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2003-09-05 Neopolitan offers transport and peering service
Startup service provider Neopolitan Networks Inc., which launched a metropolitan transport service in 2002 based on a fiber network carrying GbE traffic, said it is debuting three new data services this week.
2003-03-12 NEC to integrate Tera Systems technology in ISSPs
NEC Electronics Corp. has selected Tera Systems Inc.'s TeraForm RTL Design Consultant and Virtual Prototype technologies to be included in its Instant Silicon Solution Platform OpenCAD design flow.
2002-01-31 Nazomi chip accelerates Java execution up to 60x
The JA108 accelerator chip is claimed to speed up Java software execution by 15 to 60 times, by offloading the microprocessor and taking over the task of executing Java bytecode instructions.
2010-08-09 National Instruments hosts graphical system design meet
National Instruments held its annual US conference last August 3 to 5. More than 3,000 engineers, scientists and educators attended the event.
2002-10-15 Multiprotocol label switching moves to VPN duties
As extensions to the multiprotocol label switching standard make MPLS viable for virtual private network transport, experts are warning against taking the protocol too far, too fast.
2002-04-17 Multi-office VPN scenarios with Merilus security products
This application note describe two ways of setting up VPN configurations so data may pass freely between all VPN-connected offices.
2003-09-16 More prototyping tips
This paper discusses how to use the Borland C++ Builder in developing a virtual user interface on a PC.
2003-11-07 Monterey upgrades IC implementation toolset
Claiming improved quality of results and faster run times, Monterey Design Automation has announced the shipment of v3.0 of its Dolphin physical implementation system.
2003-07-25 Monterey Design receives patents on silicon prototyping, physical implementation
Monterey Design Systems has been issued two new U.S. patents entitled 'Method for Design Optimization Using Logical and Physical Information' and 'Method for Designing Large Standard-Cell Based ICs.'
2002-06-21 MontaVista to support IDT's comms processors
MontaVista Software Inc. has optimized its Linux Professional Edition to support Integrated Device Technology Inc.'s integrated communications processors.
1999-11-01 Monitoring an evolving network system
As enterprise networks continue to evolve, your monitoring and test solutions must be scaleable to accommodate the changes.
2005-04-01 Modeling for HW-dependent SW systems
The article looks at strategies to successfully design products powered by large and complex SoC designs.
2008-08-20 Mitsubishi taps Pacnet to link Japan, China offices
Pacnet is selected by Mitsubishi Electric to deliver an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network solution that provides reliable and secure network communications with its China operations.
2002-11-07 Micrel licenses ARM core for gateway solutions
Micrel Semiconductor has licensed ARM's ARM922T core.
2006-12-01 MediaFlex NG delivers 802.11 to home networks
Ruckus Networks Inc.'s MediaFlex NG is being marketed to carriers with advanced management features for tracking traffic while supporting multiple service set identifiers.
2003-08-15 MDS21x VLAN Setup
This application note describes the VLAN setup for the MDS21x device.
2006-11-27 MDDI transceiver IP meets VESA open standards spec
Mixel The said its new MDDI client transceiver is the first silicon-proven IP available to SoC designers that meets VESA open standard specifications.
2003-07-01 Master transparent-mode GFP for SANs
To optimize the use of currently available high-bandwidth optical pipes, a storage designer would do well to fully understand GFP-T.
2003-04-30 Magma folds synthesis into integrated tool suite
Magma Design Automation has unveiled the Blast Create, a single tool that combines silicon virtual prototyping, RTL, and analysis.
2013-12-03 M2M security for RTOS-enabled MCUs, MPUs or FPGAs
Eliminate security holes and vulnerabilities with potential dire consequences.
2003-12-10 LTRIM opens U.S. sales office
LTRIM Technologies announced that it has opened its new U.S. west coast sales office located in San Jose, California.
2004-06-02 LSI ports Intoto software to DSL gateway chips
LSI Logic said it has ported Intoto's iGateway firewall and virtual private networking software to its HomeBASE ADSL2+ gateway chipset.
2005-07-21 LSI Logic, RTJ to offer Java support for ZSP cores
The DSP product division of LSI Logic Corp. and RTJ Computing disclosed that consumer product developers utilizing the ZSP G1 family of DSP cores will now be supported by RTJ Computing's simpleRTJ Java virtual machine (JVM).
2004-12-09 Low-cost Spice program adds features
A new version of B? Spice A/D adds a redesigned user interface, new virtual instruments, and cross-probing between schematics and simulation.
2006-03-15 LabVIEW 8 promoted at NI conference
The NIDays virtual instrumentation conference promoted LabVIEW 8, a graphical programming environment used for data acquisition, instrument control and industrial automation.
2005-07-15 L2TP software helps establish secure VPN connection over the Net
Accelerated Technology announced its Nucleus Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol software that allows networking developers to establish a secure, VPN connection over the Internet for use in building data-sensitive VPN apps.
2015-07-20 Key issues before starting an IoT design project
A thorough trade-off analysis of your application at the earliest stages of the design process is really the best way to make the right technology choices and get your product to market as quickly as possible.
2005-04-18 Keeping up connections to MPLS nets
While MPLS networks provide configuration advantages, they also require specific packet markings to operate correctly
2000-09-01 Java to handle complexity and portability in embedded systems
A virtual machine is a layer of software that runs on top of a host operating system to insulate communications routines and Java applications from any changes implemented to the underlying hardware. The paper outlines real-world implementation issues it helps solve for memory management.
2005-02-16 Java takes on system-level programming
System-level software written in Java offers better cost/benefit ratio and a viable language for current and future embedded designs.
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