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2010-02-11 Alliance pushes for 3G/4G interface spec
Nujira has formed the OpenET Alliance to develop and publish open specifications for envelope tracking interfaces for 3G and 4G platforms.
2011-12-14 Alliance gears up for 60GHz software specs
WiGig announced it has formed a working group to define the upper software layers for devices that use its technology and will define software standards any WiGig system will need to use for specific functions.
2010-03-29 Alliance aims to bring smart grid to home nets
U-Snap Alliance members are targeting to field in Q3 the first products based on its specifications for carrying smart grid data over home networks.
2015-02-10 Alibaba, Meizu team up against Android
This is e-commerce giant Alibaba's first direct investment in a smartphone vendor. Its motive is believed to be similar to Amazon's entry in the smartphone market last summer with its Firephone.
2007-04-04 Alcatel-Lucent sets up IPTC facility in Singapore
Alcatel-Lucent will launch a new Internet Protocol Transformation Center in Singapore that will help operators and enterprises in the region transform their networks to a full IP-based architecture.
2007-11-20 Alcatel, LG report successful LTE test calls
Alcatel-Lucent and LG Electronics have completed Long Term Evolution (LTE) test calls using Alcatel-Lucent's LTE solution and mobile device prototypes from LG.
2004-02-10 Alcatel to solve interoperability issues using DSL Xpert
Alcatel Belgium has acquired TraceSpan Communications' "DSL Xpert" multi-layer analyzer to resolve ADSL/ADSL2 interoperability issues.
2008-09-24 Albany NanoTech beefs up cleantech efforts
Eyeing to achieve its success in semiconductors, Albany NanoTech, together with its parent organization, is bringing its collaboration model over to clean technology.
2008-09-25 Aixtron: LED market boom not before 2013
After enjoying record sales in Q4 07, due to energy saving trends, LED production equipment manufacturer Aixtron now sees a "digestion phase" during which the semiconductor market will absorb the production capacity built up over the past quarters.
2008-01-14 AirWave, Aruba ink merger agreement
AirWave Wireless has signed a merger agreement with Aruba Networks, a user-centric networks and secure mobility solutions provider.
2005-03-07 Airoha refines wireless LAN transceiver for cost and space
Airoha Technology Corp. has made small but noteworthy changes to its 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN transceiver by embedding dual-band power amplifiers.
2006-10-10 Agilent, Net-O2 team to accelerate adoption of Carrier Ethernet
Agilent announced an expanded Carrier Ethernet conformance test portfolio on its N2X multiservices test solution, part of a collaboration with Net-O2 Technologies.
2009-03-20 Agilent, Aster collaborate on test platforms
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Aster Technologies have entered into a strategic partnership to enable integration of Aster's TestWay Coverage Analyst with Agilent's PCB assembly test platforms, enabling seamless test coverage analysis across test platforms.
2005-05-10 Agilent's VEE Pro 7.5 to support National Instruments data-acq hardware
Agilent says its VEE (Visual Engineering Environment) Pro 7.5 software now provides access to National Instruments' DAQ hardware products, including PXI, SCXI, and PC plug-in data-acquisition cards and modular instruments.
2008-08-08 Agilent talks WiMAX: Reliability is key
In this interview, CJ Meurell, general manager, of Agilent's European operations, talks about WiMAX and what future the technology holds for the company, the market and consumers.
2003-07-03 Agilent solution to provide RF data to Cingular
Agilent Technologies Inc.'s acceSS7 Location solution has been selected by Cingular Wireless for Abis monitoring.
2005-07-15 Agilent proposes test solution for MCPs
Agilent Technologies unveiled its approach to production memory test systems at the Semicon West show.
2007-04-03 Agilent offers complete optical receiver stress test solution
Agilent Technologies introduced a complete optical receiver stress test solutionthe N4917Awhich provides repeatable conformance and characterization test results.
2003-08-11 Agilent launches ISO 17025-compliant services
Agilent Technologies has announced that they now provide fully conformant ISO 17025 calibration services for complex electronic test instruments.
2003-03-26 Agilent CMOS modules targeted for mobile phones, PDAs
Agilent Technologies has launched a family of CMOS camera modules for mobile phones and wireless PDAs.
2014-05-05 Agilent buys technology that identifies thermal problems
The electrothermal analysis technology from Gradient Design Technology enables designers to identify and correct thermal problems encountered when developing integrated circuits. The acquisition stems from a cooperative relationship between the two firms involving the integration of this technology with Agilent's ADS software.
2010-09-20 Agilent and Innofidei develop RF Tests for TD-LTE chipset
Agilent and Innofidei collaborate ib a TD-LTE data dongle RF test.
2004-01-08 Agilent adds Verilog-A support
Claiming a significant advantage over proprietary models, Agilent Technologies has introduced Verilog-A support for its RF Design Environment.
2005-05-18 Agilent abets connectivity with National Instruments gear
Agilent announced that its I/O Libraries Suite and its IEEE-488/GPIB cards and converters will soon work within National Instruments' LabVIEW and LabWindows environments. The suite starts at less than $400.
2002-06-10 Agere, Yafo codevelop adaptive receivers for optical networks
Agere Systems and Yafo Networks have partnered to develop an integrated adaptive receiver for high-speed optical transmissions.
2004-11-29 Agere's chipset eliminates multimedia coprocessor
Agere Systems has announced a new mobile phone technology framework that eliminates the need for a multimedia coprocessor.
2002-09-26 Agere ships multi-rate, multi-channel framer IC
The TSOT1610G is claimed to be the industry's first multi-rate, multi-channel framer IC, supporting 16-channels of OC-3/STM-1, 16 channels of OC-12/STM-4, four channels of OC-48/STM-16, or a single OC-192/STM-64.
2003-04-16 Agere rolls multimode WLAN chipset
Agere Systems recently launched a chipset compatible with the 802.11a, b, and g standards.
2004-03-12 Agere employs Cadence RTL compiler synthesis
Agere Systems is accepting netlists produced by Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s Encounter RTL compiler synthesis for implementation in its ASIC design centers.
2005-03-10 Agere acquires supplier of 3G/UMTS processors
Agere Systems announced Tuesday (March 8) that it has acquired Modem-Art Ltd, a privately held developer of advanced processor technology for 3G/UMTS mobile devices, for $145.1 million in cash and stock.
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