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2002-03-06 VSIA takes hard look at embedded software reuse
The Virtual Socket Interface Alliance has set up a development working group to create standards for the reuse of embedded software, in a bid to address what may be the next big challenge in SoC design.
2002-05-01 VSIA releases SI spec for IP-block integration
VSIA has released the initial version of a signal integrity extension to the specs to help intellectual-property suppliers communicate signal integrity data to IP integrators.
2002-01-31 VSIA ponders standards for software reuse
The Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA) debated the wisdom of turning its attention toward the reusability of software in a panel discussion Monday (Jan. 28).
2006-10-10 VSIA forms verification IP quality workgroup
VSIA has formed a quality workgroup to create a verification IP quality worksheet that will address the challenges facing designers as they evaluate and implement standard verification IP components.
2007-07-11 IP standards body VSIA closes shop
The VSIA, an IP standards body for the electronics industry, announced that it will close its operations and transfer work to other organizations.
2007-07-30 IEEE to carry on VSIA's work
Following VSIA closing, the IEEE has formed two study groups to explore the creation of IEEE standards based on work done at VSIA.
2005-08-24 China Semiconductor Industry Association to model IP standards on VSIA
The VSI Alliance (VSIA) and the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) have signed an agreement allowing CSIA to base its semiconductor intellectual property (IP) standards on the VSIA standards, the organizations said Monday (Aug. 22).
2003-08-12 VSI Alliance adds new members
Gaining new support from the semiconductor industry, the Virtual Socket Interface Alliance has added three new companies to its board of directors.
2003-08-25 Standard metric for silicon IP quality emerges
Promising a standard way to evaluate the quality of silicon intellectual property, the VSIA has created a QIP Metric that's undergoing member review.
2001-06-01 Silicon prototyping verifies IP functions
SoC designers are confronting several important tasks in optimizing next-generation products. New systematic approaches are needed to ensure that IP can be transferred from one process geometry to the next.
1999-01-01 Designing embedded memories using 4G compilers
Embedded memories gain over standalone memories in terms of power consumption, performance, flexibility of use, and test and diagnostics. Use fourth generation compilers to embed memories on a chip to realize the quality and reliability of standalone ones.
2006-09-01 Crypto model checks IP leakage in fabs
Security specialist Certicom rolled out a hardware-based approach to protecting silicon IP using its elliptic-curve cryptography technology and a 20,000-gate embedded core. The company hopes to gain an early-mover advantage as commercial and military developers step up efforts in semiconductor security.
2007-10-22 Wanted: an IP manager
Whenever certain SoC design tasks take on a high level of importance (for example, being on the critical path of design completion), design teams usually add a task-specific manager.
2013-10-14 Use multi-core with multi-OS software architecture
Here's a look at the architectural choices from the hardware capabilities to the software options, and how to make them efficient.
2000-12-01 SuperHyway provides SoC backbone
A step ahead of CompactPCI, Compact Packet Switching Backplane (cPSB) is emerging as a viable solution for interconnect problems.
2007-01-10 Renesas adopts Synopsys' VCS verification solution
Synopsys announced that Renesas has adopted the VCS functional verification solution and VMM methodology to verify its critical SuperHyway bus on-chip interconnect infrastructure.
2002-03-07 Reality hampers vision of interoperable IP cores
Although the worldwide market for semiconductor IP is growing 20 percent a year, the electronics industry's efforts to establish open IP trading have been hindered by instability and self-recrimination, according to panelists at the Design Automation and Test in Europe conference.
2006-02-16 Quality metric upgrade may ease IP selection
Selecting silicon IP may get a little easier, as the VSI Alliance has released its QIP Metric 2.0 for free.
2007-09-18 Proposed organization to give voice to IP community
A proposal is circulating to form a new and independent organization which will give the semiconductor IP community a new and much-needed voice in the arena.
2014-06-12 Multicore architecture for compute-intensive app
One needs to dive into each of the architecture choices in order to assess how each component influences the architecture chosen in order to optimise the particular algorithm.
2007-02-16 Integrate 'hard' IP into an SoC
During the course of delivering such IP over the past several years, Impinj has witnessed a range of IP integration experiencesfrom the painless to the nearly disastrous. Most of the pitfalls can be avoided by following a few recommendations.
2002-04-25 inSilicon launches Gigabit Ethernet MAC for SoC
inSilicon Corp. has announced the availability of is Gigabit Ethernet MAC (GMAC) subsystem, providing the necessary components the user needs in integrating a Gigabit Ethernet port into an SoC.
2004-04-16 EDAC expands tracking of IP industry revenues
The EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Survey group, which tracks and reports quarterly EDA industry revenues, is expanding its tracking of silicon intellectual property (SIP), adding 40 new IP categories.
2004-02-05 Dolphin MCU includes Hardware Wait States
Dolphin Integration has expanded its Flip8051 family with the release of a 16-bit microcontroller.
2002-09-24 Dolphin Integration: Taiwan foundries acquiring design capabilities
Outsourcing fab responsibilities to Taiwan was adopted by many companies to deverticalize the chip industry. But design changes are slowly creeping in.
2002-02-12 DATE 2002 conference to spotlight IP, SoC issues
Intellectual property for use in SoC designs will be a major topic at this year's Design Automation and Test in Europe conference.
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