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2007-02-01 WaferSense ATS helps eliminate wafer scrap
CyberOptics claim its WaferSense ATS employs machine vision to see inside semiconductor equipment and to help avoid costly wafer mishandling, a significant cause of wafer scrap in highly automated semiconductor manufacturing plants
2009-01-19 Ultrathin wafer bonding system installed in Taiwan lab
EV Group (EVG) has installed an EVG 500 series wafer-bonding system at Brewer Science Inc.'s Taiwan applications lab
2012-01-09 Rapid acoustic inspection for 300MM wafer generation (Part 2
Read about a system that is touted to deliver superior precision, resolution and throughput in wafer inspection
2004-04-06 Newport semiconductor EFEM features wafer handling robot
Newport has disclosed that its Performix semiconductor fabrication EFEM is the industry's first EFEM featuring an Automated Self Teach wafer handling robot.
2002-06-26 Nanometrics rolls out 300mm wafer inspection technology
Nanometrics Inc. has launched the NanoUDI technology for 300mm wafer processing, which meets requirements for yield management
2002-02-12 KLA-Tencor introduces automated wafer backside inspection system
KLA-Tencor Corp. has introduced the industry's first fully-automated wafer backside inspection system that enables non-destructive inspection of the backsides of 300mm wafers
2013-08-30 Imec, Entegris team up on 3D wafer handling
The organisations are working on a solution to safely transfer and handle multiple kinds of 3D IC wafers without the risk of breakage and other damage that may occur during the 3D production process.
2004-06-16 ICOS acquires 2D wafer inspection from Siemens
ICOS Vision Systems Corp. NV has acquired the wafer inspection business of Siemens AG
2002-06-18 Genmark adds wafer-mapping sensor to handling system
Genmark Automation Inc. has added a built-in wafer-mapping sensor to increase system throughput and provide flawless wafer transfer for 200mm/300mm wafer-handling equipment.
2003-02-11 Exitech to use Brooks-PRI handling systems
Exitech Ltd has purchased two of Brooks-PRI Automation Inc.'s Gemini Express 5000 vacuum handling systems, including supervisory level software for controlling the systems
2009-07-21 EVG, Applied ink 3D wafer bonding deal
EV Group (EVG) has partnered with Applied Materials Inc. to develop wafer bonding processes for the manufacture of through-silicon vias (TSVs) in 3D IC packaging applications
2002-09-11 Entegris, Tru-Si partner on wafer handling initiative
Entegris Inc. and Tru-Si Technologies have formalized a nonexclusive open alliance to support thin silicon wafer handling in the semiconductor industry.
2002-04-19 Entegris signs wafer deal with Philips
Entegris Inc. has signed a three-year wafer management products and services contract with Philips Semiconductor
2003-01-17 DEK adopts Adept wafer handling solution
Adept Technology Inc. has announced that it has delivered its Adept WLM wafer handling solution to DEK, a Dover Technologies Co.
2014-01-29 Cost-efficient 3D IC wafer processing without adhesives
AML showcased a unique solution to get rid of the adhesive and to allow for a vacuum to be created between the carrier and the wafer to be processed in 3D IC production
2002-05-17 Adept, DEK to codevelop automated wafer-handling solution
Adept Technology Inc. has formalized its partnership with DEK to develop a fully automated wafer handling solution for DEK's screen printer wafer bumping and ball placement system.
2008-10-24 450mm wafer standard gets industry nod
Hoping to accelerate the development of 450mm fabs, International Sematech and others have formulated a preliminary standard for 450mm silicon wafers.
2008-11-21 Wafer-level packaging achieves prominence
Wafer-level packaging, the fabrication of the IC package directly on the wafer, is finally getting exposure after many years of promises, according to an expert in the field
2014-06-27 Sonoscan unveils MEMS wafer inspection system
The AW322 200 system features two loadports, two stages and multiple transducers, enabling it to image two 8in MEMS wafers simultaneously.
2009-06-02 Sonoscan to debut operator-free wafer inspection system
Sonoscan Inc. will launch its new C-SAM series AW300 for bonded wafer inspection system that carries out robotic handling and acoustic imaging of bonded wafer pairs up to 300mm in diameter.
2013-05-29 Removing field failures at wafer level (Part 1
Here's a look at Sonoscan's new automated wafer inspection system and its advantages
2015-06-29 OSATS: Wafer-level packaging limitations hard to dismiss
The recent SEMI Packaging Tech Seminar focused on the need, in terms of under yield and packaging cost pressures, to move from fan-out wafer-level-packaging to fan-out panel-level-packaging
2002-07-25 Brooks-PRI handling system selected for TSMC fab expansion
TSMC has selected Brooks-PRI Automation Inc.'s AMHS to handle all interbay wafer movements for its 200mm fab in Taiwan
2012-08-09 Nikon, Intel to develop 450mm wafer steppers
The Japanese firm is going to work with Intel to develop the next generation semiconductor manufacturing equipment capable of handling 450mm wafers that Nikon plans to commercialize by 2018
2001-06-06 Handling, mounting, bonding GaAs MMIC die
This application note discusses the handling, mounting and bonding considerations for GaAs MMIC dice
2003-07-22 Handling solution accommodates to 300mm wafers
Developed under an alliance with Integrated Dynamic Engineering, the Duofem handler from Robotic Vision Systems Inc. accommodates up to 300mm wafers.
2005-01-10 Owens unveils new module for 200/300mm wafers
Owens Design announced that it has introduced a wafer heating and cooling module to its family of custom wafer handling solutions.
2002-02-08 K&S stud bumper offers largest bondable area
Claimed to have the industry's largest bondable area at 400-by-300mm, Kulicke and Soffa's WaferPRO stud bumper includes their Accubump feature that enables single-pass bumping/coining of 75mm to 300mm wafer with 5?m accuracy at 3 sigma
2014-05-05 Exploring Samsung 2x nm LPDDR3 DRAM
Know some of the challenges faced by memory makers as they strive for sub-20 nm devices.
2013-07-03 EVG unveils room-temperature debonding platform
The platform includes two new debonding processes that have been qualified for EVG's high-volume production temporary bonding/debonding systems in addition to the company's ZoneBOND technology.
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