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2007-12-13 Viewer turns iPod video into big virtual hit
Virtual display glasses are nothing new, but improvements have slimmed the package considerably and brought costs to levels more simpatico with consumer budgets�At $199, Myvu's Solo brings iPod video viewing front and center.
2005-10-25 Viewer peeks into RTOS kernel driving TI DSPs, audio processor
A kernel object viewer for PrKERNELv4, a pre-emptive real-time kernel from eSOL, is available for Texas Instruments' TMS320DM320 and TMS320DM270 programmable DSPs and TMS320DA295 audio processor.
2007-05-02 Layout viewer serves trillion transistors
Micro Magic claims that its Max-View GDSII layout viewer provides instantaneous viewing at any zoom level of chips with up to 1 trillion transistors.
2005-06-01 Image viewer supports popular vector file formats, CAD files
Soft Gold announced the release of ABViewer, the latest version of its fully-fledged image viewer designed for the use at home and at work
2010-09-28 CAD viewer software boosts manufacturing execution system
iTAC integrates C-Link CAD/CAM Viewer into MES platform
2010-09-16 3D model viewer supports iPad
Apple's A4-powered iPad gets 3D model viewer from Dassault Systemes
2008-12-10 Seiko Epson goes with Actel FPGAs for multimedia viewers
Actel Corp. announced that Seiko Epson Corp. has selected Actel's ProASIC3 FPGAs for use in its new Epson multimedia storage viewer P-7000 and P-6000.
2003-10-23 SanDisk enhances sales network in China
SanDisk Corp. announced that they have expanded retail sales in China, and signed its first three retail distributors in the country.
2007-03-26 Samsung takes interesting route in media player race
Samsung's latest effort, the YP-K5, features an MP3 player, FM radio and JPEG image viewer designed with a slide-out, pop-up stereo speaker panel to serve up tunes sans headphones.
2003-08-15 MO drive comes with image viewing software
Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc. has unveiled a USB-powered magneto-optical drive that includes a DICOM image viewing software.
2004-12-16 Flomerics upgrades thermal/electrical PCB tool
Flomerics released a new version of its FLO/PCB electronic and thermal PCB design collaboration software.
2003-06-28 Exporting Thermocron Data to Excel
This application note describes the process of exporting the logged temperature data from a Thermochron logger using the iButton Viewer into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
2006-01-01 Engineer-entrepreneur challenges market rules
Phison Electronics in its fourth year gained approximately more than $119 million (NT$4 billion) revenue, making itself a legend in the Taiwan IC design industry.
2011-04-28 DesignSpark PCB gets 3D upgrade
RS Components upgrades DesignSpark PCB with 3D viewer and enhanced library features.
2002-04-22 Configuring SafeNet's Soft-PK (3DES) VPN client to establish a VPN tunnel with Gateway Guardian or Merilus FireCard
This application note describes the of process of connecting a PC running SafeNet's Soft-PK (3DES) VPN Client to Gateway Guardian or FireCard using an IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN).
2003-01-24 AMD, Metrowerks platform supports Linux-based PDAs
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Metrowerks have created the OpenPDA Linux-based software platform for PDAs and smart phones based on AMD's Alchemy Solutions Mobile Client reference design kit.
2006-05-15 Altium software gets new version
Altium Ltd announced the latest release of the Altium Designer Viewer Edition.
2003-12-15 AlphaData converter suits business presentation apps
Designed for business presentation applications, the SmartDVD viewer AD-DSC from Alpha-Data is a down-scan converter for sending PC images to a TV screen at a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels.
2003-07-30 Matsushita memory cards powered by Picsel technology
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd and Picsel Technologies, a provider of embedded software, have entered into a licensing agreement to embed Picsel Browser and Picsel File Viewer on Panasonic SD memory card products. Under the agreement, Panasonic will globally market the Picsel-powered SD memory cards.
2014-02-04 Intercept, Moss Bay EDA reveal low-cost EMC sol'n
The software solution pairs the EMSAT post-layout EMC and SI design rule checkers with a customized Pantheon EMSAT Viewer that displays each violation on the board in real-time.
2007-10-24 IBM, MediaTek promise fast HDTV streaming sans wires
IBM and MediaTek will develop chipsets that can wirelessly transmit a full-length HD movie to and from a home PC, handheld device, retail kiosk or TV, nearly as fast as a viewer can push their remote control.
2010-05-10 HiPer design suite packs improved signal analysis
Tanner EDA is offering the version 15 of its HiPer Silicon full-flow design suite that includes new database for simulation data, waveform viewer and enhanced signal analysis platform.
2008-07-09 Enhanced tool suite improves system analysis, profiling
Enea has added system-level debug and profiling enhancements for its Eclipse-based Optima Tool Suite. These enhancements, known as the Optima Event Viewer and System Profiler, support the development complex multicore applications using Enea's OSE OS.
2004-03-15 Engineer offers free obfuscator, layout scanner
Inspired by a user request in the E-Mail Synopsys Users Group (ESNUG), an engineer working in Singapore developed a Verilog source-code obfuscator, a GDSII layout viewer, and a layout scanner that calculates wire length.
2007-07-01 Achieve proper audio-video synchronization in digital broadcast
One of the overarching goals of a digital broadcasting system is to deliver audio and video in proper synchronization to the viewer. The reason for this is each digital audio and video component in the chain, from production to reception, imposes some degree of latency on the signals passing through it. Each component harbors the potential to cause an audio-video synchronization error at its output.
2013-07-12 8-channel LED backlight driver enables better TV screen
The iW7019 from iWatt intends to deliver better screen performance and lower cost in next-generation 2D and 3D LCD TVs to render a more lifelike viewer experience.
2009-03-20 Yield tool minimizes design re-spin
Synopsys Inc. introduced Yield Explorer, a new yield management tool that minimizes design re-spin through rapid and comprehensive capture of design-process-test interactions causing low yield.
2006-02-09 Xilinx upgrades PlanAhead tool
Xilinx announced version 8.1 of its PlanAhead software, a hierarchical design and analysis solution for Virtex-4 and Spartan-3 FPGAs.
2005-03-31 Xilinx free development system supports Linux
Highlighting the growing popularity of the Linux operating system among designers, Xilinx Inc. has for the first time included Linux support on its free, downloadable development system.
2006-12-06 Wind River boosts Eclipse support in updated Workbench
Wind River Systems' Workbench 2.6 release lets users integrate Wind River tools into existing development projects or workflows, or install the tools into pre-existing Eclipse apps.
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