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2013-04-30 Measure VSWR to quantify transmission line flaws
Find out how voltage standing wave ratio is calculated.
2004-11-25 Maxim rolls out monolithic solution for low-frequency-to-2.5GHz VSWR
The new MAX2016 device from Maxim is touted to be the world's most precise monolithic solution for low-frequency-to-2.5GHz VSWR, gain and power measurements.
2004-07-29 ChuangLian Electronic coaxial connectors have 1.3 VSWR
The SMB series of RF coaxial connectors from ChuangLian Electronic can support an operation of up to 4GHz.
2008-07-03 SP2T switch offers wideband performance
Narda, an L-3 Communications company, has introduced the Model SEM124 single-pole, double-throw electromechanical switch that operates from DC to 26.5GHz that is optimized for low insertion loss, high isolation and low VSWR.
2002-12-18 Products that provide 200 V/m cw or pm at a distance of 1 meter
This article provides information on products that provide 200 V/m cw or pm at a distance of 1 meter.
2001-08-16 Minimizing RF effects during PCB design
An essential read for all designing high-frequency boards, this article describes certain techniques that help minimize EMI effects on PCBs.
2003-08-01 Direct conversion shrinks WLAN radio costs
The combination of advanced technologies and good design practice has brought the benefits of direct-conversion radios to the masses.
2002-12-18 Amplifier research products that provide 20V/m CW or PM at a distance of 1 meter
This article provides descriptions on amplifier research products that provide 20V/m CW or PM at a distance of 1 meter
2013-04-02 Aeroflex upgrades digital radio test system
The firm included an enhanced VSWR (return loss) and Distance to Fault to the tracking generator functionality of the Aeroflex 3550.
2002-10-24 6-bit 63dB RF digital attenuator solution
This application note describes Alpha's low-cost 6-bit 63dB RF digital attenuator and how it has solved the difficult problem in attaining the full 63dB in a single package using two individual low-cost, plastic packaged GaAs ICs.
2002-02-14 Samtec interconnects function up to 5GHz
The Q-Pairs high-speed interconnects are fully-tested in 50-ohm or 100-ohm systems for impedance change, VSWR, crosstalk and propagation delay at frequencies from 10MHz to 5GHz.
2004-02-19 Chin Nan coaxial connectors feature positive locking
Chin Nan Precision Electronics' coaxial connectors have a 50-ohm rated impedance, 0GHz to 6GHz frequency range, and 1.3 maximum VSWR.
2005-08-29 ZTEC's 90MHz digital scope plug-ins play in PCI, PXI
ZTEC will be making its newest PC-hosted digital storage scope plug-in available in both PCI Extensions for Instrumentation flavors
2008-09-02 Waveguide terminations flaunt rugged, compact design
Link Microtek's engineering division is offering a comprehensive range of medium-power waveguide terminations that feature an innovative one-piece construction.
2004-03-23 Wanshih antennas offer 0.5dBi peak gain
Wanshih Electronic has released its WS45 miniature LTCC antennas suitable for use in wireless communication.
2007-08-31 UWB antenna eases circuit layout, set-up
The ANT1085-4R1-01A from TDK offers enhanced in-band impedance matching stability allowing for smaller board dimensions, reduced part count and easier circuit layout.
2013-07-26 Ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables
The microwave coaxial cables from Molex yield stable electrical performance with minimal impedance and insertion loss variation in dynamic applications and deliver up to 88 per cent VOP.
2008-05-30 Type N connector supports outdoor RF apps
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. has added a sealed female Type N connector to its proprietary line of RoHS-compliant V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors.
2007-08-27 Tuner delivers high-definition DVB-S2 broadcast
Alps Electric has developed a DVB-S2 digital BS tuner unit with an internal demodulator BSBE2 series for use in TVs and STBs compatible with high-definition satellite digital broadcasting.
2013-05-27 TriQuint expands GaN product, process line
The firm's latest GaN amplifiers and transistors along with two GaN processes claim to offer performance, size and durability advantages for communications, radar and defence RF systems.
2008-06-24 Transistors remit high peak power for wireless net
Infineon Technologies AG recently launched a new family of RF power transistors specifically targeted at wireless infrastructure applications in the 700MHz frequency band.
2002-08-08 Thin-film chip attenuators feature various termination styles
State of the Art Inc. has enhanced and expanded its line of thin-film chip attenuators.
2007-07-10 Terminators, attenuators promise high-frequency performance
IRC's new family of line terminators and attenuators include both chip and flanged high power RF and microwave devices.
2004-04-14 Tampa Microwave X-band block up/down converter trim noise
Tampa Microwave has announced the release of a VME X-band block up and down converter to their growing product line.
2015-08-06 Taking a look at every kind of EMI antenna
EMI antennas come in several forms: biconical; log-periodic; horn; bi-log, biconilog, hybrid-a combination of log-periodic and biconical; and specialty antennas.
2005-07-19 Switch filter bank offers a compact, two-channel selectable filter
Spectrum Microwave, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spectrum Control Inc., announced a new isolated switch filter bank that offers a compact, two-channel selectable filter suitable for IF filtering.
2013-07-25 ST rolls legacy RF MOSFETs for discontinued NXP products
Available through Richardson RFPD, the legacy RF MOSFET power transistors from ST represent pin-for-pin replacements for several discontinued products from NXP, including the BLF175 and BLF278.
2004-12-31 SSMCX connectors tout high reliability
Aliner claims its SSMCX connectors offer extreme reliability and durability due to its CNC process technology and utilization of DFA and DFU concepts.
2005-10-19 Spectrum analyzer for <$10,000
Agilent unveiled a compact, high-performance spectrum analyzer priced under $10,000 that promises to enable R&D and manufacturing engineers and technicians to make precision RF measurements with speed, ease and confidence.
2005-03-21 Software lets your PC display RF power
Aspen developed a software package that lets those working with RF and microwave systems use Bird Electronic's 5010T RF Thruline Power Sensor in conjunction with a PC.
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