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2003-08-15 How to interface Zarlink components to parallel bus CPUs
This application note provides several examples to help designers to interface Zarlink devices with parallel bus CPUs.
2003-03-24 FuZhou ZhuoYi latest receiver powered by Zarlink demodulator
FuZhou ZhuoYi Electronics Co. Ltd has selected Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.'s MT312 demodulator chip for its latest digital STB satellite receiver.
2002-12-04 Designing a Hotswap board with Zarlink components
This article describes the process of designing a Hotswap board using Zarlink components.
2006-10-30 Conexant to buy Zarlink switch business for $5M
Conexant Systems Inc. has agreed to pay $5 million in cash for the packet-switching business of Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
2003-08-15 Company: Zarlink Semiconductor
This application note discusses the differences between the MT90220 and MT90223 8-link IMA/UNI devices.
2002-09-03 Voice echo cancellers offer high density, low power
Zarlink Semiconductor has introduced 288- and 256-channel voice echo cancellation ICs for use in VoIP gateways; VoFR, VoA, and VoDSL access equipment; and wireless basestations.
2003-08-15 Understanding and eliminating latch-up in CMOS applications
This application note assists designers that are already familiar with the use of CMOS devices, as well as first time users.
2005-09-27 TVs benefit from low-power tuner
Zarlink Semiconductor introduced the ZL0037 satellite tuner for SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) digital satellite television receivers used in PayTV systems.
2005-11-10 Tuner meets all DVB, cable, terrestrial and analog standards
Zarlink Semiconductor launched a new MOPLL single-conversion tuner for the fast-growth digital TV market
2005-08-17 Tuner improves reception of free-to-air satellite signals
The team at Zarlink has integrated an external LNA into the receiver chip in the ZL10039, making it possible for STB designers to put a Free-to-Air tuner with the required sensitivity right on the motherboard.
2005-06-03 Transceiver links devices in man
Zarlink introduced the ZL70100, the world's first transceiver chip designed exclusively for wireless communication systems that link implanted medical devices and base stations
2003-08-15 The MT8980 and the MT8981 digital crosspoint switches
This application note describes the MT8980 and MT8981 digital crosspoint switches and lists down their architecture, applications and capabilities.
2003-08-15 Subscriber line interface for digital switching systems
This application note provides details on how the MT8960-67 series of voice CODECs can be used with the MH88610 to implement a complete subscriber line interface for a digital PBX.
2003-08-15 ST-Bus generic device specification
This application note provides device specifications such as timing parameters of the ST-BUS interface for different data rates.
2003-08-15 Reducing SRAM size on MT90222/223
This application note describes the recommended line protection circuitry for the MT9076B.
2003-08-15 Protection networks for telecommunication systems
This application note lists down several of the standards and ways to protect telecommunication systems.
2006-02-15 PLL targets ATCA, AMC architectures
Zarlink Semiconductor launched a single-chip, ultra-low jitter synchronizer for network interface cards.
2003-08-15 Performing Substrate Switching Through Oversampling
This application note provides applications on where substrate switching is useful.
2007-02-01 Overcome challenges in implant design
This article discusses the unique challenges posed by in-body communications systems, and some of the general technical and biocompatibility issues for implanted system design.
2003-08-15 Multitrunk System Synchronizer
This application note provides designers with information on implementing the MT9024B Multitrunk System Synchronizer in a telecommunications network.
2003-08-15 MT9122/MT9300 ITU-T G.165 Test Report
This application note provides a report on the performance of the MT9122 and MT9300 with respect to the ITU-T recommendation G.165.
2003-08-15 MT9076B Line protection circuitry
This application note describes the recommended line protection circuitry for the MT9076B.
2003-08-15 MT9076 Evaluation Card
This application note displays a schematic diagram detailing the pin configuration of the MT9076 T1/E1/J1 transceiver.
2003-08-15 MT90500 Replacement Guidelines
This application note describes the transition of a design from the MT90500 to the MT90503.
2003-08-15 MDS21x VLAN Setup
This application note describes the VLAN setup for the MDS21x device.
2003-08-15 MDS21x Software Firmware Interface
This application note describes the implementation of the MDS21x L1/L2 firmware.
2003-08-15 MDS21x Initialization
This application note describes the procedure on how to initialize the MDS21x and bring it up to an operation state.
2003-08-15 MDS108/MVTX1100 XLink Interface
This application note describes the XLink interface for the MDS108 and MVTX1100 devices.
2005-09-01 Leaky chips test designers' skills
To achieve longer battery life in portable products, the entire IC design chain must chip in and tackle leakage.
2007-03-23 Kit enhances voice quality in hands-free apps
Zarlink Semiconductor expanded its family of voice processing solutions with the ZL38005, a device enabling high-quality voice in hands-free communication systems.
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