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What is SSC?
Spread-spectrum clocking (SSC) is used in some synchronous digital systems to reduce the spectral density of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that these systems generate.Most electronic devices today are equipped with a local oscillator that continuously generates a clock signal for other synchronous components to use. This signal may be transmitted in the form of EMI to other devices. SSC attempts to vary the signal or "tone" around the desired frequency. Doing this constantly causes the power of the tone to be "spread" out over a broader band of tight frequencies centred at the desired tone.
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2002-05-24 WSC details policy recommendations at annual meeting
The World Semiconductor Council ended its sixth annual meeting in Newport Beach, California, with the issuance of a joint statement by the five member associations.
2004-05-19 World Semiconductor Council tackles IP protection
Firing an apparent warning shot across China's bow, the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) Thursday, May 13, 2004, addressed several policy issues, including intellectual property, the environment and trade.
2006-06-19 CSIA to apply for World Semiconductor Council
The China Semiconductor Industry Association has accepted an invitation to apply for membership in the World Semiconductor Council.
2007-10-26 SIA welcomes international effort vs. counterfeiting
SIA has issued a statement lauding the announcement by U.S. Trade Rep. Susan C. Schwab that the United States, Canada, the European Commission, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland would initiate negotiations on an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
2012-05-28 SIA drafts global tariff policy
"We were able to agree that for the good of the industry and the growth of the semiconductor industry we should petition respective governments to eliminate tariffs all chips including multichip packages," said Brian Toohey, president of the SIA.
2011-06-07 Global chip industry surpasses PFCs emission target
The global chip industry has cut total PFCs emissions by 32 percent over a 10-year period and will implement state-of-the-art practices at new fabs to reduce normalized emissions by 30 percent in 2020.
2006-06-20 China reportedly calls for chip cooperation with U.S.
Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan has called for more semiconductor industry cooperation between the United States and China, adding that China would increase IP rights protections, according to a Xinhua report carried by the People's Daily.
2014-09-05 China plots global chip domination
A group of Chinese investors, which include a state-owned firm, offered a buyout proposal to U.S. digital imaging chipmaker OmniVisiona move that will allow China instant access to the global market.
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