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What does CSP stand for?
CSP stands for chip scale package or chip size package. It is a chip housing that is slightly larger than the chip itself.
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2003-06-11 Sun to optimize Java for Intel's Xscale
Sun Microsystems and Intel have agreed on a deal in which Sun will optimize its Java platform for Intel's Xscale-based silicon.
2002-03-01 LSI Logic RAID storage adapter incorporates Intel's XScale technology
Designed with an MD2 form-factor, the PCI-X SCSI RAID storage adapter from LSI Logic incorporates Intel's IOP321 I/O processor that is based on the XScale technology.
2002-03-01 Intel XScale-based processor targets wireless devices
The PXA250 and PXA210 application processors are designed based on Intel's XScale technology, and are targeted for use in wireless portable devices such as cellphones, PDAs, and telematics systems.
2002-04-16 Intel puts Xscale into Mira smart-display design
Intel Corp. has announced a reference design kit for a range of smart wireless displays that uses an Intel Xscale processor and Microsoft Corp.'s Mira technology.
2002-02-14 Intel launches first Xscale to fire up PDA sector
Intel Corp. rolled out the first chips based on its vaunted Xscale architecture. Weighing in at 400MHz and 200MHz, the devices are expected to spice up a PDA market that analysts say is suffering from lack of differentiation, poor wireless connectivity, low horsepower and a dearth of true productivity applications.
2002-02-08 Intel eyes robotic-controller sockets for Xscale
Intel Corp. may have uncovered a new direction for its chip-making expertise: low-power, high-performance robotic controllers.
2002-03-05 Cell phone chips integrate DSP, Xscale processor
Integrated baseband chips are being developed for 2.5G and 3G cell phones that merge Intel Corp.'s 400MHz PXA250 Xscale processor, 400MHz Micro Signal Architecture DSP and enough on-board Flash to handle all DSP and applications code.
2005-07-19 Buck regulator suits Intel xScale microprocessor core voltage apps
Using an onboard I?C interface, the output voltage of Linear Tech's new LTC3447 regulator can be set between 0.69V and 2.05V using an internal 6bit DAC.
2004-02-23 ARC kit supports ColdFire, PowerPC, XScale
The USB Host and Device Software Developers' Kits from ARC International supports a variety of platforms.
2003-09-25 Wolfson software driver supports audio codec devices
Designers of mobile communication devices incorporating Wolfson Microelectronics' audio components now have access to a selection of software drivers to support five new processor families.
2005-10-07 TI power conversion chip targets OMAP-based mobile handsets
Texas Instruments has unveiled a power conversion IC that supports power supply requirements for OMAP-based mobile handsets and XScale-based multimedia devices.
2002-05-14 TCL teams up with Intel to develop wireless PDAs
TCL Mobile Communications Co. Ltd and Intel Corp. have signed a cooperation agreement under which TCL will develop next-generation smart OMITs, using application processors based on Intel's XScale technology and Intel Strata Flash memory.
2006-12-04 Scalable app processors target wireless handhelds
Marvell has launched its first family of application processors based on Intel's XScale Technology. The PXA3xx series are aimed at such applications as feature handsets, smartphones, GPS navigation systems, wireless handhelds and other consumer electronic devices.
2005-04-21 RTOS protects memory in dynamically loaded programs
Enea Embedded Technology has released v5.1 of its OSE real-time operating system for the ARM, Xscale, PPC and MIPS architectures.
2005-05-04 QuickLogic rolls programmable controller for Intel PXA2XX line
QuickLogic introduced a programmable controller optimized for the Intel PXA2XX processor line based on Intel Corp.'s XScale technology.
2003-06-16 Powering next-gen multimedia apps with OMAP processor
OMAP's dual-core architecture is TI's answer in empowering a single device for next-generation multimedia applications.
2002-09-05 Philips, Intel partner to develop multimedia platform
Royal Philips Electronics and Intel Corp. have collaborated to create a new digital multimedia reference platform called Pronto++ Software & Systems.
2005-08-08 Packages pave low-cost way to customize Linux
With a price tag of $499, the Built-to-Spec Custom Linux Distributions from TimeSys are designed to give developers a low-cost way to customize Linux to meet their design's unique feature, footprint and processor requirements.
2005-01-10 National FlexPMU with 12 power domains
National rolled out the first in a new family of dynamically programmable products for powering advanced app and comm processors based on ARM technology.
2006-08-01 MobileMedia framed for Windows
Nvidia Corp., recently unveiled its MobileMedia Platform for handheld devices that use Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0.
2004-12-13 Microprocessor power supply with PowerPath
Linear Tech unveiled a compact, high efficiency xScale microprocessor power supply in a 4-by-4mm QFN package.
2006-09-05 Maxim rolls PMICs for Intel Monahans processors
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8660 and MAX8661 high efficiency PMICs designed specifically for Intel Monahans.
2012-10-29 Marvell prepared for coming 'super-integration era'
Weili Dai stressed in an interview that Marvell is ready for the coming "super-integration era" of storage, connectivity, video, 3D graphics and modem technologies.
2004-12-17 Linear Tech power supply eyes Li-ion battery-powered apps
Linear Tech introduced a compact, high efficiency xScale microprocessor power supply in a 4-by-4mm QFN package.
2004-11-23 Jungo debuts OpenRG for Linux residential gateway apps
Jungo released an open Linux development platform for residential gateway applications, optimized for Intel's iXDPG425 network gateway reference platform.
2005-02-18 Intel, partners put their trust in Bulverde for secure mobile transactions
Intel Corp. has been shipping to selected customers a version of its Bulverde XScale-based applications processor for mobile devices that includes a hardware security block based on Trusted Computing Modules,
2006-06-06 Intel's comm-chip business up for sale
Intel Corp. has put several of its loss-ridden communications-chip businesses on the block, including its network processors, XScale chip lines and other products.
2003-02-14 Intel unveils Internet-on-a-chip processor
Intel Corp.'s "Internet-on-a-chip" device features the integration trifecta of an Xscale processor, DSP, and Flash memory.
2002-09-11 Intel to power SONICblue's latest product
SONICblue Inc. has collaborated with Intel Corp. in developing its latest ReplayTV Portable Video Player, a new product that will allow people to enjoy digital entertainment on the move.
2003-02-28 Intel ships network processor for SOHO, SME markets
The company has announced the availability of a line of network processors targeting the wired and wireless requirements of SOHO and SME environments.
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