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2015-03-16 Is LTE Broadcast ready to go on air?
The latest demo suggests the time may be right for multi-casting, now that LTE is capable of the necessary bandwidth and the latest screens have sufficient size and quality to display compelling video.
2008-04-22 IP camera ref design features H.264 compression
Freescale's royalty-free i.MX27 IP camera reference design comes with a comprehensive hardware and software package, designed to allow OEMs to quickly design and deliver IP network cameras that offer crisp video streaming for video surveillance and other apps.
2006-11-01 Intrusion detection, prevention boost switching system
Trapeze Networks Inc. has added the intrusion detection/prevention system of its OEM partner AirDefense Inc. into its Mobility System 5.0.
2002-05-02 Internet needs better simulation models, speakers say
Simulation models that relate applications to bandwidth provisioning have a long way to go before a multiservice Internet is easy to use, according to speakers at the opening sessions of the International Conference on Communications' 50th anniversary gathering.
2004-09-10 Intel targets 2005 for WiMax roll out
Intel Corp. has taken another baby step on its roadmap for broadband wireless chips, saying Tuesday (Sept. 7) that it is sampling its WiMAX chip to "strategic partners" in preparation for a wide-scale rollout in 2005.
2012-06-14 Intel introduces next-gen of ultrabooks
Intel has detailed the next-generation of ultrabooks that boasts of higher responsiveness and enhanced security.
2005-04-04 Integrated features cut component count in phone line IC
The newest member of Clare's phone interface IC family for DAA in telephony apps features simultaneous phone line ringing detect and caller-ID monitoring.
2008-05-28 Infineon DECT solution receives TI Puma assistance
Infineon now offers a DECT solution, which when combined with a DOCSIS 3.0 chipset, produces a platform for North American cable service providers to deploy next-generation VoIP services operating over DECT 6.0 cordless telephones.
2005-11-07 inCode Reveals Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2006
inCode released its Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2006 and predicts mobile entertainment taking centre stage, fierce competition leaving only five handset manufacturers standing and new business models enabled by converging access technologies.
2005-03-22 IC offers huge system cost savings
The new CS4961XX family of ICs from Cirrus Logic integrates the company's 32bit audio optimized 49K series of audio DSPs with its CobraNet technology.
2002-11-15 IC allows continuous connection across 802.11 networks
TI's new multimode WLAN solution allows interoperability between 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g PHY layers as well as provide continuous connection.
2007-07-02 i.MX27 processor fits multimedia apps
Freescale has started commercial shipping of the ARM9-driven i.MX27 processor optimized for a broad range of mobile consumer and industrial applications.
2005-10-17 How to engineer VoIP on an enterprise WLAN
Time-sensitive voice traffic requires ingress filtering, egress scheduling, rate policing, traffic shaping and signal strength management.
2005-10-12 How DLNA and UPnP will enable easy home video networks (Part 2)
A 'Rosetta Stone' for multimedia babbl
2003-10-08 Heico takes contol of struggling CopperCom
Controlling interest in struggling softswitch vendor CopperCom Inc. has been transferred to Heico Companies LLC.
2006-05-16 Handset features still not a wrap
The product-definition uncertainty that roiled the smart phone and PDA communities a decade ago has returned with a vengeance, as advanced services like mobile broadcast video and HSDPA leave handset developers pondering what to keep in and what to leave out of a slim-line design.
2011-05-13 GSA: 208 operators, 80 countries investing in LTE
GSA has confirmed that 208 operators in 80 countries are investing in LTE, and anticipates at least 81 LTE networks to be in commercial service by 2012.
2010-12-09 Google's second handset gets mixed reviews
Google has announced the Nexus S by Samsung as its second effort at an integrated smart phone based on the next version of Android, and the handset has drawn both praise and criticisms.
2002-03-28 Global oscilloscope market hits $965M in 2001
The global oscilloscope market have generated at total revenue of $965.9 million in 2001, reveals Frost & Sullivan.
2013-01-24 Global LTE subscribers in 2013 to grow twofold
Since being adopted in 2010 with just 612,000 users, LTE has grown by a factor of 22 to 13.2 million subscribers in 2011, and then jumping another 599 per cent in 2012 to nearly 100 million subscribers.
2005-06-10 Freescale, Alcatel to collaborate on single-chip GPON
Freescale Semiconductor will collaborate with passive optical network (PON) and DSL system leader Alcatel SA on system-on-a-chip solutions for gigabit passive optical networks
2001-03-01 Flow is shaky for programmable SoCs
Programmable SoC designs are becoming the trend of the future thanks to the greater density of today's programmable devices and the availability of efficient microprocessors. Unfortunately the CAD flows for these devices are far from being robust.
2004-06-11 Flextronics takes controlling stake in Hughes Software Systems
Contract manufacturing powerhouse Flextronics has extended its reach into telecom software products and services by acquiring a controlling 55 percent stake in Hughes Software Systems (HSS) for $226 million from Hughes Network Systems Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of DIRECTV.
2005-11-18 First commercial HSUPA tester?
Aeroflex announced that it has developed the world's first commercially available test system for High Speed Uplink Packet Access.
2007-07-26 Femtocells challenge Wi-Fi dominance in the home
Femtocells represent the first real challenge to the increasing dominance of Wi-Fi routers in the home.
2005-06-06 Fast path to wireless
The road to wireless is bumpy, but early planning can prevent disaster
2012-09-04 Fast Ethernet-Over-Coax chipset targets broadband delivery
Sigma Designs' CG3210M and CG3310M HPNA Fast EoC have been selected by India's first ISO accredited broadband service provider, Alliance Broadband Services.
2005-03-02 Falling ASPs will dampen Wi-Fi unit gains, says Infonetics
Confiming all the recent buzz, global Wi-Fi equipment revenue rose 15 percent in 2004 to $2.8 billion while unit sales reached 36.1 million, up 51 percent from 2003, according to Infonetics Research's quarterly market share service Wireless LAN Equipment.
2004-10-22 Extreme, Foundry extend wireless LAN switch lineups
Foundry and Extreme extended their WLAN switch lineups with an emphasis on simplified deployment, VoIP support, security and lower cost products for remote offices.
2002-01-29 Evolution in action
Although weak startups in networking-silicon space will continue to fail, successful products will still enable successful companies.
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