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Xignal What is an RF signal generator? Search results

What is an RF signal generator?
A device that generates repeating RF signals and used in testing and repairing electronic devices.
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2004-04-16 Xignal tips 'virtual IC' business model
The virtual IC approach will give OEMs and suppliers full design support by shifting expenses from front-end fees to back-loaded royalties.
2004-03-09 Xignal program reduces upfront licensing costs
Xignal Technologies is jumping the gun in the analog and mixed-signal business arena with the announcement of a new virtual partnership program.
2004-10-18 Smallest transceiver saves big in power
The XT38720 has the smallest active foot print area of 4mm? and expends ultra low-power consumption of only 350mW.
2007-02-05 National acquires data converter developer
Boosting its position in the data conversion market, National Semiconductor Corp. has acquired Xignal Technologies AG.
2006-03-06 Design kits accelerate evaluation of ADCs
Xignal Technologies has announced availability of evaluation kits, dubbed XT11EVAL, that support the XT11200 (12bit) and XT11400 (14bit), 40MHz ADCs.
2006-03-01 Cut power consumption for high-speed apps with ADC architectures
CT ADC technology shatters conventional wisdom in delivering dynamic range applications.
2004-09-20 CMOS XFI interface rolled out
Xignal's CMOS XFI library element with optional limiting amp is for designers that wish to use the XFI interface for both the optical and electrical side of an XFP transceiver module.
2005-11-15 ADCs break power barrier
2004-07-01 SONET CMOS transceiver hits 10Gbps
Xignal develops a single-chip full-rate 4:1 Serdes chip consuming <1W in a standard 0.13?m CMOS technology.
2007-03-16 Use CT delta-sigma ADCs to cut down power consumption
Continuous time delta-sigma ADC technology shatters the conventional wisdom that pipeline ADCs are the only conversion technique available for high-speed, dynamic range applications.
2003-11-04 Future is bright for Asia's comms market
For the past three years, there has been a slowdown in the global communications IC segment. While the West is recovering from the downturn, the Asia Pacific rim is beefing up its role in the industrial turnaround.
2004-07-01 CMOS wireless looks to 60GHz devices
Broadband wireless in the 60GHz band is challenging designers to develop low-cost CMOS devices in the microwave region.
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