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2000-11-30 LM3647 reference design user's manual
This application note describes how to use the LM3647 reference board and also gives a few tips on design calculations
2008-03-17 LM1771 and LM3880 based FPGA power supply reference design
This application note discusses the Virtex-5 FPGA power supply prerequisites in terms of the multiple voltage rail and current level requirements, output sequencing, and startup characteristics
2010-04-14 AM3517/05 power reference design 3.6V to 6.3V input, high-efficiency, integrated 5-output PMIC
This application note proposes one power solution each for 3.3V operation and for 1.8V operation based on the TPS650732.
2006-11-21 ADC offers programmable voltage inputs
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced a 16bit, 8-channel, 100KSps ADC that offers software programmable input ranges that are fault-protected to 25V.
2009-05-19 A five-channel (three +V and two -V) hot-swap reference design
This article presents a five-channel hot-swap circuit that handles both positive and negative input voltages with sequential turn-on.
2003-12-15 Xicor device features &plumsn;0.1 percent accuracy
Xicor Inc. has released the X60008EIS8-50, its latest addition to its family of precision voltage references manufactured using the company's Floating Gate Analog (FGA) technology
2008-06-16 Unlock precision comparator design
This article discusses several problems with applying typical comparators to precision voltage-level detection and concludes with a new precision comparator that overcomes these problems
2002-02-04 ST controller aimed at mobile battery chargers
The TSM105 controller IC from STMicroelectronics combines a voltage reference, two op amps with OR'ed outputs and common collectors, and a current sensing circuit for use in battery chargers and power adapters.
2005-08-23 ST addresses needs of electronic power meter market
STMicroelectronics introduced a reference design platform targeted at the emerging market for electronic power meters
2003-12-29 Sipex device with up to 20mA current capability
The SPX385-5 from Sipex Corp. is a 1 percent accurate 2-terminal 5V bandgap voltage reference that has a current capability of 20?A to 20mA.
2013-10-25 Power mgmt architecture with internal regulation
Learn about the viable solutions and alternatives to prevent performance problems in ICs.
2002-03-20 ON Semiconductor regulators have 2.5?A quiescent current
The company has introduced the NCP55x and NCP56x series of CMOS LDO voltage regulators that feature a quiescent current ranging from 2.5?A to 3?A,said to be well below the industry average of 40?A for CMOS ICs
2007-04-13 Micropower comparator suits unregulated supplies
Linear Technology has announced a micropower comparator that operates with a supply voltage of 1.4-18V, which is suitable for low-voltage or unregulated power supplies
2014-10-02 Maxim outs micro PLC analogue-output system for Industry 4.0
The reference module gives micro programmable logic controller designs an ultra-low-power, highly accurate analogue output in an ultra-small form factor roughly the size of a credit card
2014-04-30 Maxim fleshes out Petaluma with complete system information
The company has released hardware, firmware, design files, and lab measurements for its 8-channel simultaneous-sampling analogue reference design, the Petaluma, for rapid prototyping and development
2001-08-29 Making a programmable precision ac source with the SWR200
This application note describes how to design a programmable precision ac source using the SWR200 precision voltage reference.
2003-10-23 Linear Tech obtains quality system certifications
Linear Technology Corp. has received a certification from the S16949 Quality Management System for Automotive Suppliers.
2004-08-30 Intersil expands ISL60002 family
Intersil has unveiled new 1.25V and 2.5V additions to its line of ultra low power precision voltage references
2016-01-21 In pursuit of quiet: Noise in linear regulators
It is always better to make sure the noise levels are low enough for your needs without expensive trials. Find out how this can be achieved.
2002-05-08 Frequency output circuit
This application note illustrates how this voltage-to-frequency converter, added to a 1V to 5V output compensation circuitry, yields a pressure transducer with a frequency output proportional to the input pressure
2002-03-26 Fairchild incorporates Tru-Translation to FST switches
Faichild Semiconductor has announced that it has incorporated Tru-Translation circuitry into its high-bit count FST bus switches for interfacing 5V inputs to 3.3V outputs.
2001-08-29 Extending the frequency range of the SWR200
This application note discusses how to enhance the frequency range of the SWR200 precision voltage reference.
2014-10-09 Effects of copper stress on smart power technology
In this article, engineers from Infineon Technologies share their experiences as they investigated the cause of massive yield loss for over-voltage detection parameters in one of their smart power products
2011-04-15 Dynamic siphon steals current from USB port
Here' a circuit that exploits all the power available from a USB port by dynamically adjusting the amount of current delivered to the load.
2005-07-12 Comparator with 2.55V source
The new precision micro-power voltage comparator from Micrel Semiconductor features an on-chip 2.55V reference voltage source.
2009-11-13 ADCs offer resolution, channel count flexibility
All the devices are software configurable to support uni- or bipolar inputs, as well as single-ended or differential operation.
2003-02-28 AAC selects CEAC as component distributor in China
Advanced Analog Circuits Corp. has appointed China Electronic Appliance Corp. to market and distribute its electronic components and ICs in the China market.
2006-04-03 90W power adapter solution delivers 90% efficiency
ON Semiconductor unveiled its fourth GreenPoint reference designthis one for 90W notebook computer power adapters
2007-12-12 400mA linear regulators withstand 6V
Advanced Power Electronics has released the APE8912N/APE8913N, high-performance 400mA LDO linear regulators that offer ultralow dropout, low noise, high stability and high PSRR LDO circuit.
2008-04-22 VCSO has expanded frequency range, ultralow jitter
The VS-705 VCSO from Vectron International delivers new and improved features including an expanded frequency range and power management capabilities that support "green" initiatives.
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