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2015-04-24 Huawei, NXP get ready for Industry 4.0
The partnership will fully integrate Huawei's ICT infrastructure and connectivity solutions and NXP's secure connectivity solutions. Collaboration will focus on Industry 4.0 applications.
2010-03-26 Hot mobile technologies to watch for
Gartner Inc. offers 10 mobile technologies that will evolve significantly through 2011 in ways that will impact short-term mobile strategies and policies.
2002-02-22 Hifn security processor handles up to 4Gbps data flow
The 3010 Secure Flow processor can handle data flows of up to 4Gbps, allowing network security OEMs to produce cost-effective firewalls that run at multi-gigabit speeds.
2002-04-11 Hifn partners with SonicWALL for security solutions
Hifn, a provider of ICs and software for network infrastructure developers, has formed a strategic partnership with SonicWALL Inc., an Internet security solutions provider.
2008-12-11 Hacking incidents spur need for secure USB memories
The next time you find a USB memory stick in a parking lot or outside your house, think twice before plugging it in. It could cost you your intellectual property or personal identity.
2016-03-07 Hackers target Mac users in ransomware campaign
Hackers infected Macs through a tainted copy of a popular programme known as Transmission, which is used to transfer data through the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network.
2009-07-10 Google concocts PC OS
Google Inc. said it plans to develop and roll out a new PC OS that will aim at dislodging Microsoft Corp. from its perch atop the computer world, as the two continued their intense rivalry for dominance in the technology market.
2006-08-04 Freescale processors with dual e500 CPU scale to 1.5GHz
Freescale said its new MPC8572 PowerQUICC III processors are based on an SoC platform and feature dual e500 CPU cores scaling to 1.5GHz.
2010-01-28 Financial crisis drives innovation in chip market
Solomon Ng of STMicroelectronics takes stock of new applications enabled by semiconductor innovation. He says companies that drove innovation during the financial crisis will emerge winners.
2004-04-06 ET systems assist ASIC, IP design engineers
Emulation Technology has introduced six ASIC and FPGA development systems that are designed to assist ASIC or IP design engineers.
2013-05-22 Enhance functional safety in embedded designs
Find out how to increase functional safety in networked embedded designs.
2014-12-05 Encryption core can be configured from 20-800Gb/s
The Algotronix AES-GCM core has been optimised to match the characteristics of OTN traffic, which allows the core to be smaller and consume less power than a general-purpose AES-GCM encryption core.
2010-08-04 EMBC develops deep packet inspection metric
The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmarking Consortium (EMBC) is developing a benchmark for measuring the performance of deep packet inspection on network processors.
2008-05-01 Defining the memory's role in a secured environment
Today's mobile phones are used for a myriad of new applications that involve storing sensitive data and providing such secure services as mobile payments. With phones storing more critical information than ever before, it is increasingly important to keep them safe from rogue software.
2007-05-14 DAQ takes advantage of Vista functionality
Adlink is providing both 32bit and 64bit versions of kernel drivers for its full-range of DAQ cards optimized for Windows Vista.
2006-09-12 D2 Tech enables VoIP in Octeon processors
D2 Technologies has announced a VoIP solution said to be the first on Cavium Networks single and dual-core Octeon processor family.
2004-05-20 Broadcom Ethernet switches provide better uptime efficiency
Broadcom introduced a portfolio of enterprise switch products that extend the scalability and multilayer intelligence of stackable Ethernet switches.
2006-11-23 ARM, Discretix partner to deliver mobile security solution
ARM and embedded security solutions provider Discretix will jointly deliver a security solution for mobile devices that integrates ARM's TrustZone technology and Discretix's CryptoCell technology.
2009-06-17 Apps modules roll for multicore processors
Freescale Semiconductor has released a set of applications modules for its embedded multicore processors in an effort to reduce the amount of parallel software its OEM customers need to develop.
2013-03-25 Analyse RTL clock gating to cut processor power
The focus on clock gating and the fast turnaround of RTL analysis allow measurable power reductions for typical applications of X86 AMD core.
2004-11-30 AMD, ATI Technologies unveil notebook chips
Advanced Micro Devices and ATI Technologies unveiled last week processors for thin and light notebooks.
2004-08-27 AMD unveils new processor for desktop-replacement notebooks
AMD's new Athlon 64 processor 3700+ is touted to be the highest performing 32-bit/64-bit processor available for mobile PCs.
2008-03-18 AMD ships triple-core Phenom processors
Triple-core Phenom desktop processors are now being shipped to OEMs and system builders by Advanced Micro Devices. Initial products in the triple-core lineup, formerly codenamed Toliman, include a 2.1GHz 8450, 2.3GHz 8650, and the 2.4GHz 8750.
2012-06-15 AMD licenses ARM Cortex CPU
AMD made the deal with ARM largely because it wanted to incorporate ARM's TrustZone security technology into its future APUs.
2005-08-03 AMD debuts entry-level dual-core Athlon, cuts prices
Advanced Micro Devices added a new dual-core Athlon 64 processor to the bottom end of its desktop X2 line, and cut prices to earlier models of the CPU.
2004-07-23 AMD adds to mobile processor line
AMD's new Athlon 64 processor 3400+ is aimed at high-performance 32-bit apps and is compatible with future 64-bit apps.
2013-08-16 A*STAR microchip offers quick diagnosis of infections
Researchers at A*STAR Genome Institute Singapore demonstrated that a recently developed alternative called PathChip can improve diagnoses of infections in a single test.
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