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2001-09-19 Zener voltage regulation with current changes
This application note describes the use of Zener diodes to perform voltage regulation with variable operating currents.
2007-12-06 Wideband amplifiers tout fast slew rate
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a family of integrated wideband variable gain amplifiers said to deliver a flexible combination of bandwidth, gain and analog input voltage.
2004-04-27 Vishay IR receiver modules provide up to 5.5V
A new series of miniaturized surface-mount IR receiver modules from Vishay provided a variable supply voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V.
2009-08-12 VGAs integrate on-board CWD beamformers
The MAX2036/MAX2038 SiGe variable-gain amplifiers have on-board continuous-wave Doppler beamformers
2008-12-09 Using the HT77XX step-up DC/DC converter
The HT77XX is a variable frequency voltage-mode step-up DC/DC converter for portable device such as PDAs and digital still cameras. The HT77XX combines a PFM step-up switching regulator, an N-channel power MOSFET, a bandgap reference generator and a voltage detector in a single monolithic device.
2001-08-29 Using a precision sine wave reference with LVDT systems
This application note describes the use of precision sine wave reference when designing LVDT (linear variable differential transducer) systems.
2012-05-21 Timers ease mobile lock up reset
Fairchild Semiconductor?s line of reset timers is designed with a variety of options that provide both fixed and selectable delays, single- or dual-button reset, and fixed or variable reset pulse widths.
2005-08-05 TI IC eases power management
TI's new controllers can operate at a user adjustable frequency of 100kHz to 600kHz, while its output frequency is variable with line and load unless synchronized.
2003-06-12 Ta Hsing UL/CSA-standard cords rated to 125V
Ta Hsing Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd announced the availability of the TA-3 UL/CSA-Standard power cords that feature a voltage rating of 125V with variable current ratings set at 10A (1,250W), 13A (1,625W), and 15A (1875W).
2003-06-11 System reset (with built-in watchdog timers): Monolithic IC MM1099a
This application note discusses the MM1096a IC, which is designed for variable CPU and MPU operations targeting low power supply applications.
2003-06-11 System reset (with built-in watchdog timers): Monolithic IC MM1096b
This application note discusses the MM1096a IC, which is designed for variable CPU and MPU operations targeting low power supply applications.
2005-05-26 Supertex PWM controller IC uses low noise boost-buck topology
The new HV9930 from Supertex is a variable frequency PWM controller IC designed to control an LED lamp driver using a low noise boost-buck topology.
2004-03-10 Super Vision obtains LED lighting patent
Super Vision Int. Inc., a fiber optic and LED lighting manufacturer, has acquired from High End Systems Inc. of Austin, Texas the exclusive rights covering the invention of a "Variable Color Lighting System."
2004-12-27 Super Vision inks licensing agreement with IMS
Super Vision Int. Inc. has signed license agreements with Illumination Management Solutions (IMS) & LED Power for its variable color lighting system patent #4,962,687 and its recently acquired Laidman Technology.
2002-03-08 Soil water content measurements: Considering variability and uncertainty
This application note presents a simple approach for improving water content estimation under spatially variable conditions.
2005-05-30 Simulation software sets power designs in motion
IR's new web-based simulation tool for three-phase, variable-speed, motor drive inverter circuits simplifies recursive calculations and expands the design support for the company's iMOTION integrated design platform.
2002-08-05 SiberCore device supports up to 576-bit word width
The SiberCAM Ultra-18M CAM-based network co-processor allows configurable, dynamically variable entry widths and multiple tables for multi-layer, multi-protocol forwarding requirements.
2001-05-14 Sensorless speed controlled brushless dc drive using the TMS320C242 DSP controller
This application note describes a brushless dc (BLDC) variable-speed drive solution using Texas Instruments' TMS320C242 DSP controller.
2013-07-30 Rugged thin-client display ready for military applicaitons
IEE's rugged display features the company's dual mode backlight system supporting variable reading modes from a high bright mode of 600cd/m2 to NVIS lighting for dark environments.
2004-11-24 RF power amplifier efficiency improves with varied Vcc, from dc/dc supply
This app note describes a variable power supply, the MAX850, that can improve power amplifier efficiency to more than twofold at +16dBm output.
2005-06-08 Resistor calculator for the DS3906
This app note demonstrates the ability to achieve a variable resistance with an effective linear response when used in parallel with external resistors.
2000-06-26 Pulse-width modulation in Xilinx programmable logic
This application note demonstrates how to build a variable PWM waveform using a counter and a storage register.
2000-04-16 Power supply application brief
A digital power supply solution is more manufacturable and is easier to design than the analog solution. A power supply, which has variable voltage and current control output, can use the PIC17C756A chip to perform traditional analog function in the digital domain. This application note discusses the PIC17C756A, as a device capable of generating the voltage and current needed with HW PWMs.
2013-03-19 PIC-based VICR ready for 100G optical networks
The PIC-based VICR integrates a variable optical attenuator on the signal path and is designed to increase dynamic range and improve the optical signal to noise ratio for coincident signals.
2003-11-10 Philips, Siemens sensor system improves fuel efficiency
Royal Philips Electronics has developed a magnetoresistive sensor that is designed for automotive angular measurement applications including electronic throttle control (EGAS) and variable valve timing (VVT).
2006-10-12 O2Micro receives major DC power source patent
O2Micro International was granted 19 claims under United States patent number 7,095,217 for its variable output DC power source control invention.
2002-10-15 NJR VCXO IC suits SONET/SDH systems
The NJM2555 622.08MHz VCXO IC incorporates an oscillation amplifier and a variable capacitor diode for use in SONET/SDH communication systems.
2004-08-10 NJR headphone amplifier comes with EVR
New Japan Radio released a headphone amplifier that comes with an electronic variable resistor.
2005-01-19 Nippon Precision VCXO ICs rated at 2.25V
Nippon Precision announced its new single-chip ICs for VCXOs that feature excellent variable frequency characteristics and phase noise characteristics.
2005-09-27 New digital controllers and indicators offer precise measurement
Macro Sensors, an American Sensor Technologies (AST) company specializing in the manufacture of LVDT-based linear and rotary sensors, gauging probes, support electronics and related instrumentation, introduced a new family of economically-priced and user-friendly digital controllers and indicators that promises to deliver precise measurement for applications using AC- and DC-LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) inputs.
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