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2012-05-10 Qualcomm, Samsung pioneer wireless power group
The A4WP will focus on a new wireless power transfer technology that provides spatial freedom for charging electrical devices in cars, on table tops and for charging multiple devices simultaneously
2010-05-26 Qualcomm sets up new R&D center in Shanghai
Qualcomm has inaugurated its R&D Center in Shanghai, which is part of its ongoing efforts to both enhance local R&D capabilities for the increasingly important wireless communications market in China.
2010-06-29 Qualcomm helps improve Philippine wireless healthcare
The Philippines Department of Health, Tarlac Provincial Health Office and Qualcomm Inc., through its Wireless Reach initiative, have completed the Wireless Access for Health project's pilot phase
2011-11-10 Qualcomm buys its way to EV wireless charging
The firm acquired HaloIPT and its electric vehicle wireless charging capability based on a technology called inductive power transfer
2007-10-24 Proprietary wireless hi-fi tech beats Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Through pairing wireless and hi-fi audio, startup Avnera touts chipsets for wireless audio connections in the 2.4GHz band that outperform data-oriented wireless connections in range, freedom from interference, automatic network configuration and full CD-quality sound
2011-05-12 PLC chipset complies with IEEE(R) P1901.2 standard
Maxim's G3-PLC(TM) chipset provides prestandard compliance and claims to substantially reduce infrastructure costs over other narrowband approaches.
2007-08-20 Plan seeks wireless monitoring for New York bridges
Clarkson University researchers will make New York the first U.S. state with a 24/7 wireless bridge monitoring system
2007-03-12 picoChip steps up R&D, teams with Beijing University
picoChip, a multicore DSP provider, has established a wireless communications and networking lab with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and has followed that with the opening of a small design center in Beijing
2007-03-20 Paint protects in-building wireless data from hackers
EM-SEC Technologies announced it has developed a novel way to protect in-building wireless data from unauthorized incursions, block electromagnetic interference and reduce the threat of electronic eavesdropping
2007-09-12 One-box wireless networking test set targets mobile WiMAX
Agilent Technologies unveiled a wireless networking test set and OFDMA measurement application software, forming a complete one-box transmitter and receiver test solution for mobile WiMAX devices
2004-07-09 Omron RFID R/W compatible with UHF, HF bands
Omron has developed an RFID reader/writer compatible with both UHF (super-high frequency) and HF (13.56MHz) frequency bands.
2008-02-15 NXP steps up wireless business initiatives
NXP Semiconductors targets to bring clarity to its once-sprawling wireless business strategy under a new wireless business management
2007-07-26 NXP earmarks $124M for Singapore Wireless USB base
NXP has set aside $124 million to expand its Wireless USB technology base in Singapore
2005-02-23 Nvidia looks to India to expand media processor R&D
Nvidia Corp. is joining the rush by US and European companies to establish research and design operations in India.
2009-06-23 Nortel sells wireless unit to Nokia Siemens for $650M
Nokia Siemens Networks has agreed to acquire key assets from Nortel to strengthen its position in LTE and to expand its market presence in North America.
2009-10-07 Nortel puts GSM/GSM-R unit on sale
Nortel Networks Corp. announced plans to sell by "open auction" substantially all of its global GSM/GSM-R business
2010-07-08 Nokia transfers wireless modem biz to Renesas
Nokia will sell its wireless modem business to Renesas for about $200 million. The two companies plan to carry out long-term joint research on future radio technologies
2007-10-30 Nokia Siemens wins GSM-R contract in China
Nokia Siemens Networks has secured the GSM-R contract for China's Hefei-Nanjing passenger-dedicated line, a newly built high-speed passenger service network in the country
2007-12-13 Nokia Siemens locks in new GSM-R deal in China
Nokia Siemens Networks has again been selected to implement GSM-R in the newly commissioned Hefei-Wuhan Passenger-dedicated Line at the eastern section of Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu, China
2007-04-10 Nokia Siemens JV targets wireless, fixed comms arenas
Nokia Siemens Networks, the joint venture of Nokia and Siemens, eyes opportunities in both the wireless and fixed communications markets as it starts operations
2003-09-08 Next-gen printers: wireless, more versatile
The further development of printers will be in terms networking, integration, colorization and going wireless
2006-08-01 New test platform targets wireless networking
Agilent's new Connected Solutions Workbench enables system-level testing for wireless networking and cellular communications systems
2007-01-16 New materials expand wireless options
Designers of portable wireless products now have new tools, approaches and components that provide fresh trade-offs in the quest for a perfect antenna. Newer antenna designs and components give designers other options
2008-08-26 New batch of wireless wallets, anyone
Intel's People and Practices Research group has been for the last year pondering the electronic infrastructure needed to support a new generation of wireless wallets
2012-01-05 New 28nm platforms: Transforming Asia from world's factory to global R&D hub
The convergence of several long-term economic, market and technological trends are driving demand for a new class of devices that combine the capacity and customizability of ASICs, flexibility of FPGAs and cost effectiveness of ASSPs.
2003-01-29 NEDI to invest in R&D, production for SAW devices
Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute will invest $18.14 million in a new R&D and production base for surface-mount SAW devices
2003-01-20 Nam Tai invests in wireless solution company
Nam Tai Electronics Inc. has subscribed for a 25 percent shareholding in Alpha Star Investments Ltd, a wireless tech firm
2005-08-24 Motorola to expand R&D, cellphone thrust in India
Motorola Inc. said it plans to add 1,000 more employees to its R&D efforts in India and vowed to become a more aggressive player in the cellphone market
2002-11-12 Motorola to establish R&D campus in India
A 280,000-square feet campus is being setup for the Motorola Global Software Group to integrate its two existing centers in Bangalore under one roof and address its expansion plans over the next few years.
2011-09-07 Mosaid buys 2,000 wireless patents
Mosaid has acquired Core Wireless, integrating the patents previously filed by Nokia, and expanding its wireless portfolio
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