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2005-12-23 LDO regulator with low internal reference voltage
Linear Technology Corp. unveiled a 300mA very low dropout linear regulator with input voltage capability down to 1.7V
2010-02-01 Isolated CAN reference design
This application note presents the reference design of an isolated CAN node using the isolated CAN transceiver ISO1050 and the isolated 3.3V to 5V, DC/DC converter RSZ-3.305HP
2004-07-12 IR unveils reference design for ac-dc power supply circuits
IR announced the availability of the IRISMPS4 reference design for flyback topology ac-dc power supply circuits commonly found in consumer electronics
2007-07-11 IR unrolls Class D audio amp reference design
International Rectifier has introduced the IRAUDAMP4 Class D audio power amp reference design
2004-07-23 IR rolls out reference design for power supply circuits
International Rectifier released its IRISMPS4 reference design for flyback topology ac-dc power supply circuits commonly found in consumer electronics products
2004-08-19 IR rolls out reference design for CFL ballasts
International Rectifier introduced three compact fluorescent lamp ballast reference designs for the IR2520D
2008-09-23 IR rolls Class D audio power amplifier reference design
IR has introduced the IRAUDAMP7 reference design for Class D audio amplifiers above 25W per channel including home theatre applications, musical instruments and car entertainment
2004-06-28 IR reference design streamlines SMPS
International Rectifier rolled out the IRISMPS5 flyback power supply reference design for the IRIS4015 integrated switcher
2002-01-31 Holtek dc/dc converter IC integrates voltage detector
The HT7627 PFM step-up dc/dc converter converts a single 1.5V battery power to a stable 2.7V with an output accuracy of 15 percent, while a built-in voltage detector monitors the output voltage
2008-10-17 Generating a 1.2V voltage supply using the NCP102 voltage regulator
The NCP102 low dropout linear regulator controller contains all the control and protection features needed to implement a low voltage regulator
2013-06-13 Fairchild simplifies BLDC motor controller reference design
Reference design RD-401 uses SPM smart power modules and incorporates PFC to enable designers to simplify design, reduce BOM costs and develop rapid prototypes
2002-11-04 Fairchild error amplifier replaces voltage regulator, optocoupler
The company's FOD2741 optically isolated error amplifier incorporates an optocoupler, precision reference, and error amplifier into an 8-pin DIP
2006-05-12 DVB-T ExpressCardT 54 reference design targets notebook PCs
Micronas has launched a dual-tuner DVB-T ExpressCardT 54 reference design for notebook computers that features full PVR functionality and antenna diversity
2009-05-20 DC/DC converters pack 258MHz voltage-error amp
From Maxim Integrated Products come the MAX15038/MAX15039, small, synchronous DC/DC converters that deliver up to 4A and 6A of output current, respectively.
2013-02-14 DC/DC controller supports 2.8-80V input voltage range
The LT8705 from Linear Tech operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the regulated output voltage, and has four feedback loops to regulate the input current/voltage
2009-07-27 DC/DC controller guards against voltage transients
Linear's new dual output synchronous DC/DC controller draws only 170?A in battery-powered systems.
2005-06-07 Dc-dc reference design comes in handy
HIPAC's Cougar-4 reference design, based on the company's HPW7095 and HPW7095A multi-channel PWM, is a 4-channel dc-dc suited to one-cell lithium-ion powered barcode readers and similar "handy terminal" apps
2006-11-22 DAC offers six programmable output voltage ranges
Linear Tech has introduced a 16bit, quad voltage-output DAC with six software-programmable output voltage ranges
2014-05-08 Converter features simultaneous voltage, current outputs
TI's DAC8760 can be programmed as a current output or as a voltage output. It is a fully integrated 16bit DACs designed to meet the requirements of process-control applications
2010-03-29 Comm solution handles low-, high-voltage power lines
From Cypress Semiconductor Corp. comes a programmable product for data communication over existing power lines.
2011-12-20 Buck converter supports 4.5-38V input voltage
The LTC3876 is a high-efficiency dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller with switching frequency programmable up to 2MHz.
2011-12-14 Boost lighting efficiency with voltage-mode CRM PFC
Learn about the features of new voltage-mode controllers specifically designed for lighting applications
2013-04-26 Automotive reference design adds IBS
The AS8515 has an integrated LIN transceiver, and the intelligent battery sensor module can operate as a LIN slave in automotive systems.
2007-04-27 ATX reference design meets Energy Star specs
ON Semi has unveiled what it claims is the industry's first open ATX reference design that meets the new Energy Star performance requirements for ATX power supplies used in desktop PCs scheduled to take effect this July
2007-06-22 ATX power supply reference design debuts
ON Semiconductor says it has launched the industry's first open ATX reference design that meets the new Energy Star performance requirements for ATX power supplies used in desktop PCs
2015-02-27 ADI touts user-programmable voltage output DAC
The AD5761R integrates a 16bit data converter, 2ppm/C 2.5V reference, output buffer and gain scaling function on-chip, allowing for faster and simpler system design
2009-05-19 ADC's 2ppm/C reference ensures precise measurements
Linear Technology has released a pair of 16bit delta sigma ADCs that integrate a precision reference in a tiny 3mm x 3mm DFN package
2015-11-18 24bit reference design module promises accurate measurements
The MAXREFDES67# AFE reference design from Maxim claims to enable industrial automation engineers to achieve highly accurate measurements for their system designs
2010-03-22 16/12bit DACs pack internal reference, SPI
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC2654, a quad voltage output 16- and 12bit DAC family with internal reference and SPI interface.
2008-04-07 PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-phase energy meter reference design
This application note shows how the PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-phase energy meter performs under test as designed, and also how it can be easily modified for compatibility with a number of power measurement or energy meter designs.
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