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2001-06-07 Interfacing the 400kHz X24129 serial EEPROM to the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller
This application note demonstrates how the Xicor X24129 serial EEPROM can be interfaced to the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller family.
2001-06-07 Interfacing the 400kHz X24128 serial EEPROM to 8051 microcontrollers
This application note demonstrates how the Xicor X24128 serial EEPROM can be interfaced to the Motorola 8051 microcontroller family.
2001-06-12 Interfacing 2-wire serial memories to Hitachi H8/3000 microcontrollers
This application note demonstrates how the Xicor X24165/645 family of serial EEPROMs can be interfaced to the Hitachi H8/3000 microcontroller family.
2003-05-12 Improving System Performance through Intelligent Power Management
This document outlines steps on how to improve system performance through intelligent power management.
2001-06-12 Improving analog signal monitors with XDCPs
This application note describes a unique implementation for the Xicor X9241 Digitally Controlled Potentiometers (XDCPs) in a process control or process monitoring environment.
2001-06-12 Evaluation circuits for XDCP
This application note features some simple circuit schematics that an engineer can build in order to quickly evaluate any of Xicor's digitally controlled potentiometers.
2001-06-07 Design issues in high-speed SPI (HSSPI) serial EEPROM
This application note discusses the implementation of systems based on various microcontrollers that are capable of 5MHz sustained throughput on the SPI bus.
2003-05-12 Design Issues In High Speed SPI (HSPI) Serial EEPROM
This application note discusses the implementation of Serial EEPROMs on various microcontrollers which are capable of 5MHz sustained throughput on the SPI bus.
2003-05-12 Automated Linearization of Sensor Circuits
This document will describe techniques using the X4023x family of devices to automate linearization of a temperature sensor and pressure sensor circuit.
2003-05-12 Audio Xcellence: XDCP Signal Integrity Report (Audio Characterization Report)
This document outlines a process of testing the signal integrity of Xicor's digitally-controlled potentiometer (XDCP) devices.
2003-05-12 Advanced Mixed-Signal-Approach for Modern HVAC Systems
This application note demonstrates a cost effective Advanced Mixed-Signal Approach for modern HVAC systems.
2001-06-08 A primer on digitally controlled potentiometers
This application note is intended to provide the design engineer with the fundamentals of the operation and application of digitally controlled potentiometers.
2000-06-07 24C01A Compatibility Issue and Its Mobility for Memory Upgrade
This application note refers to the Microchip part as the 24C01A and the Xicor part as the X24C01. It is intended to assist in designing a memory subsystem that is compatible with either device.
2000-03-01 Taking new stabs at programmable analog
Programmable logic has some traditional advantages over ASIC design. The gate count of FPGAs approaches that of custom circuits. FPGAs can be programmed?and re-programmed?out in the field, enabling fast time to market. ASICs, in comparison, need careful attention to layout and fabrication technology. It can take anywhere from six weeks to two years (depending on the complexity of the circuit) to get an ASIC working properly.
2004-12-13 Panasonic LK-RS300U previews free-form imaging
Handheld USB scanner Panasonic LK-RS300U combines processor, sensor technologies to deliver digital rubbings.
2004-08-30 Intersil expands ISL60002 family
Intersil has unveiled new 1.25V and 2.5V additions to its line of ultra low power precision voltage references.
2004-08-30 Intersil and Digi-Key sign distribution agreement
Analog semiconductor supplier Intersil Corp. has signed an agreement with electronics distributor Digi-Key Corp. to distribute its products through its catalogues and websites worldwide.
2002-02-07 Catalyst Semiconductor digital potentiometer offers 1 percent resolution
The CAT5111 and CAT5113 digital potentiometers are designed to replace mechanical potentiometers and trimmers in systems requiring automated or self-calibration.
2010-07-12 Analysis: Can Intersil make it big in analog?
Intersil Corp. has made some moves to break out of the pack and become the next $1 billion wonder in analog, but many wonder if the chipmaker is a contender or a mere pretender?
2002-10-16 Adaptive biasing offsets temp drift
The solution that will compensate for thermal drift and thereby increase system reliability and performance is adaptive biasing.
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