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2008-03-13 White House quizzed on H-1B visa reform progress
U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassly, co-sponsor of the H-1B visa abuse and fraud bill, this week sent a letter to the U.S. Homeland Security Department asking Secretary Michael Chertoff for an update on the immigration reforms promised by the Bush administration August last year.
2008-09-30 Visa-Nokia solidifies further mobile payment project
Visa Inc. and Nokia will jointly deliver Visa payment and payment-related services, including contactless payments, remote payments, money transfer, alerts and notifications, for Nokia's next-generation handsets.
2003-05-30 Visa, Philips team to promote 'contactless' credit card
Visa Int. and Royal Philips Electronics have formed an exclusive partnership agreement under which the two companies will jointly develop and promote the application of contactless chip technology for payment transactions.
2007-04-23 US electronics industry backs calls for H-1B visa increase
The Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) announced last week it is backing a U.S. congressional resurgence in H-1B and employment visa reform.
2007-05-17 U.S. Senate bills seek to reform H-1B visa program
A pair of competing Senate bills would seek to reform the U.S. high-tech visa program by raising annual visa caps and stopping abuse of the visa program by overseas employers.
2007-05-21 U.S. legislators zero in on Indian firms in H-1B visa issue
Criticism by U.S. federal legislators is growing against Indian outsourcing firms that use the H-1B visa foreign worker program to staff their U.S. operations.
2007-11-09 U.S. Congress scraps amendment tripling H-1B visa fees
Looks like the U.S. Congress will remove from a spending bill a controversial amendment that would've more than tripled fees paid by employers for each H-1B visa applicant.
2003-07-22 STMicro smart cards selected for Visa card roll outs
STMicroelectronics has announced that CSOB Bank of the Czech Republic and Kredyt Bank S.A. of Poland have received Visa certification for the personalization of their Proton Prisma cards.
2003-03-07 Sony, Infineon to develop next-gen Visa smart card
Sony Corp., together with Infineon Technologies has been tapped by Visa Int. for the development and promotion of a single-chip GlobalPlatform multi-application chip product.
2008-03-12 Report: U.S. firms hire five locals for every H-1B visa request
U.S. technology companies hire an average of five workers for each H-1B visa position they request, says a new report, disputing critics of the H-1B visa program who assert that the hiring of foreign professionals reduce employment opportunities for American workers.
2008-03-14 Relax visa policies for skilled workers, Gates tells U.S. Congress
Bill Gates testified before the U.S. House Science Committee and urged the Congress to invest more in math and science and loosen immigration policies for skilled foreign workers to remain competitive.
2007-06-29 Indian firms figure in top 20 L-1 visa users list
U.S. senators pushing for bipartisan legislation to close loopholes for alleged abuse of visa programs to bring foreign tech workers in the country released a list of the top 20 employers of L-1 workers.
2005-10-21 IEEE-USA opposes H-1B visa increase
IEEE-USA is opposing an industry-backed proposal before a Senate panel that would add up to 60,000 new high-tech visas a year.
2008-04-11 2009 H-1B visa petitions exceed cap
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has received more than enough H-1B visa petitions to meet the annual cap of 85,000 for fiscal 2009 beginning Oct. 1.
2007-10-18 U.S. tech groups split over green card proposals
New proposals to re-examine the status of foreign-born tech professionals are beginning to splinter American tech lobbying groups that had traditionally been on the same immigration policy page.
2008-04-02 U.S. expects deluge of H-1B petitions this year
With the filing period extended from last year's two days to five days this year, the U.S. government could hit a new record for the largest number of H-1B visas received for one fiscal year.
2007-10-17 IEEE-USA, SIA call for resumption of H-1B talks
The IEEE-USA and SIA have sent a letter to the U.S. Congress and Senate committees on judiciary and immigration and citizenship matters, to push for an immigration reform this year that would address key issues, especially on H-1B visas or green cards.
2006-01-23 H-1B exemption cap reached
The government said that the annual exemption cap on H-1B visas was reached four months into the current fiscal year.
2005-12-23 H-1B backers lose budget round
An effort to increase the number of high-tech visas available to U.S. employers failed when Congress dropped the provision from a massive spending bill.
2001-09-16 Enhancing computer-based I/O for test systems
This technical article describes a change in the test and measurement arena as computer-based I/O systems makes their debut.
2007-06-07 EIA backs amendment empowering employers on H-1B visas
The Electronic Industries Alliance has thrown its support behind an amendment to Senate immigration reform bill 1348 that would give more influence to companies as they seek to obtain H-1B visas for foreign workers.
2007-05-30 U.S. Senate okays amendment tripling H-1B fees
The U.S. Senate last week passed an amendment that could more than triple the fees employers pay for each H-1B visa petition.
2011-05-18 IHS pegs NFC growth in cellphones at 62% CAGR
The move by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to work with Visa and MasterCard on the Isis mobile commerce initiative has prompted iSuppli to raise its forecast for global shipments of NFC-equipped cellphones.
2006-05-18 World's highest-density single-slot 3U PXI switching modules?
Pickering Interfaces is rolling out a family it says is the world's highest-density matrix in a single-slot PXI module.
2007-09-20 Vietnam reaches for electronics dreamdespite hurdles
The Saigon Hi-Tech Park looks a little more than a flattened patch of land on the dusty outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, but like the country itself, it's a place with big dreams that look set to become a realityhurdles notwithstanding.
2013-10-16 Using the TDA8024 smart card interface
Here's an application note that deals with the smart card interface integrated circuit TDA8024.
2010-06-29 USB-to-GPIB adapter packs 32bit dynamic link libraries
From Keithley Instruments Inc. comes the KUSB-488B USB-to-GPIB interface adapter that features fully command-compatible drive library with the company's traditional GPIB command set.
2012-01-27 US manufacturing downfall, Asia's gain
According to the Times report, the reason why the jobs for manufacturing consumer devices are gone for good in the U.S. is because the country's manufacturing base has failed to evolve.
2006-02-07 U.S. designers still the best (for now), CEOs say
U.S. chip designers are still the best in the world, though how long they can hold that position as India and China continue to produce hordes of engineers in the next few years remains an open question.
2011-08-17 U.S. beefs up control of fake chips in supply chain
An analysis of the U.S. government's effort to curb down fake chips, particularly from China, reveals a much serious problem within the supply chain and the country's important installations.
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