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2008-09-01 Vishay offers amber and yellow power LEDs in CLCC-2 package
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. claims it the industry's first series of high-intensity amber and yellow power SMD LEDs in the CLCC-2 flat ceramic package with driving currents up to 400mA.
2007-02-13 High-power LED delivers 7.4lm output at 50mA
Delivering a maximum light output of 7.4lm at an operating current of 50mA, Dominant Semiconductors claims its new product is the brightest single-chip, high-power LED in a PLCC-4 package
2006-08-14 New LEDs from Osram use ThinFilm tech
Osram has introduced the Advanced Power TOPLED line of LEDs that incorporates ThinFilm technology
2008-06-25 LEDs cut thermal resistance down to 290K/W
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new series of power surface-mount LEDs that deliver a significant advance in heat dissipation and brightness
2007-08-31 High-intensity LEDs come in CLCC6 ceramic package
Vishay Intertechnology has introduced what it claims to be the first series of high-intensity yellow, amber and white power SMD LEDs in CLCC6 ceramic package.
2011-11-03 MiniLEDs tout 1400mcd
Vishay's VLMx233 series offers low thermal resistance junction/ambient of 480K/W and power dissipation up to 130mW
2004-08-12 BivarOpto unveils Wedge-based LEDs
BivarOpto introduced a new Wedge-based LED designed for extended life apps and replacement of conventional T-1 wedge-based incandescent bulbs.
2008-06-04 Through-hole LEDs promise well-defined radiation pattern
Dominant Semiconductors has released a new series of through-hole LEDs designed specifically to provide a well-defined radiation pattern and a cost-effective lighting solution.
2002-11-05 Thinner, brighter LEDs shine for PDAs
Two LED lines from Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas tout advances in package sizes, luminosity, and color reproducibility.
2009-04-27 Miniature pushbutton switches fit avionics displays
C&K Components has developed the PBA series of miniature illuminated pushbutton that feature high tactile feel suitable for cold lighting and illuminated displays in avionics applications.
2008-04-04 Illuminated toggle switches suit handhelds
NKK Switches has rolled out the M2100 series of LED-tipped miniature toggle switches and the TL series of illuminated standard-size toggle switches.
2008-02-01 Enabling e-paper displays
We've all heard the sizzle of e-paper displays, with their promise of wraparound advertising signs, wearable wrist monitors and e-newspapers that we fold or roll up and stick into our pockets. While the age of these gee-whiz products is not yet upon us, their enabling display technologies are on the move.
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