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2009-09-01 Newport Digital boosts RFID in Taiwan
Newport Digital Technologies has tied up with Taiwan's III and ITRI to distribute their RFID devices.
2007-11-01 New tech complex gears HKSTP for the future
Pushing toward Hong Kong's vision to transform into a knowledge-based economy and become the region's R&D center, the HKSTP unveiled its Phase II complex in September
2005-01-05 New products dictate industry growth
The IC industry's growth depends on new and exciting products that will be rolled out in the market.
2002-08-16 Netplane seeks funding, weighs spin-off options
Netplane Systems Inc. is looking for funding or a partnership with another company just one month after Mindspeed Technologies decided to divest the business in a cost-cutting measure.
2004-05-17 Near-field magnetic comms emerges
What makes NFMC a compelling alternative to RF is the unique attenuation property of the magnetic field.
2013-03-19 Murata Electronics considers RF for MEMS
The Finnish MEMS-making subsidiary of Murata is looking at how it can utilise RF technologies to pursue wireless sensor network markets
2009-12-29 Multi-point HD audio chip handles up to 10 devices
Avnera Corp. has developed what claims is the first multi-point to multi-point wireless audio chip that enables up to 10 devices to send and receive wireless HD audio
2010-10-08 MTI, RadioComp ink equity, IP agreement
MTI acquires RadioComp ApS' equity and intellectual property for a total of $11.53 million. RadioComp will be then considered by MTI as a 100 percent subsidiary.
2006-06-20 Motorola, Marvell eye expansion of Israeli operations
Motorola Inc. is in negotiations with Israeli government departments concerning the expansion of its operations in Israel.
2008-04-16 Mobile firms join forces on LTE IPR licensing
Wireless companies have entered a mutual commitment to establish predictable and more transparent maximum aggregate costs for licensing IPR that relate to 3GPP LTE/SAE
2014-10-07 MindStream unveils world's smallest wearable mouse
The ThumbTrack offers an incredibly responsive 1200DPI, with a single charge of the onboard battery lasting up to 15 hours; seven days on standby.
2011-07-27 Mindspeed buys IPG assets
Mindspeed has announced its acquisition of IPG, enhancing its position in the mobile infrastructure sector.
2011-02-25 Millimeter-sized processor unveiled
The millimeter-sized, all-in-one processor is designed for use in wireless sensor networks, remote surveillance and other applications requiring on-chip trackable smarts
2002-06-24 Micro medical devices could transform health care
Wireless microsystems promise "spectacular advances in health care" for the blind, deaf and epileptic and those suffering with Parkinson's and heart disease, a celebrated pioneer in the field of MEMS maintains
2007-11-06 Metal-insulator tech drives down cost of 60GHz WPAN
By switching to metal-insulator electronicswhich can be fabricated on standard CMOS lines atop ultracheap plastic substratesMotorola reports being able to drive down the cost of 60GHz WPAN to rival that of semiconductors.
2007-03-06 MEMS switch touts 26GHz operation
MEMS switch maker TeraVicta Technologies is announcing a 26.5GHz spdt MEMS switch, claimed to be the world's fastest.
2010-12-22 MediaTek seeks growth outside China
The fabless chip vendor is working to expand beyond China's low-end markets and garner design wins in higher-end handsets in India and North America.
2013-08-01 Maximising sub-1GHz spectrum for IoT
Learn how to take advantage of the expanded number of sub-1GHz channels available in the new IEEE 802.15.4 standard to build for ZigBee / 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, and high-speed ISM networks.
2002-01-03 Lucent expands investment in China
Lucent Technologies has increased its investment in Qingdao, China, by about $20 million. The investment is expected to facilitate the establishment of Qingdao as Lucent's global manufacturing base.
2011-10-10 Low-power SoC touts 10.2pJ/cycle at 0.54V
ST's 32bit microprocessor SoC is designed for medical, wireless sensor networks and mobile applications
2003-01-07 Low-cost China pushes Taiwan to consider alternatives
As the distinction blurs between Made in Taiwan and Made in China, a slogan has risen in Taiwan that captures the challenge of its future: innovalue.
2010-06-10 LEDs to transmit data, too?
With enough advance work, new LED light fixtures could also be wired into the network backbone, accomplishing wireless communications to any device without burdening the crowded RF bands
2003-10-02 Kyocera sets up subsidiary in India
Kyocera Wireless Corp., a manufacturer of CDMA wireless phones, has established a new subsidiary in Bangalore, India
2002-10-15 Japan tackles high-definition storage, transmission
The Japanese goverment has announced the e-Japan initiative to enable the country to catch and surpass the U.S. and South Korea in broadband.
2002-03-05 Intel reveals long-term goals for silicon photonics, sensors
Intel Corp. chief technology officer Patrick Gelsinger has revealed several research breakthroughs that extend the reach of silicon devices in his keynote address Thursday (Feb. 28) at the Intel Developer Forum.
2013-10-25 Intel invests in Singaporean cloud, mobile software start-ups
Intel Capital funnels $65 million into sixteen start-ups including Singaporean firms CloudFS and Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Services.
2011-02-03 Intel improves revenue targets despite chip error
Intel expects 1Q 2011 revenue of $11.7 billion, up from previous projection of $11.5 billion. 2011 revenue growth percentage could be in the mid-to high teens, from prior expectation of about 10 percent.
2002-08-29 Intel forming home networking industry group
Intel Corp. will announce the details of a cross-industry working group on home networking at the Intel Developer Forum next month.
2002-02-08 Intel eyes robotic-controller sockets for Xscale
Intel Corp. may have uncovered a new direction for its chip-making expertise: low-power, high-performance robotic controllers.
2002-09-13 Intel devices to advance digital perspective
Intel SVP Mike Fister and EVP Sean Maloney explained how a modular IT infrastructure with mixed-wired and wireless communications capabilities will generate lower operating costs and increase system flexibility
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