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2002-05-09 Wireless LANs stand to gain from 3G delays
WLAN technology could become an unexpected beneficiary of the delayed rollout of 3G wireless services, analysts said
2005-01-14 Wireless infrastructure market heading for $201 billion by '09
Two soon-to-be-released reports on the wireless infrastructure market suggest the sector is growing but at a slow pace and still has some major restructuring in the pipeline
2002-11-25 Suppliers to add security features to wireless comm chips
Infineon Technologies AG has made a strategic decision to put security features into its wireless-modem chips
2003-11-12 Startup rolls test gear for wireless LANS
Touting scalability, repeatability and analysis, Azimuth Systems will launch a test gear suite that will fill the requirements of WLAN systems in a laboratory.
2005-06-08 Run VoIP through your wireless LAN
Before you run VoIP through WLAN, consider 802.11 MAC protocol issues where they intersect with VoIP protocols and handset power-save procedures
2000-02-16 Nokia Wireless LAN Products
Wireless LANs have gained popularity in niche areas during last few years as flexible data communications systems based on RF or spread spectrum technology, implemented as an extension to a wired LAN within a building or campus. This application note describes the WLAN and its current applications.
2003-07-17 NEC SiGE transistor powers wireless LANs
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices and NEC Electronics GmbH have released a SiGe bipolar transistor called the NESG3031.
2005-06-06 IEEE 802.11i and wireless security
IEEE's wireless security amendment adds stronger encryption, authentication, and key management strategies that go a long way toward guaranteeing data and system security
2002-10-28 Generating signals for wireless LANs, part I: IEEE 802.11b
This application note focuses on the use of IEEE 802.11b as a signal source, the technical aspects of the physical layers as well as details on configuring available signal sources.
2003-11-17 Cisco pushes WLANs, preps wireless-aware routers and switches
Cisco Systems Inc. launched new 802.11g wireless LAN access points and described plans to roll out wireless-aware routers and switches starting next year
2003-01-08 Chips support wireless video over home nets
The company is offering a companion IEEE 802.11a wireless comm processor that lets standards-based 802.11a hardware support wireless video
2000-05-03 CCK, the new IEEE 802.11 standard for 2.4 GHz wireless LANs
The IEEE 802.11 committee to implement Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) has adopted a new modulation CCK for 11Mbps rates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. This paper discusses the new CCK modulation scheme and the considerations that led to the adoption of this technique for the standard
2000-07-01 A technology primer on wireless LANs
Wireless LANs use infrared and RF transmission media to offer speeds of up to 11Mbps. The article highlights the status of IEEE 803.11 standard, basic building blocks and performance parameters such as mobility and security.
2012-02-14 Wireless mobile market stays on uphill ride
The global wireless platform market stood at $61.5 billion last year and is seen to reach $155.2 billion by 2016
2009-05-08 Wi-Fi backers draft 60GHz spec for wireless video
Five top Wi-Fi chipmakers have created the Wireless Gigabit Alliance that aims to release a specification for 60GHz networking at rates up to 6Gbit/s
2014-03-31 Platform secures wireless M2M for industrial wireless comms
FreeWave Technologies' WavePoint platform supports any network infrastructure, enabling remote video access, multiple Ethernet and allows serial devices to run simultaneously.
2003-03-03 The 800lb. gorilla in public W-LANs
Cometa Networks of AT&T, IBM, and Intel poses to be the largest and most influential public-access WLAN company - this can help in establishing the standards that will lead to unification of the public-access WAN industry.
2005-06-28 Winbond buys out NexFlash for code-flash play
Winbond Electronics Corp. has acquired serial flash maker NexFlash Technology Inc. for an undisclosed sum.
2007-02-14 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combos continue to spread
In the days leading up to the 3GSM World Congress, wireless chip makers unleashed a barrage of similar-sounding products for cellular handsets that offer simultaneous support for Bluetooth and WLANs
2004-08-16 Wi-Fi Alliance enlists testing labs
The Wi-Fi Alliance is rolling out several new testing laboratories that will cover regulatory compliance and product testing in Europe, Asia and the U.S.
2005-04-26 Test suite checks VoIP-over-WLANs
VeriWave's VoIP-over-WLAN Analysis Test Suite assesses voice-quality metrics of realworld VoIP over WLAN networks.
2004-12-15 Survey: WLAN becoming more pervasive in enterprises
Wireless LANs will become more pervasive in enterprises, according to a survey released by In-Stat/MDR.
2004-04-06 Sumitomo, Fujitsu consolidate compound chip operations
Fujitsu is combining the operations of its Quantum Devices group with the electronic devices division of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd into a joint venture company dubbed Eudyna Devices Inc.
2002-02-13 NewLogic releases IP core for WLAN
Consisting of an IEEE-compliant dual-band MAC core and 802.11a and 802.11b modem cores, the company's Wireless LAN IP for LSI Designs IP core is targeted for WLAN applications
2005-03-25 Mobile WLAN chips debut
Texas Instruments announced what it calls the first single-chip 802.11a/b/g offering in a 90nm CMOS process.
2003-07-02 Intersil partners with ViXS for video-over-WLANs
In an effort to enable the oxymoronic combination of high-quality video-over-wireless LANs, Intersil Corp. has partnered with ViXS Systems.
2004-06-22 Intel, Proxim partner on WiMax reference design
Intel Corp. and Proxim Corp. will collaborate to develop and deliver WiMAX solutions for fixed and portable broadband wireless access, the companies announced Thursday (June 17, 2004
2003-07-17 Indian companies continue push into Bluetooth market
Indian companies targeting niche technology development continue to push their Bluetooth efforts despite lingering doubts about business potentials.
2004-07-08 IEEE pushes WLANs to 'nth' degree
The IEEE 802.11n task group will start sorting through 61 proposals for next-generation WLANs in Portland, Oregon, next week.
2004-07-21 IEEE 802.3 forms residential Ethernet study group
With the backing of several consumer electronics manufacturers, the IEEE 802.3 committee has formed a study group Thursday (July 16, 2004) that will explore the need for an Ethernet specification for residential applications.
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