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2008-05-13 Advantest eases high-volume DDR3-SDRAM testing
Advantest's T5503 memory test system was developed specifically to address the challenges of high-volume production test of next-generation high-speed DDR3-SDRAM.
2000-12-05 Adding digital volume control to speaker phone circuits
This application note describes how to replace the potentiometer used in the volume of speakerphones with a digital circuit that allows control of the speaker volume from a set of "UP" and "DOWN" pushbutton switches.
2002-05-10 Achieving volume production of 5GHz WLAN devices
This application note describes how to achieve volume production of 5GHz WLAN devices.
2003-02-03 A new ASIC technology for mid-volume quantities
NEC is giving customers the option of using ISSP, claiming to be the ideal solution for customers wanting high-performance ASICs, but only in small to mid-sized volumes.
2008-10-15 2mm stacking connectors fit for high-volume apps
3M Electronic Solutions Division has introduced its Series 95X family of 2mm board-to-board stacking connectors and box headers for high-volume applications.
2002-07-30 Xicor rolls dual audio potentiometer
A digitally programmable dual 32-tap potentiometer IC from Xicor Inc. enables full digital control of audio volume via front-panel pushbuttons or remote control, eliminating the use of mechanical potentiometersl.
2009-02-17 Wi-Fi-enabled phones to double in numbers
Shipments of Wi-Fi-enabled cellular handsets will double in volume by the end of 2010, compared to January 2008, and that growth curve is expected to continue through 2013, according to a new ABI Research study.
2013-04-05 TSMC to kickstart 20nm line ahead of schedule
TSMC is reportedly poised to start installing equipment for 20nm production at its fab in Tainan, Taiwan, on April 20 enabling it to begin volume production at the end of the second quarter.
2002-04-22 The Spirometry extension for Chart 4 (Windows)
This application note explains how to use and install the Spirometry extension, a Chart 4 for Windows that can be used with the ADInstruments Spirometer to perform simple experiments in human respiratory physiology.
2002-04-22 The Spirometry extension for Chart 4 (Macintosh)
This application note describes Spirometry extension, a Chart 4 for Macintosh that can be used with ADInstruments Spirometer to perform simple experiments in human respiratory physiology.
2013-09-06 Suvolta enlists Fujitsu for image processor IC production
SuVolta's MB86S22AA Milbeaut image processor IC includes an ARM Cortex-A5MP and is capable of performing lens distortion and lens resolution correction at a rate of 12 fps across 24 megapixels.
2004-06-10 Speedline to showcase new product features
Speedline Technologies will showcase a host of new product features for its electronics manufacturing equipment during SEMICON West 2004.
2003-02-13 Sound processors enable multichannel sound quality
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced two multichannel electronic volume controllers designed to upgrade audio systems to handle surround sound media.
2012-02-24 Sound enhancing tech boosts mobile audio
By doubling air volume in a loudspeaker, the N'Bass virtual back volume technology increases sound by up to 100 percent.
2003-03-07 Signal processors enhance automobile audio quality
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a pair of audio signal processors that use SCF technology to improve the sound quality of automobile audio systems.
2013-01-08 Signal chain basics: Audio metering issues
There are several standards for audio metering that deal with the levels being monitored and time constants used for calculating the average.
2007-01-04 Pulse compression gratings suit ultrafast lasers
Kaiser Optical Systems has developed a line of pulse compression gratings for ultrafast laser applications.
2011-04-14 Pericom rolls out 12 new connectivity products
Pericom rolls out 12 new connectivity products and multiproduct support during the IDF event in Beijing.
2012-09-14 MobileFPGA from Lattice aimed at smartphones, tablets
The iCE40 HX Series mobileFPGA family claims to be an ultra-low power, tablet-targeted series that performs 80 percent faster than the iCE65 Series.
2002-01-04 Mitsubishi eight-channel controller supports more input selectors
The M61516FP is an eight-channel electronic controller that offers embedded volume control.
2008-02-01 High-speed SRAMs roll into production
GSI Technology announced full production versions of both 36Mbit and 72Mbit SigmaQuad-II SRAMs, which are available in both commercial and extended temperature ranges.
2010-10-08 High-powered VBG red laser line launched
PD-LD uses VBG technology to stabilize multimode 647nm red lasers
2011-05-18 Global data traffic to exceed 60,000 petabytes in 2016
The annual data traffic volume will total 8,000 petabytes in 2011 and will grow at a CAGR of 50 percent over the following years to exceed 60,000 petabytes in 2016; mainly due to increasing amount of video traffic.
2012-10-04 Generate loud, rich sound from micro speakers
Know the challenges that hinder improvements in audio performance, and how to overcome them.
2011-07-14 Collaboration focuses on IC process tech R&D
GlobalFoundries has decided to join forces with Intermolecular on semiconductor technology R&D to address integration challenges and transfer IP-protected solutions into high-volume manufacturing.
2006-11-21 Audio controller features pushbutton interface
Maxim has introduced a dual, 32-tap audio controller with a debounced pushbutton interface for volume and balance control.
2007-08-01 ATCA takes backseat to MicroTCA
Board and subsystem developers feel that full-sized ATCA may end up being a highly customized boutique business while high-volume manufacturing moves to the smaller MicroTCA standard.
2012-01-03 Analyst: Femtocell market may lose momentum
The rise in femtocell contracts does not manifest in terms of shipment volume, with only 2.5 million shipped in 2011 from the forecasted 3-4 million.
2004-08-26 Zilog announces ROM-based MCU
Zilog unveiled a migration path to high volume MCU production with the roll out of its Crimzon ZLR16300.
2003-03-24 Zia inks manufacturing agreement with Emcore
Zia Laser Inc., and Emcore Corp. have agreed upon a sublease and contract manufacturing arrangement for high volume epitaxial growth and laser diode processing.
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