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2006-12-06 Video will drive FTTH growth in 2011, says ABI Research
By 2011, 55 percent of the world's homes that will make their broadband connection over FTTH will receive video services, according to a recent ABI Research report
2007-09-11 Video equalizers tout lowest power consumption
Cypress Semiconductor has added two new multirate video cable equalizers to its portfolio of solutions for the professional video equipment market.
2004-01-06 Video comms sees strong growth in 2004
This year will see a huge change in the operating environment of video communication
2006-04-25 Video cable drivers eye professional video equipment designers
Cypress introduced two HD/SD multi-format video cable drivers for video distribution amplifiers, production routers and switchers, and other professional broadcast equipment.
2008-09-19 Video amps enhance images, capacity of HDTVs
Analog Devices has launched three high-performance video amplifiers that bring higher levels of picture quality and power efficiency to HDTV and video equipment.
2004-09-07 Tektronix, Vqual deliver next-gen video standards tools
Tektronix Inc. has signed an agreement with Vqual Ltd, a U.K.-based video software developer, to develop and market software solutions
2004-09-09 Tektronix tools target next-gen video compression
Tektronix's new software-based analyzer gives users the ability to investigate compressed video data that's been encoded using various video standards
2004-04-26 Tektronix tools eye next-gen video compression apps
Tektronix has launched design verification tools for next-generation video compression technologies available on the company's MPEG Transport Stream Test System
2006-12-15 Ref design rolls for MPEG-4 network video servers
Video processing IC company AverLogic Technologies has announced its latest MPEG-4 network video server reference design
2003-01-29 NEC unveils plans for broadcasting systems, video business
NEC Corp. has announced its plans to outsource the manufacturing functions of NEC Gotemba Ltd to an electronics manufacturing service provider.
2008-05-08 Library tools speed development of 60GHz video nets
Agilent Technologies has introduced a WVAN Wireless Library that helps prevent unnecessary wafer spins, thus accelerating deployment of next-generation 60GHz wireless video area networks
2002-04-10 Domino processor moves into broadcast, professional video
LSI Logic Corp. announced two design wins for its Domino media processor at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention Monday (April 8), marking the product's migration into the broadcast and professional video markets
2005-09-12 Cypress' video cable equalizers deliver SD signals over 400m
Cypress Semiconductor announced two new multirate video cable equalizers targeted at the professional video market
2005-09-12 Cypress' HOTLink-On-Demand flexes OminiTek's digital video needs
The HOTLink-On-Demand video Serdes device from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has been selected by OmniTek for its PCI Video Engine Platform
2004-07-02 Cypress transceivers power AJA video solutions
AJA Video has selected Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s HOTLink II transceiver (CYV15G0101DXB) for its standard definition serial digital interface (SD-SDI) and high definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI) video interface and conversion products
2009-10-05 Clock IC eases synchronization in video apps
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has beefed up its Any-Rate Precision Clock family with the release of Si5324 clock IC optimized for professional broadcast video applications
2008-11-20 CDR transceiver enhances HD-SDI video signals
Vitesse targets the VSC3406, its latest clock and data recovery transceiver, at high-definition video broadcast equipment.
2003-06-29 Calibration procedure for video equipment
This application note describes a method allowing the precise measurement of a baseband signal, which may then be taken for the calibration of video analyzers
2008-09-24 Cable driver backs 3G/HD/SD video serial apps
Mindspeed Technologies has launched a family of serial digital interface devices for progressive high-definition (3G/2xHD), high-definition and standard-definition broadcast video serial transport applications
2008-05-21 Axis, Bosch, Sony call for network video interface standard
Axis, Bosch and Sony will be cooperating to create an open forum aimed at developing a standard for the interface of network video products
2006-01-13 Zarlink Ethernet switches designed for IP video apps
Zarlink's new ClassSwitch platform of single- chip, full-service Layer 2 Ethernet switches designed for network access equipment supporting packet-based apps
2003-03-07 WLAN chipset features video image transfer capabilities
Matsushita Electric has developed a 5GHz WLAN chipset capable of transferring video images among IEEE 802.11a/e-compliant equipment.
2006-12-14 Video-processing IC supports H.264 format
The MB86H50 video processing IC from Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has been designed for real-time compression and decompression of high-definition TV-level video in H.264 format
2006-02-27 Video tester gets HDMI CEC support
Providing a consumer electronic control (CEC) test approach, Quantum Data now has a HDMI CEC development and compliance test suite for its existing 882CA video test instruments
2004-12-21 Video test gear gets HDMI v1.1 support
Quantum Data will soon be rolling out an upgrade to its 802-series of HDMI generators and analyzers.
2005-11-23 Video switch saves space
Fairchild Semiconductor's new video switch matrix integrates analog switch capability, input clamps, bias circuitry and cable drivers into one device
2008-10-01 Video drivers tout single supply operation of amplifiers
Intersil introduces 200MHz single supply video drivers, the ISL59833 and ISL59837, each equipped with charge pumps that create negative voltage and remove the need for external negative rails
2012-07-20 Video conferencing enables healthcare advances
Ovum has reported that the collaboration between video conferencing and healthcare could enhance stakeholder relationship and pave the way for better services
2008-09-16 Video clock reference design augments jitter performance
National Semiconductor Corp. highlights a new video clock reference design, now available as a module for the Xilinx ML571 serial digital video development board
2003-06-29 Video analyzer UAF as IEC 625 (IEEE 488)-bus controller
This application note shows how to use the UAF video analyzer as IEC/IEEE-bus controller for setting SGPF functions and controlling external equipment.
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