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2012-06-29 Testing broadband CATV amps with true wideband channel rasters
Learn about the process of estimating a wideband amplifier's performance.
2002-12-06 Performance of 30W push-pull amplifier for frequency range 25-110MHz with 2 MOS transistors BLF244
This application note discusses the results of additional tests carried out on a wideband power amplifier over the 25MHz to 110MHz frequency range.
2008-11-11 National delivers enhanced wideband comm solutions
National Semiconductor has integrated a 2.5GHz fully differential amplifier and a 10bit, 2GSps dual ADC to its PowerWise family of energy-efficient products
2002-11-26 Construction of the 470MHz to 860MHz BLV57 wideband amplifier
This application note describes the construction of a BLV57 wideband amplifier for use over the 470MHz to 860MHz frequency range.
2013-11-14 BGA3018: 40-2600MHz wideband amp application
Know the schematic and layout requirements for using the BGA3018 as a wideband amplifier between 40MHz and 2600MHz.
2013-07-25 BGA3018 - 1GHz 18 dB gain wideband amp MMIC
Here are the schematic and layout requirements for using the BGA3018 as a CATV drop amplifier
2013-07-26 BGA3015 - 1GHz 15 dB gain wideband amp MMIC
Read about the schematic and layout requirements for using the BGA3015 as a CATV drop amplifier
2002-12-06 A wideband linear power amplifier (1.6-28 MHz) for 300W PEP with 2 MOS transistors BLF177
This application note gives a description of a wideband push-pull amplifier for the frequency range 1.6MHz to 28MHz.
2002-11-26 A wideband hybrid coupled amplifier (470MHz to 860MHz) with 2 balanced transistors BLV57
This application note describes the construction of a wideband hybrid coupled amplifier for use over the 470MHz to 860MHz frequency range with two balanced BLV57 transistors.
2012-01-17 Wideband power amp geared for broadband apps
The RF3928B is a 65V 380W high power discrete amplifier for S-Band pulsed radar and air traffic control and surveillance
2012-06-11 Wideband PAs offer large instantaneous bandwidth
RFMD's new RFHA1006 wideband power amplifier is an input-matched GaN transistor packaged in an air cavity ceramic package with heat sink and power dissipation technologies for thermal stability.
2001-04-03 Wideband 300W push-pull FM amplifier using BLV25 transistors
This application note describes a 300W push-pull amplifier design using two BLV25 transistors suitable for transmitters and transposers for the FM broadcast band
2013-07-04 Utilise BGA3018 as reverse amplifier
Here are the schematic and layout requirements for using the BGA3018 as a CATV reverse amplifier
2001-04-03 Two-stage wideband HF linear amplifier for 400W PEP using BLW96 and BLW50F
This application note presents a wideband power amplifier design that provides up to 400W peak envelope power (PEP) using two BLW96 transistors. It also describes a suitable drive amplifier using two BLW50F transistors in class A operation.
2005-01-20 TI amplifier with 'exceptional speed versus quiescent power ratio
Texas Instruments unveiled a unity-gain stable, high-speed voltage feedback amplifier from its Burr-Brown product line
2010-11-17 Samsung LTE handset adopts Skyworks amplifier modules
Samsung opts for Skyworks' power amplifier modules designed for LTE applications
2007-05-28 RF amplifier targets cable TV front-end apps
Anadigics Inc. has introduced its ABA3130 single-chip, low-noise, high linearity RF amplifier with integrated gain control, aimed at cable TV front-end applications
2011-05-17 RF amplifier boasts ultra-small footprint
Avago Technologies unveils the VMMK-3xxx amplifiers, leveraging Avago WaferCap chip scale packaging (CSP) technology to offer an ultra-small footprint of 1x0.5x0.25mm.
2004-07-12 National amps eye professional, wideband video apps
National said it has launched the world's fastest amplifiers for professional and wideband video apps
2010-09-30 Microtune hits 7.5M milestone for wideband tuners
Microtune says wideband tuners "transforming" cable TV industry
2008-06-17 Linearity amplifier promises better signal fidelity
TI has introduced a dual-channel, high-speed current feedback amplifier that features 70 percent greater bandwidth gain at +2V/V than competitive devices
2009-06-11 GaN HEMT amplifier claims record efficiency
Cree Inc. claims to have achieved record efficiency for a commercially available 2GHz microwave amplifier
2005-06-29 Feedback amplifier combines high performance, low power
Designed to drive high-quality video, Intersil Corp.'s new ultra-wideband, low-power, four-channel current feedback amplifier features a slew rate of 5,000V/?s and 500MHz of gain bandwidth on all four channels
2011-10-26 Different ways of simulating wideband signals
Here are the alternatives for modulating and then upconverting wideband signals to their operational carrier frequencies
2002-12-11 A linear amplifier (1.6 - 2.8 MHz) for 8 W PEP in class-A with the BLF175
This application note describes a wideband linear amplifier intended for driver applications in SSB transmitters for the frequency range 1.6MHz to 28 MHz.
2001-04-03 900MHz-driver amplifier with the BFG425W
This application note presents an example of a driver amplifier using Philips Semiconductors BFG425W double poly-silicon wideband transistor for 900MHz frequency operation.
2001-04-03 900MHz low-noise amplifier with the BFG480W
This application note presents an example of a 900MHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) using Philips Semiconductors' BFG480W double poly-silicon wideband transistor.
2001-04-03 50W basestation power amplifier for DCS1800 and PCS1900
This application note describes a 50W modular base station power amplifier design for DCS1800 and PCS1900 by using the BLV2046 power transistor, which is driven by the BGY1816 or BGY1916 power modules and the BFG425W wideband transistor.
2001-04-03 400MHz low-noise amplifier with the BFG540W/X
This application note presents an example of a 400MHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) using the BFG540W/X silicon wideband transistor for CDMA mode of operation.
2001-04-03 2GHz buffer amplifier with the BFG410W
This application note presents an example of a 2GHz buffer amplifier using Philips Semiconductors' BFG410W double poly-silicon wideband transistor.
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