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2004-06-02 Zetex pre-driver IC provides variable speed control
Zetex unveiled a pre-driver IC that provides flexible variable speed control of single-phase brushless dc fans and blowers.
2003-06-27 Wide Range Trimming With Variable Loads
This application note provides an example how Vicor's 2nd Generation dc/dc converters can be programmed with a wide trim range.
2006-06-23 Variable-gain amp offers 'highest' gain, bandwidth
2001-09-05 Variable split-band scrambling (VSB) furnishes voice security
This application note describes how to implement VSB (variable split band) scrambling for enhanced voice security.
2002-06-20 Variable optical attenuators combined with an arrayed waveguide grating filter for next-generation WDM system
This application note describes the combination of variable optical attenuators with an arrayed waveguide grating filter for next-generation WDM systems.
2006-01-18 Variable gain amplifier takes aim at wireless infrastructure
ADI announced an analog-control variable-gain amplifier that is optimized for linearity in wireless infrastructure applications, such as cellular base station radio transceivers.
2008-02-20 Variable gain amplifier supports multichannel data access
ADI has introduced a general-purpose two-channel, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier developed with specific features for today's cable modem termination system.
2008-02-08 Variable gain amp sets new performance standard
ADI has introduced a digitally programmable variable gain amplifier with transmit driver claimed to set a new standard of performance for driving signals over power lines, cables and other applications with low impedance.
2012-02-27 Troubleshooting variable frequency drives
The increased use of VFDs comes with both the opportunity and challenge of learning to maintain, troubleshoot, and operate this equipment.
2012-05-03 TriQuint rolls digital variable gain amplifier
The TQM879008 features variable gain from 10-41.5dB at 2.5GHz, 48.5dBm output IP3 and 27.3dBm P1dB.
2002-08-26 TNE variable resistors last 1 million cycles
The XV09411XX series of carbon-film, rotary-type variable resistors from Taiwan Noble Electronic Co. Ltd is claimed to last 1 million cycles.
2010-03-09 Power supply has built-in variable speed cooling fans
Murata Power Solutions has unveiled a new AC/DC front-end power supply for hot-swapping redundant systems that meets Climate Savers' 80+ Gold efficiency rating.
2007-10-08 Power ICs provide variable speed control
A series of inverter power modules designed for applications in variable speed control and power inverter systems has been introduced by Allegro Microsystems.
2002-07-09 ON Semi delivers 10Gbps variable swing SiGe driver/receiver
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NBSG16VS 2.5V/3.3V SiGe differential driver/receiver with a variable output swing that can be programmed to provide output amplitudes ranging between 100mVpp to 700mVpp.
2005-05-11 New triple variable resistor tailored for apps needing calibration
A triple variable resistor designed for low resistance, small step-size applications was recently introduced by Dallas Semiconductor.
2004-01-15 Morethanall jacks available in variable angle types
Morethanall has released a full range of modular jacks that are available in DIP straight, right angle or SMT types.
2001-10-04 Measuring variable speed drives and noisy loads
This application note explains techniques to minimize the effects of noise from variable speed motor drives and other noisy loads.
2002-08-13 Linear Tech ADC features variable resolution modes
Targeting precision industrial measurement applications, Linear Technology Corp. has released a 24-bit, no-latency delta-sigma ADC based on a patented variable-speed/resolution architecture.
2002-10-22 IR driver ICs simplify variable speed motor designs
The IR2136 family of three-phase inverter-driver ICs combine six MOSFET or high voltage gate drivers to simplify variable speed motor designs.
2010-05-07 Implementing a variable-length Cat5e cable equalizer
Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables have long been used to transmit data over long distances, starting with telephone line networks.
2001-04-18 Heavy-duty ac power control with automatic variable timed operation and overload shutdown
This application note describes a method for simple electronic control of large current inductive loads such as AC motors in heavy-duty appliances.
2002-11-28 Fushan variable capacitor eyes portable radios
The CBM-107-3 thin film variable capacitor of Nantong Fushan measures 9-by-9-by-3.3mm and is designed for use in portable radio receivers.
2000-12-06 Design of continuously variable slope delta modulation communication systems
This application note is intended to give practical guidance in designing an optimum delta modulation configuration for the most common voice applications using a Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulator/Demodulator, the MC34115 or the MC3418, and provide some useful SNR performance information.
2002-12-20 Controlling a variable voltage power supply using the DS1809
This application note describes how to control the voltage output of an LP2951 voltage regulator using the DS1809 digital potentiometer.
2001-09-05 Continuously variable slope delta modulation: A tutorial
This application note discusses the basics of uniform and non-uniform quantization (non-adaptive), differential quantization and CVSD (Continuously Variable Slope Delta modulation) quantization.
2002-11-12 Continuously variable slope delta modulation (CVSD)
This article describes CVSD quantization, its application to coding of speech, the basics of uniform and non-uniform quantization (non-adaptive) will be reviewed as well as an explanation of differential quantization and some application suggestions for CML CVSD codecs.
2003-08-29 Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
This application notes discusses CVSD quantization, focusing on its application to coding of speech.
2001-06-01 Computer aided design of MMIC variable attenuators
This application note details the design, fabrication and testing of a high-performance, voltage-controlled MMIC attenuator that was designed using MMICAD.
2010-06-01 Closed-loop control circuit implementation of the ADuC832 MicroConverter IC and the AD8305 logarithmic converter in a digital variable optical attenuator
This application note focuses on the control circuitry, using the ADuC832 MicroConverter IC and the AD8305 logarithmic converter, for a MEMS-based, silicon, optical wave-guide, digitally controlled variable optical attenuator (DVOA).
2001-10-04 Applying the AN10E40 interfacing a linear variable displacement transducer
This application note describes the use of the AN10E40 Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA) as a suitable driver for many Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs).
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