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2005-07-29 AccelChip offering cores through Xilinx program
Claiming to be the industry's first to do so, AccelChip Inc. said Wednesday (July 27) it has begun providing a family of fixed-point linear algebra intellectual property (IP) cores for Xilinx field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices.
2008-06-23 ABI: Wireless HDTV to hit 1M installations in 2012
According to a study from ABI Research, optimistic forecasts point to 2012 as the earliest year for the milestone of 1 million wireless HDTV installations worldwide.
2008-09-18 ABI: Touchscreens in mobile apps to hit $5B next year
ABI Research forecasts that revenue from the global touchscreen market for mobile phones and other handheld devices such as MIDs, UMPCs and PNDs will reach $5 billion in 2009.
2008-01-18 ABI: TD-SCDMA to face uphill battle outside China
According to ABI Research, TD-SCDMA is likely to face an uphill battle outside of mainland China, even in Hong Kong.
2010-02-08 ABI: 57M media tablets to ship by 2015
The market segment for media tablet, according ABI Research, will see four million units shipped this year and will zoom to about 57 million annually by 2015.
2016-03-14 ABI: 50M units of VR device shipments projected by 2020
With their increasing technological functionality, smartphones are expected to power the growth of high-end virtual reality devices by 85% annually.
2007-06-21 ABI: $400M market awaits car head-up displays in 2012
A new research brief from ABI Research said that head-up display (HUD) solutions are available in growing numbers and will comprise a $400 million market by 2012.
2010-02-16 ABI sees continued PND shipment slowdown
Growth in PND shipments will continue to slow, stagnating at 48 million by 2015, with the Asia Pacific market posting strongest growth with more than 10 million shipments.
2008-01-04 ABI sees bleak future for Qualcomm's UMB
A new report by ABI Research forecasts that Qualcomm Inc.'s ultra mobile broadband (UMB) technology will not likely be widely adopted as it becomes commercially available.
2005-10-21 ABI Research sees challenges for broadband over power line and HomePlug/PLC
Power line communications offer theoretical benefits to some consumers and some providers. But a new study from ABI Research shows that these are still infant technologies facing significant obstacles to success. Although on-going tests regarding transmitting data over electrical power lines are in progress, no large-scale deployments have been completed.
2010-04-26 ABI lists mobile handset design trends
Major technology and application trends in handset design have focused on 3G capabilities including Web surfing, social networking, multimedia, connectivity, cameras, VoIP and pico projectors.
2007-10-22 A-GPS platform meets demand for multiwireless solutions
The new NX4 platform from Nemerix provides users with the ability to choose hosted or standalone A-GPS architectures within a single chip, as well as migration to 65nm RFCMOS and integrated baseband for multiwireless applications.
2013-06-25 A*STAR IME, IC firms team up to tackle industry issues
A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics launched the 2.5D Through-Silicon Interposer Consortium to speed market adoption of TSI tech, which is driven by demands in computer infrastructure and CEs.
2003-06-16 A walk through DSP evolution curve
NEC has dabbled in DSP since its early days and now introduces its SPXK5 DSP core
2003-11-03 A security program based on technology
Security is a process best described as both an art and a science. The science is what an organization can plan for; the art is how an organization responds to what it did not plan for.
2003-10-01 A rebirth of IC compilation
R. Goering rediscovers an old paradigm for designing sub-100nm ICs in an interview with Rajeev Madhavan, Magma Design Automation's CEO: silicon compilation.
2012-05-08 A primer on JESD204 standard for ADCs
Learn about this digital interface standard and its design implications.
2015-12-30 A primer on debugging video apps and beyond
Starting with the review of the application and culminating with the submission of parts through official failure analysis channels, this guide attempts to provide as comprehensive a framework as possible.
2011-09-27 A primer on 3D-IC design challenges
Know the 3D-IC design challenges such as system exploration, floorplanning, analysis, and design for test (DFT), and learn how designs will evolve as 3D-IC goes on to become a necessity for managing power, performance, form factor, and cost goals.
2015-04-06 A guide to securing the Internet of Things
In this article, we present a handful of simple principles that can help engineers build more secure designs targeting the Internet of Things so it can reach its full potential.
2008-08-15 A glimpse of SSDs' evolution
At the Flash Memory Summit, Dean Klein, VP of memory system development at Micron Technology Inc., gave a glimpse of the past, present and future of the latest developments in solid-state drives (SSDs).
2007-12-17 A fresh approach to Serdes I/O modeling
This paper will discuss need for algorithmic models, the interoperability problem, the need for IBIS BIRD 104 and the benefits systems companies and Serdes IP companies will derive from this new approach.
2016-04-06 A disruptive turn of things at Intel
Things are shaking up at the technology company with the departure of two executives and another one missing in action. The development has left Silicon Valley all abuzz.
2006-10-27 90nm transition may limit DRAM supply
The present transition to 90nm in the DRAM market could lead to pressures on supply through November, according to market researcher DRAMeXchange.
2006-11-08 90nm structured ASICs out to replace FPGAs
Seeking to displace FPGAs and other chip technologies in the marketplace, eASIC Corp. came out of its shell with a bang by unveiling a new 90nm structured ASIC line.
2008-04-01 8bit MCUs take tiny steps to rule the market
Even as feature creep moves some applications to 16bit and beyond, continual increases in the processing capabilities and integration levels of 8bit devices are opening new applications to replace the old. The result is an expanding array of increasingly powerful 8bit MCUs for cost-conscious designs.
2008-07-07 8bit MCU features dual-bus design
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. announced a new addition to its FlashFlex family of 8bit MCUs, the SST89C58RC, said to be industry's first 8051-based MCU to feature two system management buses.
2008-07-03 802.11n Wi-Fi market to flourish, says ABI
Shipments of consumer-oriented 802.11n Wi-Fi access points will from 6 million this year to 88 million in 2013, reported ABI Research.
2008-03-27 802.11n solutions roll from Extricom
Wireless networking vendor Extricom on Tuesday unveiled a new suite of products based on the 802.11n draft 2.0 WLAN standard.
2008-07-08 802.11n sales continue to grow, notes Wi-Fi Alliance
About 50 percent of Wi-Fi chipsets sold this year are expected to adhere to the new draft standard, doubling the number from 2007, reported the Wi-Fi Alliance.
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