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2004-05-18 Xenon strobe flash empowers next-gen camera phones
Aiming for a more practical approach to generate high-quality pictures from cellphones, Linear Technology Corp. has enabled the use of high-quality Xenon strobe flash in camera phones to replace the limited illumination of LEDs, and improve the requirement of cameras to be closer to the subject for clearer pictures.
2008-04-21 Xenon flash application design based on NCP5080 integrated with IGBT driver and photo sense function
This paper presents how to design Xenon flash application based on NCP5080 which is a high voltage boost driver integrated with IGBT driver, photo sense function, thermal shutdown, transformer primary side current limit and flash control input.
2008-04-17 Utilizing a white LED driver to cost-effectively drive power-limited xenon flashes in digital cameras, camera Phones
This paper depicts the basics of the xenon concept and details a typical low power/low cost flash application.
2007-07-11 Ultramini LED replaces Xenon lamps in digicam flash
Seoul Semiconductor has launched a super-bright, ultramini flash LED that it says will replace Xenon lamps that are typically used as flash light sources in digicams or 5Mpixel camera phones.
2002-01-16 Nam Kong Xenon flash tubes suit high-speed image-processing apps
The company has rolled out a line of Xenon flash tubes that produce high-intensity output, making them suitable for high-speed image-processing applications.
2007-08-13 Gate driver powers automotive Xenon lamps
Micronix has developed the MX6895, a high-voltage, full-bridge gate driver for high-intensity discharge automotive Xenon lamps.
2012-07-11 Zplasma in talks with ASML to develop EUV
EUV startup Zplasma has been in talks with several companies in hopes making a collaboration to develop a prototype source module.
2002-05-27 Welch Allyn halogen lamps last longer
The miniature high-pressure xenon (HPX) halogen lamps from Welch Allyn Inc. are claimed to burn whiter and last three times longer than standard incandescent lamps.
2013-06-27 SPTS purchases Xactix to expand etch sol'ns
SPTS now supports release technologies for silicon/molybdenum/germanium and silicon oxide sacrificial layers that eliminate "stiction" among moving parts that can disable precision MEMS devices.
2006-06-01 Implement LED flash in camera phones
The most daunting task facing camera phone makers today is the addition of a small light source that won�t rapidly drain handset battery life.
2008-05-09 Flash capacitor chargers tout output circuit protection
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8685 series of xenon photoflash capacitor chargers with an integrated switching FET, IGBT driver, and output short- and open-circuit protection.
2002-08-30 Amkor, PMC-Sierra begin 2G flip-chip production
Amkor Technology Inc. and PMC-Sierra have released for production its jointly developed second generation flip-chip packaging solutions.
2004-01-19 64-bit Linux speeds IC design tool
ReShape is reporting significant speed and capacity increases for its PD Optimizer tool suite on 64-bit Opteron and Athlon processors running Linux.
2014-07-24 Researchers embed InAs crystals into Si nanowires
The hybrid nanowires are produced by implantation and annealing, which are carried out using ion beam synthesis and heat treatment with xenon flash-lamps.
2005-09-19 Chip charges xenons in a flash
Allegro's new photoflash capacitor charger ICs, which comprise a flyback converter with an internal 40V DMOS switch and IGBT driver, provide a highly integrated solution for Xenon photoflash, digital camera, and camera phone apps.
2013-06-26 Xbox 360 E mimics predecessor
Xbox 360 E adopts Xbox One's looks and may have cured Red Ring of Death, says teardown team at iFixit.
2015-04-06 Using ISO26262 compliant MEMS for automotive apps
Engineers developing safety functions using MEMS will need to make sure that their designs comply with the ISO26262 standard.
2002-03-19 TRW demonstrates advanced EUV light source
A TRW Inc. division said Thursday (March 14) that it and Sandia National Laboratories have conducted a lithography demonstration using a extreme ultraviolet light source.
2005-10-17 Three new power ICs from TI
Texas Instruments announced three new products, including the TPS61059 single-cell white LED driver, the TPS65552A photo-flash capacitor charger, and the TPS65520 13-channel power management IC.
2008-03-18 Simplifying movable-headlamp motor control
Using LIN-enabled smart micro-stepper motor drivers lets designers perform intelligent system partitioning and simplifies complex multi-axis real-time programming.
2013-02-13 Resistors tout ohmic values down to 1?
The MCW 0406 AT Precision resistors from Vishay feature high-temperature performance to 155C and high power dissipation of 250mW at an ambient temperature of 70C.
2010-01-07 Ready for Google Nexus One?
The new Google Nexus One phone is made by HTC and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor running Google's Android OS. T-Mobile is Google's designated wireless carrier.
2008-01-28 OSRAM powers Cadillac LED headlights
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors announced its OSTAR Headlamp LED powered the headlights of the Cadillac Escalade Platinum sports utility vehicle (SUV).
2002-04-12 Microscope probes atomic wave functions
A team of Dutch and French researchers has built a microscope that can see atomic wave functions.
2009-05-11 LED flash drivers offer design optimization
CAP-XX Ltd is introducing supercapacitor-optimized LED flash drivers from several power management IC companies to optimize the design of high-power LED flash units for high-resolution camera phones and digital cameras.
2009-06-29 LED flash driver suits ultraslim phones
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP5680 supercapacitor-optimized LED flash driver capable of delivering up to 10A for photo flash and video light in ultra-slim camera phones and compact digital cameras.
2011-01-17 LDLS tips maximum brightness
Energetiq's newest laser-driven light source features an ellipsoidal collector to deliver ultra-high brightness UV-VIS-NIR light to a standard SMA fiber coupling.
2013-08-14 Lamp inrush current computation for switch usage
Read about the transient over-current protection for the Generation III eXtreme Switch family of devices when used with automotive lighting applications.
2003-09-04 Japan plays catch-up on EUV lithography
A consortium of nine Japanese companies working on extreme-ultraviolet lithography says it is making steady progress toward a spring 2006 target for fielding an alpha tool that would provide 10W of EUV output power.
2008-08-25 ISP companion chip is rich in features
Aptina Imaging offers its new image signal processor (ISP) companion chip, MT9S311.
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