
2012-09-05 Isorg SA preps its pilot line of optoelectronic sensors
Isorg technology has produced multiple application ideas ranging from automated brightness controls for displays to non-touch user interfaces.
2016-05-06 IR-emitting device lays down path for cheap gas sensors
Researchers from University of Exeter plan to use the capability of many gases that strongly absorb infrared light to develop with cost-effective gas sensors.
2003-12-15 IR IC cuts component count by 90 percent
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC for automotive dc applications up to 6A.
2004-04-19 Iomega pins storage market comeback hopes on rigid media
Iomega has introduced a rigid magnetic disk cartridge it hopes will be competitive with CD-RW disks and tape cartridges used for small business backup.
2007-04-20 Inverters enable cold-start car displays
The E220 inverter series from Endicott provides a cold-start solution for CCFL-backlit LCDs that provide critical information for vehicles used in heavy-duty, off-highway and mobile equipment applications.
2004-08-05 Intel unveils EUV micro-exposure tool
Intel Corp. has installed an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) micro-exposure tool (MET) from Exitech Ltd at its development fab in Sta. Clara, California.
2013-02-19 Intel delves into PCB moisture tracking
With industry research showing that moisture negatively affects PCB integrity and reliability, Intel's research team is looking for ways to improve the monitoring of moisture in PCBs.
2004-03-22 Inorganic spin coat process readied for TFT technology
A new spin-on process for inorganic semiconductor films developed at IBM Corp.'s Thomas J. Watson Research Center could usher in a new phase for electronics based on thin-film transistor (TFT) technology.
2013-04-12 InnoLas completes second 450mm system installation
As an optional Bridge-Tool Variant, InnoLas Semiconductor's new system can mark 450mm and 300mm wafers on either side.
2009-06-02 Inkjet tech enables big-screen OLED TVs
Seiko Epson Corp. has developed an inkjet technology that enables the uniform deposition of organic material in the production of large-screen OLED TVs.
2006-05-16 Industry trailblazer casts eye on China
As a graduate in chemical engineering in 1960, Wilf Corrigan had three job offersone in a gunpowder factory in Australia, another in Germany and the third from Transitron in Boston. The latter job paid twice as much as the other two, so the Liverpudlian packed for New England to embark on what would be a trailblazing career in the semiconductor industry.
2008-11-11 Improved MCU core upgrades programming efficiency
Microchip Technology Inc. will be providing enhancements to the MCU design supporting the company's mid-range 8bit PIC12 and PIC16 MCUs.
2006-04-10 IMEC presents 'bendy' packaging for ICs
Leading European research institute IMEC and the Intec laboratory at the University of Ghent have developed a process to produce ultra-thin flexible packaging for ICs.
2006-05-03 IGBTs reduce power dissipation up to 60%
International Rectifier introduced four 600V insulated-gate bipolar transistors that are said to reduce power dissipation in inverters by up to 60 percent.
2013-12-27 IEC 60730 safety routines for DSC
Learn about safety routines developed to help manufacturers of automatic control systems in the large appliance and industrial control market meet the IEC 60730 standard class B.
2008-06-18 IBM, TOK to bring low-cost solar cells to market
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Ltd IBM are have partnered to develop new, low-cost methods for bringing the next generation of solar energy products to market.
2014-06-27 IBM fab sale: Retracing its x86 steps
IBM's focus on servers for businesses prevented it from seeing and responding to what one former employee calls "the biggest server buying spree in a decade."
2011-04-18 How to minimize innovation erosion
Continuity of team members at the insight and engineering transitions, openness to research, and involvement of engineers early in the development process are some keys to preventing innovation erosion.
2014-05-06 How IoT is changing the component industry
A good way for the IoT idea to expand is to add intelligence to mainstream products in the form of MCU/MPU and sensor.
2004-12-27 How can they learn?
Part Rube Goldberg, part Tinker Toys, Jack's retro toys are taught the basics of digital logic and computer programming in an unusual way.
2012-08-27 HotRail Assembly machine supports RF power amps
The HotRail radio frequency assembly cell from Palomar Technologies is a fully automatic, high-accuracy system that provides heat profile vs. time eutectic reflow on a single, large work area build site.
2005-06-10 High-voltage relays save energy
In response to customer demand for latching requirements, GIGAVAC has launched ten new latching high-voltage relays that are completely sealed and consume power only when the initial coil voltage is applied
2015-03-04 High-voltage pulse generators make use of SiC MOSFETs
ROHM's SiC MOSFET, allowing for further miniaturisation and greater performance, marks its first application in new ultra high-voltage pulse generators made by Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc.
2008-10-13 High-tech communication headset tops Electronics Design Awards
Nine electronics products designed and manufactured in Asia were named winners of the Global Sources Electronics Design Awards.
2007-05-02 High-k dielectrics to benefit from composite nanomaterials, says researchers
Composite nanomaterials promise to double the charge storage capabilities of capacitors, as well as supercharge plastic circuits with high-k dielectric gate oxides, says researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
2005-08-10 High power relays replace sole-source devices at lower cost
GIGAVAC has developed two new high voltage relays to replace another vendor's previously sole sourced KC-20 and KC-22 relays for apps where customer's have form-fit issues and cannot design in another relay.
2006-08-04 Hermetically-sealed relays suit hazardous locations
C3controls has developed hermetically-sealed relays that are suitable for Class 1, Div. 2 Group A, B, C and D hazardous locations.
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