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2004-05-06 Winbond plans 300mm wafer fab in 2005
Looking to ride a recovery in the semiconductor market, Winbond Electronics Corp. is putting into motion plans for a long-awaited 300mm wafer fab that will come on line in late 2005
2012-02-17 Wafer fab shut downs on the rise
Suppliers closed or upgraded their fabs that were manufacturing using smaller wafers and shifted operations to produce more cost-effectively on larger wafers
2015-07-13 Wafer fab closures projected to grow in the coming years
Qimonda was the first company to close a 300mm wafer fab after it went out of business in early 2009 and more recently, ProMOS and Powerchip closed 300mm wafer fabs in 2013.
2013-11-29 Tower to subsume three fabs from Panasonic
As an effort to stem losses and halve its workforce, Panasonic is planning to sell three Japanese wafer fabs to foundry Tower Semiconductor.
2011-12-01 Toshiba to shutdown three fabs
Toshiba is closing three manufacturing facilities and cutting down production at some of its semiconductor fabs due to a fall down in consumer product demands
2010-07-19 TI buys Japan wafer fabs to grow analog biz
Texas Instruments Inc. is purchasing two Japan wafer fabs and other manufacturing equipment as a cost-effective way to increase capacity.
2008-08-04 Taiwan ponders on 300mm fabs in China
The Taiwan government is mulling over a plan to relax its IC export control laws in China, according to a report from Forbes.
2009-06-10 Taiwan muses on allowing 12-inch fabs in China
Taiwan is mulling loosening its restrictions on Taiwan semiconductor investment in China, a move that would boost economic ties with the mainland.
2005-08-19 Soaring tool costs to delay 450mm fabs
Soaring IC-equipment development costs could push out the appearance of next-generation 450mm wafer fabs to between 2020 and 2025a delay of more than a decade from its current schedule, warned an analyst at VLSI Research Inc
2005-08-22 Soaring tool costs to delay 450mm fabs
Soaring IC-equipment development costs could push out the appearance of next-generation 450mm wafer fabs to between 2020 and 2025 ? a delay of more than a decade from its current schedule, warned an analyst at VLSI Research Inc
2002-05-31 Singapore fabs serve as EE training ground
Chen Shu Bian, an electrical engineering graduate from China's Chengchi University, is a senior equipment engineer in the Silicon-On-System Mfg Co. wafer fabrication facility in Singapore
2002-08-01 Singapore fabs serve as EE training ground
This news article shows the movement of Engineers to and from Singapore to find better job opportunities and advanced training.
2016-01-14 Samsung yields to improve wafer fab working conditions
According to reports, the Korean company has agreed to help set up an independent committee that will be able to inspect its semiconductor facilities amid worker cancer claims.
2011-03-25 Renesas' Aomori, Yamagata fabs resume limited production
Renesas' Tsugaru wafer fab in Aomori and Tsuruoka wafer fab in Yamagata have resumed part of their manufacturing, both with limited production capacity
2011-03-17 Renesas shuts down several fabs, offices
Despite its small presence in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, Renesas has chosen to shut down its wafer fabs in Tsugaru, Tsuruoka, Naka, Takasaki and Kofu, and backend facilities in Aomori and Yonezawa.
2012-07-02 Qualcomm explores wafer fab options
Qualcomm has explored the possibility of owning its own wafer fab along with possibly partnering with Samsung in lieu of suffering a shortage in processors from TSMC
2010-03-03 NXP mulls turning wafer fab to solar facility
NXP BV is in talks on the possibility of converting a 6-inch wafer fab at Nijmegen, The Netherlands, to solar cell manufacture
2011-03-17 Most Japan fabs survive 8.9 quake
Although there are few reports of damages on production facilities due to the quake, power shortages may render some of the fabs off line as the country recovers from last week's tragedy
2014-07-03 More wafer fabs to close up shop
Chip makers will pull the plug on four wafer fabs this year, in addition to the 72 that were closed over the past five years, reflecting a trend of shifting to fab-lite or fabless business model.
2010-10-19 Malaysia fabs on the rise
LFoundry Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a joint venture of Landshut Silicon Foundry GmbH and QT Hightech Malaysia Sdn Bhd, plans to build five wafer fabs in the country's Northern Corridor Economic Region.
2005-02-25 Infineon to close Munich 150mm wafer fab by 2007
German chipmaker Infineon Technologies AG is planning to close a 150mm wafer fab at Perlach near Munich and move production to wafer fabs at Regensburg, Germany, and Villach, Austria, the company said Wednesday (Feb. 23).
2006-11-17 Get ready for 675mm fabs in 2021
The semiconductor industry could see a plethora of major changes in the post-CMOS era, including a frightening scenario in the distant future.
2014-08-29 Forget wafer fabs, fabless is the new fad
Going fabless is a trend that has quickly penetrated the IC industry, with nearly all IDMs aiming to keep capital spending at or below 10 per cent of annual sales, according to IC Insights.
2012-11-23 ENIAC JU proposes three pilot wafer fabs
The ENIAC joint undertaking is seeking more than $1 billion towards projects for 2012, the majority of which would be for the pilot line project proposals.
2009-03-30 Downturn forces Fairchild to shut down fabs
Hit hard by the downturn, Fairchild Semiconductor announced plans to close two fabs and eliminate at least 200 jobs in an effort to cut costs
2006-11-22 China's wafer foundry industry endures hampered growth
IC design houses in mainland China greatly impede the development of the wafer foundry industry in the region, according to Research and Markets' Global Wafer Foundry Industry Report, 2006
2006-10-02 China fabs miss growth forecast mark
China's market for new fabs and IC equipment is falling short of expectations for sizzling long-term growth, as companies juggle their need for profitability with a government directive to ramp up a host of 200mm and 300mm wafer fabs that are now on the drawing board.
2008-01-22 450mm fabs unlikely to come soon, says analyst
Despite the push towards 450mm fabs in some circles, the next-generation wafer size is not expected within the next decade, according to of VLSI Research.
2014-02-10 300mm wafer processing dominates, 200mm capacity stays relevant
IC Insights indicated that nearly all fab upgrade and construction activity has to do with 300mm wafer processing, but there is still plenty of life remaining in 200mm fabs.
2011-03-23 300mm wafer plant shutdown cuts global production by 20
Analysts fear the shutdown of Shin-Etsu Chemical's 300mm wafer plant in Fukushima prefecture could leave the industry short by 200,000 to 400,000 wafers a month until additional capacity is generated
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