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2001-10-09 Wafer characterization
This application note shows an example of how RF Nitro performs wafer characterization
2002-02-22 Kyma ships free-standing, single-crystal GaN substrate
The company has shipped what is claimed to be the world's first single-crystal 50.8mm GaN wafer for use as a base material in communications and semiconductor products
2014-05-28 Wafer-to-wafer bonding pulls off sub-micron accuracy
The sub-micron accuracy was achieved using Ziptronix's technology and EVG's equipment. This approach can be used to manufacture fine-pitch 3D ICs for stacked memory and SoCs, and image sensors.
2008-11-21 Wafer-level packaging achieves prominence
Wafer-level packaging, the fabrication of the IC package directly on the wafer, is finally getting exposure after many years of promises, according to an expert in the field
2007-02-15 Wafer shipments up 20% in '06
Worldwide silicon wafer area shipments increased by 20 percent in 2006 when compared to 2005 area shipments according to the SEMI SMG's year-end analysis of the silicon wafer industry
2012-10-11 Wafer shipments to remain flat as year winds down
SEMI forecasted that the numbers will improve in 2013 and 2014 with 9,400 million square inches and 9,965 million square inches, respectively.
2002-09-27 SUSS wafer prober targets SAW substrates
The AP200SAW wafer test system from SUSS MicroTec GmBH is specifically designed to probe SAW substrates generally mounted on brittle wafers covered with thin metal layers down to 50nm
2008-11-11 Soitec opens 300mm wafer fab in Singapore
Soitec has inaugurated its new 300mm silicon-on-insulator wafer fab in new Pasir Ris Wafer Fab Park, Singapore
2013-04-16 Slow but continuous growth for glass substrate market
Yole Dveloppement's report noted that the demand for glass is growing, and glass has already been adapted for various and unique wafer-processing functionalities and platforms supporting a wide range of end-applications
2008-05-19 SEMI: Flat growth seen in Q1 wafer shipments
Global silicon wafer area shipments remained stable in Q1, marginally declining 1 percent compared to Q4 07 area shipments, according to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group
2013-07-03 Sapphire substrate market to gain from emerging non-LED apps
LEDinside reported that Sapphire substrate makers have been optimistic about the emerging demand on non-LED market applications in 2013 such as handset device applications, SOS and window film
2011-08-03 Process enables nanocircuits to stick to any substrate
Researchers have developed a new way of wafer-scale lift-off process that can make possible for nanocircuits to be transferred onto any substrate.
2013-05-15 Pad conditioner geared for wafer fabrication
Morgan's Phoenix Edge pad conditioners claim to produce CMP pads with significantly smaller asperities and more consistent pad texture than those using traditional diamond crystals or grit.
2015-06-29 OSATS: Wafer-level packaging limitations hard to dismiss
The recent SEMI Packaging Tech Seminar focused on the need, in terms of under yield and packaging cost pressures, to move from fan-out wafer-level-packaging to fan-out panel-level-packaging
2006-11-14 Japan's Shemei grows blue LED on silicon wafer
Shimei Semiconductor announced that it has developed a blue LED grown on a silicon wafer that it plans to make available by next April
2007-01-01 Japan firm grows blue LED on wafer
Shimei Semiconductor's blue LED on a silicon wafer promises to slash the cost of device and ease its integration into CMOS circuits
2001-09-07 In-Situ 4000 process monitor measurement of GaN growth rate as a function of substrate temperature
This application note discusses monitoring a successful growth process of GaN on a (0001) sapphire substrate using the In-Situ 4000 Process Monitor
2015-06-23 IBM highlights III-V FinFETs on silicon substrate
A method similar to Imec's, IBM's process begins vertically then coaxes the InGaAs to turn horizontal and inward, eliminating lattice mismatch defects it was making in the vertical column growth pattern.
2012-11-15 Global silicon wafer shipments drops in Q3
Total silicon wafer area shipments were 2,389 million square inches during the most recent quarter, a two per cent decrease from the 2,447 million square inches shipped during the previous quarter
2012-08-21 Global silicon wafer area shipments grows in Q2
Total silicon wafer area shipments were 2,447 million square inches during the most recent quarter, a 20 percent increase from the 2,033 million square inches shipped than the last quarter
2013-06-06 Fraunhofer, EV Group work on direct wafer bonding for solar cells
Fraunhofer ISE collaborated with EV Group to develop equipment and process technology to enable electrically conductive and optically transparent direct wafer bonds at room temperature
2015-02-26 Fan-out wafer level packaging to reach $200 million, analysts say
Market researchers predict in a new report that the Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) market is likely to reach an estimated $200 million in 2015, expects 30 per cent CAGR in the following years
2015-07-03 Examining 3D embedded substrate power packaging
Here is a look at 3D embedded substrate power packaging technologies, which will be increasingly deployed in everything from cell phones to hybrid electric vehicles
2009-07-21 EVG, Applied ink 3D wafer bonding deal
EV Group (EVG) has partnered with Applied Materials Inc. to develop wafer bonding processes for the manufacture of through-silicon vias (TSVs) in 3D IC packaging applications
2002-04-19 Entegris signs wafer deal with Philips
Entegris Inc. has signed a three-year wafer management products and services contract with Philips Semiconductor
2015-07-30 Diamond substrate unleashes GaN potential
Diamond substrates and heat spreaders enable GaN devices to operate near its peak power output without degradation in lifetime.
2002-05-17 British wafer maker weighs site in Singapore
Compound semiconductors, including proprietary "strained" silicon technology, could be a part of a planned foundry in Singapore if U.K. epitaxial wafer supplier IQE plc opts to locate its Asia-Pacific headquarters in the city-state
2001-10-09 AlGaN/GaN transistor application notes: Substrate selection
This application note describes the available substrate materials that can be used for GaN epitaxial growth. Features and characteristics of substrate types are given importance to guide users for right material selection
2002-07-22 Aehr wafer burn-in system qualified for VCSELs
Aehr Test Systems has completed qualification for its FOX full-wafer burn-in system for VCSELs
2008-10-24 450mm wafer standard gets industry nod
Hoping to accelerate the development of 450mm fabs, International Sematech and others have formulated a preliminary standard for 450mm silicon wafers.
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