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2009-04-27 Reference design using the MAX15026 for an auxiliary power supply for LCD TVs or set-top boxes
This application note shows a reference design using the MAX15026 low-cost, high-efficiency synchronous buck converter in an auxiliary power supply for LCD TVs or STBs. This reference design generates a 5V, 5A power supply from a wide, 6.5V to 24V input voltage range.
2008-02-21 Reference design tailored for game console power adapters
ON Semiconductor has introduced a GreenPoint reference design for 200W power adapters used to power game consoles
2015-09-24 Reference design supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
The reference design from ON Semi features the NCP4371 secondary side charge controller, which allows the charger USB-bus voltage to be changed based on requests from the phone or portable device.
2003-08-01 Reference design reduces energy waste
Power Integrations has released the DAK-33 design accelerator kit targeted to speed design time for ac-dc flyback power supplies in LCD monitor apps.
2013-08-29 Reference design for dimmable LED spotlight
The DER-350, uses Power Integrations' LYT4317E, a member of the company's LYTSwitch-4 family of single-stage drivers, along with Cree's MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs.
2009-11-09 Reference design for a high-input-voltage, high-output-current buck controller using the MAX15046
This reference design presents a circuit for using the MAX15046 step-down power-supply controller for high-input-voltage, low-output-voltage applications that require high output current.
2009-05-08 Reference design for a high-current power supply with lossless current sensing using the MAX5060
This application note shows how to use a MAX5060 current-mode, step-down power-supply controller to implement lossless current sensing for high-current applications. In this design, the series resistance (DCR) of the inductor is used for current sensing to avoid power loss in the current-sense resistor.
2009-08-10 Reference design ensures dynamic output voltages for a print-head power supply
This application note describes some important design parameters for managing power in a printer.
2005-07-12 Reference design boosts green chargers
Power Integrations' 3W charger reference design, the DI-84, consumes <30mW of no-load power, which easily meets the requirements of the California Energy Commission, whose no-load standard is 0.5W
2005-02-11 PWM device provides 2 synchronous buck voltage outputs, 1 linear controller output
Intersil released a highly efficient, 3-in-1 PWM solution for providing two synchronous buck voltage outputs and a linear controller output
2011-10-06 Power supply controller operates at 1.6-42V input voltage
The LT3759 can control many types of power supply designs due to its capability of producing negative and positive voltages.
2010-04-07 Power reference design for the TMS320C6472, 12Vin DC/DC controllers and LDOs (1x C6472
This application note is intended for designers who wish to design a TMS320C6472 DSP into a system using a nominal input voltage of 12V, external FETs for design flexibility and low-dropout (LDO) regulators for the low-power rails
2003-11-14 Power Integrations reference design enables 1W standby
Power Integrations has released its DAK-32 Design Accelerator Kit that is designed for use in DVD players/recorders and STBs.
2010-10-18 POL voltage regulators target high efficiency
International Rectifier builds new voltage regulators around high-performance controller with latest generation IR MOSFETs
2010-11-05 POL voltage regulators come in 4x5mm package
International Rectifier introduced a new family of SupIRBuck integrated point-of-load (POL) voltage regulators in a compact 4x5mm package
2009-05-20 Op amp architecture aims for zero offset voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MCP65X series of operation amplifiers (MCP651/2/5) that uses on-chip, one-shot digital calibration to correct the input offset voltage
2002-04-18 ON Semiconductor buck controller fits low-voltage computing apps
Designed for use in dc/dc converters in computing and telecom boards, the NCP1570 8-pin synchronous buck controller from On Semiconductor provides a power supply for computing applications that require voltages down to 1V and current levels up to 15A.
2009-08-26 Offline LED driver reference design
This application note presents a reference design for a non-isolated LED driver intended to operate directly from a 400VDC input
2010-12-28 New reference design for A19 LEDs
Power Integrations launched a new reference design for its LinkSwitch-PL family of LED driver ICs. The RDK-251 design offers a single constant-current output of 350mA at a nominal LED string voltage of 15V.
2005-10-07 New DFM reference design flow for austriamicro's CMOS process
austriamicrosystems' business unit Full Service Foundry recently announced the availability of its DFM reference design flow for its 0.35?m high-voltage CMOS process.
2005-05-23 National Semi adds analog voltage monitor
National Semiconductor Corp. announced the addition of an analog voltage monitor to its industry-leading portfolio of communication interface boundary scan products
2005-05-03 Micrel supervisor provides under-voltage monitoring
The MIC2772 dual voltage supervisor from Micrel Semiconductor is a dual power supply supervisor that provides under-voltage monitoring and power-on reset generation
2015-01-27 Measuring capacity vs bias voltage on MLCCs
How can you determine how much capacitance is lost under the conditions in your application? This article explains how to measure capacity versus bias voltage on multi-layer ceramic capacitors
2003-10-30 Maxim driver ICs have flexible output reference
The company's MAX5058 and MAX5059 synchronous-rectifier driver ICs enable secondary-side synchronous rectification in isolated power supplies.
2007-01-08 Low-voltage LDO supports 65nm logic ICs
The new 5A low-voltage, single-supply LDO regulator from Micrel can support the voltage supply requirements of current and future FPGAs, MCUs and other logic ICs using 65nm processes
2008-11-10 Low output voltage regulator suits digital apps
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released a low output voltage series regulator designed for digital applications such as handsets, digital still cameras and digital video cameras
2004-06-16 Linear IC allows voltage conversion at high frequency mode
Linear Tech introduced a 2-phase dc-dc synchronous controller for converting a high input voltage to low output voltages at a high switching frequency
2011-03-18 Linear DACs offer 10ppm/C Reference in 3 x 3mm package
Linear Technology's LTC2632 and LTC2633 families of dual 12-, 10- and 8bit rail-to-rail, voltage output DACs offer either serial SPI or I2C interfaces
2011-07-15 Line drivers provides up to 30V supply voltage
Avago Technologies has launched the AEIC-7272, AEIC-7273 and AEIC-2631 quad differential line drivers that provide up to 30V additional supply voltage required for industrial applications
2012-02-10 LED driver reference design touts 90% efficiency
Power Integrations' DER-286 describes a 30W LED tube replacement ballast power supply that operates from 90VAC up to industrial 308VAC input voltage
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