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2001-05-31 Using PARAMETER SWEEP to design a new class of varactor diode
This application note shows how the built-in PARAMETER SWEEP function of MMICAD can be used to help design a varactor diode with linear tuning characteristics.
2013-05-23 Macom's varactor diode built for high frequency VCO tuning
The MAVR-000120-1411 is a package-less varactor with contacts that allows for standard solder reflow manufacturing processes and is fabricated using a GaAs process
2001-04-19 Varactor SPICE models for RF VCO applications
This application note discusses a varactor equivalent circuit model for RF VCO applications
2010-10-14 Tiny varactor diodes boast low resistance, high capacitance change
Skyworks unveils miniature varactor diodes for wide range of applications
2002-09-17 Zetex varactors fit low voltage systems
The ZV950 series of hyperabrupt varactor diodes is designed to meet the needs of 3V frequency control and filtering systems
2001-05-31 Using MMICAD to compute Cj(0)
This application note discusses how to use MMICAD to compute for the junction capacitance at zero reverse bias voltage [Cj(0)] of a varactor diode.
2002-06-12 OXCOs: Oven controlled crystal oscillators
This application note talks about the company's oven controlled crystal oscillators.
2001-09-20 Frequency linear tuning varactors
This application note provides an overview on the device characteristics and parameters of frequency linear tuning varactors (variable capacitance diodes).
2001-04-19 A low phase noise VCO design for PCS handset applications
This application note describes the design and performance of a VCO centered at 1.75GHz for a PCS handset that utilizes Alpha's SMV1763-079 varactor diode.
2002-09-20 A Colpitts VCO for wideband (0.95GHz to 2.15GHz) set-top TV tuner applications
This application note describes the design of a broadband Colpitts VCO that incorporates the SMV1265-011 varactor diode.
2001-04-19 A Colpitts VCO for wideband (0.95- to 2.15GHz) set-top TV tuner applications
This application note describes the design of a broadband Colpitts VCO that incorporates Alpha's SMV1265-011 varactor diode.
2001-04-19 A dual-band switchable IF VCO for GSM/PCS handsets
This application note discusses the design of a dual-band switchable VCO, which utilizes Alpha's PIN and varactor diodes, suitable for GSM/PCS cellular phones
2005-07-15 VCOs support industrial, automotive and military apps to 24.8GHz
Hittite Microwave announced the release of three new GaAs HBT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillators for Point to Point/Multipoint, VSAT, Test Equipment and Industrial applications at 11-, 12- and 24GHz
2010-01-20 High quality, all-digital RF frequency modulation generation with the ADSP-2181 DSP and the AD9850 direct digital synthesizer
This application note describes the implementation of a high quality all-digital FM RF generator for use with audio frequency input signals.
2008-12-18 Enabling next-generation mobile TV handsets
Designers faced with making ubiquitous mobile TV a reality have a fair number of challenges in front of them, including battery life, reception, range, screen size, and picture quality
2005-11-28 Two-leaded SC-79 package now available from M/A-COM
Many of M/A-COM's high volume discrete diodes are now offered in the SC-79 small surface mount package, which are RoHS compliant and meet the 2600C maximum rating often required for Pb-free processing.
2005-10-03 Energy-harvesting chips: The quest for everlasting life
Research continues in developing higher energy-density batteries, but the amount of energy available is low and finite.
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