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2007-06-18 Meeting mobile VoIP design challenges
There are several system hardware architecture options available for IP voice and video applications, including solutions based on single general-purpose processors, processors with on-chip dedicated hardware accelerators, or processors with discrete programmable coprocessors.
2007-07-04 Media gateway modules are low-cost, scalable
Media processing solutions provides Octasic Inc. expands its offering of voice over packet (VoP) solutions with the introduction of the OCT9400 series of PMTC media gateway modules.
2002-06-26 Mapletree VoIP chipset increases port densities
A two-chip solution for higher port densities in media gateway applications is available from Mapletree Networks.
2006-04-03 It's client time for .11 nets
Craig Mathias believes it's time to address 802.11's one clear flawthe lack of standard client-side functionality.
2002-08-29 Intersil provides wireless connectivity to Gemtek
Gemtek Technology has integrated Intersil Corp.'s PRISM wireless networking chip set into its WX-2301 Easy Presentation Station.
2000-06-01 Integrated access device to boost broadband Internet
A new router dynamo combines the best of DSL and ATM technologies to support multimedia applications over the existing copper-wire pairs in telephone network. The paper outlines basic design and implementation issues to realize a new class of telecom routers.
2002-04-09 IDT, VoicePump offer VoIP/VoDSL reference platform
The 79RP355V reference platform consists of Integrated Device Technology's 79RP355 gateway reference design and VoicePump's VP140 evaluation board, and incorporates the necessary hardware and firmware to support the development of VoIP and VoDSL apps.
2005-05-24 IBM, Nortel to team on product development
Nortel Networks Inc. and IBM Corp. would collaborate on design and development of new products and services, and establish a joint development center in Research Triangle Park, N.C.
2005-01-25 IBM, Airespace join mobile VoIP group
Airespace, an enterprise WLAN equipment vendor being acquired by Cisco Systems, this week joined IBM Corp. and security vendor VeriSign as the first three members of an alliance to speed the availability of converged voice-over-IP (VoIP) services.
2006-01-26 Handheld Ethernet analyzer accelerates VoIP turn-up
Agilent Technologies announced a voice-over-IP test kit for its existing N2620A FrameScope Pro handheld Ethernet performance analyzer.
2002-03-22 Fujitsu VoIP codec core supports up to four vocoders
Designed for wireless and broadband voice client applications, the company's embeddable VoIP codec core supports up to four independent and simultaneous speech vocoders.
2002-12-16 Fine-tuning VoB test capabilities
Before implementing automated tests, designers must weigh their value and determine what troubles these automated systems should target.
2007-03-30 Femtocells pose threat to VoWi-Fi deployment
Tatara Systems and picoChip will collaborate on and jointly market all-IP solutions for the femtocell market, adding momentum to a growing femtocell market that could impact cellular-handset-based VoWi-Fi.
2004-02-16 FCC affirms hands-off approach to VoIP and IP services
In two separate decisions issued Thursday (Feb. 12), the FCC reaffirmed its minimalist approach to regulating voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other IP services.
2002-09-04 Ethernet, VoIP to drive video delivery revolution
Ethernet technologies are beginning to assume applications in the professional video arena that had previously been the exclusive province of specialized or proprietary networks.
2005-09-23 Ensuring QoS in oversubscribed networks
IP (VoIP), video-conferencing, wireless access, storage management, application hosting, e-mail/web access and document sharing. As this
2006-11-13 End-user segment growth drives VoIP market
Revenues for the VoIP market reached $256.2 million last year and are estimated to reach $857.8 million in 2009 given the dramatic growth of end-user segments.
2005-02-28 ECI enables carriers to provide direct TDM services via broadband network
ECI announced the expansion of its Hi-FOCuS family to include next-generation voice capabilities utilizing a single broadband platform.
2002-02-01 DSPs stretch to meet complex RF demands
This article serves as an overview as to how DSPs can be maximized for voice-over-packet processing functions in voice aggregation gateways with a wide range of echo cancellation and codec algorithms.
2005-06-14 DSP vendors kick up memory, speed for VoIP
Freescale's MSC711x DSP family offers the price/performance, high integration and connectivity required by VoIP system manufacturers.
2007-04-02 Delivering voice services over EPON
The use of CESoP over EPON enables voice services for residential and business applications. CESoP may be used to provide fractional, leased line or private T1/E1 service for business customers or Nx64kbps voice channels over POTS lines for residential customers.
2006-06-05 D2 opens VoIP center in Taiwan city
D2 Technologies announced that it has opened a design center in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.
2002-02-01 Cores in channel for packet voice
This article describes how channel density issues for VoP systems is critical for evaluating a DSP solution for products.
2001-08-09 Convergence through scaleable SoC solutions
This conference technical paper describes the functions of a SoC-based VoP processor and its many benefits over solutions based on reduced customer costs and improved performance.
2005-02-17 Conexant VoIP powers Pirelli broadband solutions
Conexant Systems Inc.'s voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) chip technology has been selected by Pirelli & C. SpA for a customized access gateway.
2002-09-05 Comcast selects Terayon equipment for VoIP roll-out
Comcast Corp. has selected Terayon Communication Systems Inc.'s TA 102 embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter for the company's upcoming deployment of VoIP cable phone service.
2005-03-04 Chip exec says destruction is a good thing
Destruction is good, the president and chief executive of PMC-Sierra said Tuesday (March 1).
2003-04-23 Centillium packs 1,008 channels in VoP chip
Centillium Communications is upping the ante in the VoP arena with the release of Entropia III.
2004-03-31 Brooktrout to buy VoIP firm SnowShore
Communication board developer Brooktrout Technology Inc. is buying the outstanding shares in SnowShore Networks Inc. for about $10 million in cash. SnowShore specializes in voice-over-IP infrastructure products for the media server and media firewall markets.
2005-03-01 Broadcom: Gbit IP phone won't jam up traffic
The rekindling of the VoIP market sends Broadcom to devise a solution for broadband signal traffic.
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