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2002-03-14 Yageo, National Semiconductor, Infineon showcase products at electronicChina 2002
In an effort to tap the emerging China market, Taiwan passive components supplier Yageo Corp., analog device maker National Semiconductor Corp., and Infineon Technologies AG's Power-Management Division are showcasing their latest products and technologies at this year's electronicChina 2002 exhibit.
2003-05-13 Yageo VP predicts sluggish demand from mainland China
Shal-Ling Yu, VP of Industrial Global from Yageo Corp. predicts shipments from mainland China will decrease starting Q3 of this year because of the SARS crisis.
2003-11-28 Yageo to invest on second offshore plant
Taiwan maker Yageo Corp. will invest between $40M to $59M for the construction of its second offshore plant in Suzhou, China next year.
2002-09-30 Yageo to introduce 500-layer MLCCs
Yageo Corp. has announced that it will be introducing 500-layer, high-capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors targeted at replacing aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
2004-01-13 Yageo to install MLCC line for mobile phones this year
Yageo Corp. has announced plan to install a production line for multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) designed for mobile phones at its manufacturing plants in Taiwan and Netherlands this year.
2003-11-12 Yageo to increase investment in mainland China
Yageo Corp., a supplier of passive components products and services, has expanded its investment plan in mainland China.
2004-12-02 Yageo shifts production MLCC to Asia
Capacitor maker Yageo Corp. plans to transfer half of its multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) production from Europe to Asia starting next year.
2002-11-21 Yageo releases multi-value capacitor array
Yageo Corp. has released a range of multi-value capacitor array that provides multiple capacitance values within a single 0602 surface-mount package.
2002-10-16 Yageo offers 433MHz, 870MHz miniature antenna
Yageo Corp. has announced the availability of a 433MHz and 870MHz miniature antenna suitable for use in low-data transfer and unidirectional wireless apps.
2002-11-04 Yageo MLCC suits dc motor, data line apps
Designed for high-speed data line filtering apps, Yageo's X2Y series of MLCCs is available with capacitance values from 10pF to 1?F.
2002-03-27 Yageo inks passive components deal with eMachine
Taiwan-based Yageo Corp. has signed a one year strategic supplier agreement with U.S.-based computer and telecom vendor eMachine.
2004-11-25 Yageo enters NT$2.5B deal for passive component boost
Seeking to expand its medium- and long-term passive component manufacturing arm, Yageo Corp. recently entered a NT$2.5 billion ($77.08 million at NT$32.44:$1) syndicated loan financed by ten banks.
2003-06-11 Yageo delays production in Suzhou plant
Passive component maker Yageo Corp. has postponed its production operations in Suzhou, mainland China to Q4 this year instead of last month.
2002-05-20 Yageo builds second offshore factory in Suzhou
Taiwan-based Yageo Corp. is constructing its second offshore factory in Suzhou, China, to meet the increasing demand for its multilayer chip capacitors.
2005-07-04 Yageo begins construction of second plant in Suzhou
A large passive component maker, Yageo Corp., recently started the first-phase construction of its second plant in Suzhou, mainland China.
2002-05-09 Rigid-flex PCB, passive component prices to remain steady
According to C. C. Tung, vice chairman of Compeq Mfg Co. Ltd, the prices of rigid-flex PCBs and passive components will not increase this year.
2004-08-20 MLCC price erosion expected
Market glut is forcing Taiwan MLCC makers to drop their prices this quarter. Japan-invested Yageo Corp. is expecting prices to fall by 4 to 8 percent this quarter, while Murata Mfg Co. Ltd anticipates a 2.5 percent drop.
2004-05-05 Makers raise production targets amid rosy forecast
Global production of capacitors is predicted to continue its upward trend through the next four years, according to estimates from Paumanok.
2006-12-12 LTCC balanced bandpass filter suits demanding RF apps
Yageo has announced the launch of an LTCC balanced bandpass filter targeting today's increasingly demanding RF applications.
2009-03-11 FM chip antenna fits mobile apps
Yageo Corp. has announced a miniature 2405 FM chip antenna for mobile applications. The 2405 FM chip antenna is set to replace external connection mechanism of traditional FM antenna with built-in capability in mobile devices.
2002-04-19 eMachines forms alliance with Taiwan suppliers
eMachines has formed four strategic purchasing alliances with several partners in Taiwan, namely Sampo and Yageo Groups, First Int. Computer Inc. and SmartASIC Technology Inc.
2009-11-20 Thick-film resistors achieve 50ppm/C TCR
Yageo Corp. has released the RE precision thick-film resistors with a lower temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and an improved precision tolerance ratio.
2008-10-03 Coupling chip antenna eyes micro comms apps
Yageo Corp releases what it claims is the industry's smallest 5320 coupling chip antenna featuring low sensitivity to environment interference as well as less stray capacitance.
2009-09-03 Ceramic antenna touts 90% signal transmission efficiency
Yageo Corp. is offering the 3216 PIFA ceramic antenna catering to compact mobile device applications.
2010-11-30 Automotive thick-film chip resistor touts moisture resistance
Yageo launched its AC seriesthick film chip resistor targeted at the automotive market.
2009-07-03 Antenna touts higher efficiency in small form
Yageo Corp. has announced the 1044 SMD LP patch antenna that is half the size of traditional chip computers, yet achieves 80 percent better efficiency for GPS applications in personal navigation devices, smart phones and notebooks.
2010-04-23 'Smallest' PIFA antenna tailored for GPS handhelds
Yageo Corp. is rolling out what it claims is the smallest ceramic chip antenna (PIFA mode) for GPS applications.
2005-04-12 Walsin, Pan Overseas confirm merger via stock swap
Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) manufacturer Walsin Technology Corp. and passive component maker Pan Overseas Electronic Co. Ltd recently filed stock swaps at the Taiwan Stock Exchange to form a merger.
2002-03-27 Phycomp Sweden transfers to new location
Phycomp Sweden has moved to a new office location in Stockholm. The new headquarters is about 10km away from the company's old office building, which was shared with Philips.
2005-09-02 Passive component makers see demand pick-up before yearend
Manufacturers of passive components expect demand to increase in the remainder of the year.
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