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2002-08-26 Transmeta processor certified for Windows CE.NET
Microsoft Corp. has certified Transmeta Corp.'s Crusoe processors for its Windows CE.NET OS.
2003-04-29 MIPS microprocessors featured in Windows CE .NET 4.2
MIPS Technologies Inc. has announced that the updated version of the Microsoft Windows CE.NET v4.2, includes support for 32- and 64-bit MIPS-based microprocessors.
2003-04-25 Microsoft unveils Windows CE.NET 4.2
Microsoft Corp. has rolled out Windows CE.NET 4.2, an embedded OS update aimed primarily at developers of STB, residential gateways, and VoIP.
2002-03-06 Java moves, Windows counters in auto market
Java technology, viewed only a few years ago as a laboratory curiosity by sectors of the car market, will grab the spotlight this week at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2002 World Congress and Digital Car Conference.
2002-01-07 ITE BSPs port to Windows CE.NET systems
Integrated Technology Express Inc. has introduced two Board Support Packages (BSPs) for IAs and networking devices.
2002-01-10 Hitachi to develop Windows CE.NET mobile devices
Hitachi Ltd has revealed plans to develop mobile devices employing the Windows CE.NET OS.
2004-03-30 Cypress announces Windows CE driver for embedded units
Cypress Semiconductor has announced a Windows CE driver for its EZ-Host and EZ OTG embedded host controllers
2002-02-20 CSR Bluetooth serial protocol incorporated into Windows CE.NET
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore serial protocol host controller interface transport protocol has been incorporated into the Windows CE.NET OS as part of the Bluetooth driver.
2002-08-19 eGalax introduces touchscreen controller
eGalax Inc. has introduced the availability of a touchscreen controller solution for the Win platform found in mobile devices such as PDAs, e-books, and TabletPCs
2002-08-01 Samsung launches embedded processor for wireless devices
Samsung Semiconductor Inc. is launching a line of embedded ARM-based application processors designed to work with Windows CE .NET v4.1.
2002-01-16 MIPS scores software support for its processors
Both Microsoft Corp. and Metrowerks Inc. announced this week that their software products would support the MIPS microprocessors of MIPS Technologies Inc.
2003-09-22 Microsoft, ARM team with eight more silicon vendors
Microsoft Corp. and ARM Ltd said they have added eight new companies to their list of silicon vendors developing ARM core solutions for Windows CE.NET.
2003-05-05 Microsoft rolls out new automotive platform
Microsoft solidified its telematics offering by releasing a new automotive software package that incorporates Bluetooth and speech recognition capabilities.
2002-01-14 Microsoft makes itself at home
Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates set the table for the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Monday night (Jan. 7), announcing the long-awaited commercial version of the firm's new CE OS.
2009-01-27 Touch panel computer targets factory automation
Axiomtek Co. Ltd's GOT-3571T is a compact and fanless touch panel computer featuring a 5.7-inch high brightness (400nits) VGA LCD with a resolution of 640pixels x 480pixels. This fanless unit is targeted for factory automation, machine maker operating systems, semiconductor and building automation.
2003-05-05 National Semiconductor technology used in ViewSonic processor
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced that its Geode technology has been designed into ViewSonic's NextVision N210.
2008-05-19 Microprocessor draws 80mW in full-power mode
Atmel has released its 400MHz AT91SAM9G20 ARM926EJ-S based embedded microprocessor that draws only 80mW in full-power mode with all peripherals turned on.
2002-03-18 Linux consortium slows to a waddle, critics say
Just as embedded Linux vendors gather momentum for their David-vs.-Goliath battle against the giants of the software industry, one company in their ranks has begun questioning whether their goal of a common platform specification is being realized quickly enough, or whether it is even worthwhile anymore.
2003-07-14 Jungo tool accelerates device development cycle
Jungo Software Technologies has announced that an evaluation version of its WinDriver development tool has been added to Cypress' EZ-USB kits.
2002-05-10 Intel unveils reference design for interactive consumer products
Intel Corp. has launched the Intel Media Center Reference Design intended to help hardware and software developers accelerate the development and production of interactive consumer products.
2005-11-28 HMIs for use with NI LabVIEW
National Instruments announced that engineers and scientists can use its new flat-panel touchscreen, touch-panel computer and panel PC HMIs with its LabVIEW graphical development environment to develop user interfaces.
2008-01-23 GUI MCU supports 'smart' control panel apps
Atmel has released the AT91SAM9RL64 MCU with high throughput and OS support to implement "smart" control panel applications that offers a robust interface to system control functions.
2003-02-06 Emblaze multimedia chip powers AlphaCell smartphone
AlphaCell Wireless Ltd has selected Emblaze Semiconductor Ltd's ER4521 multimedia chip to power its M5 smartphone.
2004-08-17 Embedded Linux gains on Microsoft, Wind River
Revenues from embedded Linux OSs, add-on components and related services is growing at the expense of proprietary systems from Microsoft Corp. and Wind River, a market research firm said on August 12, 2004.
2003-03-20 Conexant upgrades residential gateway processor
Conexant Systems has upgraded its processor for residential gateways, combining an ARM 9 core with hardware support for 3DES and USB 1.1.
2002-11-08 Avnet signs Product Development as service provider
Avnet Cilicon has announced the addition of Logic Product Development Co. to the Avnet Design Service Provider Program.
2002-10-17 ARM launches IP platform based on ARM11 cores
ARM Ltd has launched the ARM11 PrimeXsys Platform powered by the new ARM1136J-S microprocessor core.
2005-01-05 AMD unveils media processor, teams with TiVo for DVRs
AMD unveiled an SoC solution for portable media players that supports direct video content transfer to digital video recorders and scaling to DVD-quality displays.
2006-05-12 Adlink unveils enhanced, Ro-HS-compliant computer on module
Adlink released an RoHS-compliant version of its ETX computer on module that more than doubled the performance of its predecessor while maintaining minimal power consumption.
2006-08-16 6th ESC-Taiwan gathers world's leading embedded tool vendors
Design engineers in Taiwan will be treated to an array of leading-edge technologies as the world's major embedded tool suppliers gather to showcase their products at the 6th Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan.
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