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2000-06-28 XC3000 series technical information
This application note contains additional information that may be of use when designing with the XC3000 series of FPGA devices. This information supplements the data sheets, and is provided for guidance only.
2000-06-27 Multiplexers and barrel shifters in XC3000/XC3100
This application note provides guidance for implementing high-performance multiplexers and barrel shifters in XC3000 LCA devices.
2000-06-27 Design migration from XC2000/XC3000 to XC5200
This application note reviews the differences between the XC5200 and XC2000/XC3000 families, recommends approaches for converting XC2000/XC3000 designs to the XC5200 architecture, and provides a methodology to migrate designs easily in multiple CAE environments.
2000-06-27 Xilinx FPGAs: A technical overview for the first-time user
This application note introduces the reader to the various Xilinx product families' logic components and provides a general overview of what the logic components within the devices are used for.
1999-10-09 Metastable Recovery
This paper deals with the XC4000 and XC3000-series flip-flops and how they perform well in metastable conditions for MSI and PLDs.
2000-06-22 Implementing state machines in LCA devices
This application note discusses various approaches that are available for implementing state machines in LCA devices. In particular, the one-hot-encoding scheme for medium-sized state machines is discussed.
2000-06-26 Harmonic Frequency Synthesizer and FSK Modulator
This application note discusses a harmonic frequency synthesizer, that uses an accumulator technique to generate frequencies that are evenly spaced harmonics of some minimum frequency, and an FSK modulator, which provides a modification of the harmonic frequency synthesizer and automatically switches between two frequencies in accordance with an NRZ input.
2000-06-29 Frequency/Phase comparator for phase-locked loops
This application note describes a phase comparator that permits PLLs to be constructed using LCA devices, which only require an external VCO and integrating amplifier.
2000-06-27 FPGA configuration guidelines
This application note discusses FPGA configuration guidelines that describe the configuration process for all members of the XC2000, XC3000, XC4000 and XC5200 FPGA devices and their derivatives.
2000-06-28 Dynamic reconfiguration
This application note describes the procedures for reconfiguring the more traditional Xilinx FPGAs of the XC3000, XC4000, and XC5200 families.
2000-06-23 Configuring mixed FPGA daisy chains
This application note demonstrates how to configure the XC2000, XC3000, XC4000 and XC5200 FPGAs in a common daisy-chain structure.
2000-06-28 Configuration issues: Power-up, volatility, security, battery back-up
This application note covers several related configuration subjects including: the power up details of Xilinx FPGAs; Xilinx FPGA reaction to power-supply glitches; danger of picking up erroneous data and configuration; ways to maintain configuration during loss of primary power; and ways to secure a design against illegal reverse engineering.
2000-06-28 Choosing a Xilinx product family
This application note describes the various Xilinx product families. Differences between the families are highlighted. The focus of the discussion is how to choose the appropriate family for a particular application.
2000-06-22 Ultra-fast synchronous counters
This application note discusses the implementation of a fully synchronous, non-loadable, binary counter by using the XC4000 and XC3000 FPGA designs.
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