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2005-04-18 Atmel targets wireless gaming apps
Atmel announced a reference design for wireless gaming apps that combines its low-cost 2.4GHz Smart RF transceiver and AVR Flash Microcontroller series ATmega48/88/168
2006-09-01 ADI quad sequencer IC claims highest accuracy
The new quad supply voltage monitor/sequencer from Analog Devices is accurate to 0.8 percent, which the company says is the best in the industry
2002-09-02 ADI comparator has 300ps propagation delay
The AD53519 dual voltage comparator from Analog Devices Inc. features a propagation delay of 300ps and >75ps overdrive dispersion
2008-02-25 Adapter design exceeds Energy Star requirements
An open reference design for a 5W AC/DC adapter for Constant Current, Constant Voltage (CCCV) mobile phone chargers has been introduced by ON Semiconductor. The Greenpoint reference design exceeds Energy Star requirements.
2012-05-08 A primer on JESD204 standard for ADCs
Learn about this digital interface standard and its design implications.
2016-02-29 20W USB-PD compliant fast chargers for smart mobile devices
The DER-533 pairs the EZ-PD CCG2 USB Type-C port controller from Cypress with Power Integrations' InnoSwitch-CP off-line CV/CC flyback switcher IC to produce a standards-compliant power adapter.
2010-06-03 1.8-5.5V input, 3.3V output, high efficiency DC/DC converter
This application note describes a solution for powering the MSP430 in a system that is required to increase the application runtime by making use of the complete battery voltage range while still maintaining high efficiency over the entire battery life
2003-01-02 Wireless ICs call on integration
Makers of ICs for Bluetooth and 802.11, or Wi-Fi, WLAN connectivity are readying a new generation of chips for volume delivery in Q1 of 2003.
2002-05-06 Label orientation and tape placement of Z-COMM VCOs
This application note shows the appropriate placement of the reference marker on surface-mount packaged devices, making it possible to determine the orientation of Z-COMM VCOs
2005-07-05 Video driver eliminates external caps
A triple video driver from Intersil is said to run off a single 3.3V supply, and it generates a negative voltage internally, removing the need for external coupling capacitors
2013-01-22 TI MCU comes with USB 2.0
The C2000 Piccolo features a 12bit, 3MSPS, ADC with simultaneous, dual sampling and on-chip voltage reference yield quick, and accurate system feedback.
2005-11-21 Synchronous step-down controller with 95 percent efficiency
Intersil's new synchronous step-down controller integrates a synchronous buck PWM controller, a sourcing and sinking LDO regulator and a 10mA reference output buffer
2002-03-11 STMicro active-terminator spans nine SCSI signal lines
Intended for use in SCSI devices, the ST21S07A active-terminator chip accommodates nine SCSI signal lines by integrating a bandgap voltage reference, buffer amplifier, and nine-switched, 110-ohm termination resistors.
2012-05-15 Smart battery sensor targets auto, industrial, medical batteries
Touting two high-precision 18bit Sigma/Delta ADCs with an on-chip voltage reference, ZMDI's ZSSC185 battery sensor IC uses less than 100?A in sleep mode and comes in a 0.85mm x 5mm x 5mm PQFN32 package.
2005-05-09 Shorten your design time
Goal Semiconductor unveiled a plug-and-play development and evaluation system for its quad, high-voltage, 9bit, serially configurable voltage/current digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with outputs of up to 200V
2000-06-05 Resistance and Capacitance Meter Using a PIC16C622
This application note describes the characteristics of the comparator and voltage reference modules integrated within the PIC16CXX microcontrollers. It also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using linear slope integrating ADC techniques. A detailed description of the measurement techniques used in the application circuit is likewise presented.
2004-12-28 Quad DAC drives over 200V output
Goal Semiconductor's highly integrated D/A converter means compact system designs for high-voltage control apps
2011-09-07 Monitoring device incorporates 14bit ADC
Linear's integrated monitoring solution can simultaneously and seamlessly measure temperature, voltage and current
2004-03-01 Maxim op-amps consume 800nA
Maxim Integrated Products has disclosed that its submicro op-amps are the industry's smallest with and without an integrated reference voltage.
2005-10-04 IR synchronous buck PWM controllers eye DC/DC POL apps
International Rectifier introduced two one-percent accurate, single output, synchronous buck PWM controllers with 4.5V to 16V input voltage capability
2005-07-18 IR rolls new buck controller-driver ICs
IR's new IR3621M and IR3621F voltage-mode, dual output bi-phase synchronous buck controller-driver ICs are designed for high performance point-of-load buck converters used in networking, computing and communications systems
2015-08-21 Examining two simple secondary battery circuits
In this article, we tackle two issues where non-standard solutions are useful, and in each case a less well known feature of many voltage references complicated the design
2006-08-07 Current-shunt monitor IC eases power management
TI's new current-shunt monitor serve a wide range of power management apps, from simple supply current monitor to bidirectional current comparator and as an under-/over-voltage "window" comparator
2007-11-08 Comparator touts 'highest-accuracy' signal detection
National Semiconductor has introduced a low-power precision comparator with integrated 2.048V reference that provides adjustable hysteresis for the highest accuracy signal detection in different systems
2009-05-12 Calculating the error budget in precision digital-to-analog converter (DAC) applications
This application note analyses the parameters that affect the errors in precision DAC applications. The analysis focuses on the factors introduced by both the data converter and the voltage reference. It describes the calculations required to select the data converter and the reference to meet the system's target specifications.
2005-02-04 AVR MCU implements smart battery monitoring in one chip
The ATmega406 is touted by Atmel to be the first high-voltage technology AVR MCU implementing full 2-4 cell Li-ion smart battery monitoring and protection on a single chip
2009-10-15 Analog front-end increases metering accuracy
Integrated PGAs and a low-drift voltage reference enhance the Microchip MCP3901 AFE's ability to measure signals at very small levels.
2004-12-01 A standardized procedure for the direct measurement of sub-picosecond RMS jitter in high-speed analog-to-digital converters.
This app note proposes an innovative, reliable characterization technique that allows to measure ultra-low jitter levels while also discriminating noise contributions due to jitter from other phenomena (voltage reference and substrate noise, high-amplitude distortion) in ADCs.
2013-05-16 100mA synchronous buck converter ready for always-on apps
The LTC3639 buck converter operates from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 150V, eliminating the need for an external transient suspension device and delivers efficiencies as high as 92 per cent
2008-04-21 Xenon flash application design based on NCP5080 integrated with IGBT driver and photo sense function
This paper presents how to design Xenon flash application based on NCP5080 which is a high voltage boost driver integrated with IGBT driver, photo sense function, thermal shutdown, transformer primary side current limit and flash control input
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