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2013-08-06 Pixelligent expands PixClear Zirconia nanocrystal family
The latest products feature 1.85+ refractive index and target applications that include touch screens, CMOS image sensors, HB LED and OLED applications, and clear protective films.
2013-10-02 Researchers in Singapore, MIT develop flexible ceramics
The team developed a way of making minuscule ceramic objects that are not only flexible, but also have a "memory" for shape: when bent and then heated, they return to their original shapes.
2003-11-17 Nitto Denko polymer offers 1.76 refractive index
Nitto Denko Corp. has developed a thermosetting polymer with a refractive index of 1.76 - the highest refractive index in the world.
2003-11-07 Year Round SC/SC adapter suits WLAN apps
Designed for wireless LAN (WLAN) applications, the SC-547 SC/SC adapter from Year Round Technology Corp. features a ceramic sleeve, zirconia ferrules, PBT and PVC receptacle, and PBP dust cap.
2003-11-14 Year Round connectors feature 1.5mm amplitude
The STP-9 one-piece ST fiber-optic connector from Year Round Technology Corp. is available in single-mode and multimode, including high-bandwidth multimode.
2003-10-16 Wieson fiber-optic patch cords have low return loss
The 9985-SC series of fiber-optic patch cords from Wieson Technologies Co. Ltd complies with the Telcordia GR-326-CORE specification.
2006-03-13 Quad LC adapter doubles fiber count
Molex has added the quad LC adapter to its small-form factor product family to accommodate the network designer's need for increased fiber count in high-density applications.
2014-06-17 III-V MOSFETs rival Si-based transistors
The transistors are fabricated with indium-gallium-arsenide atop an indium-phospide substrate. They possess 20nm gate lengths, 0.5mA per micron width on-current and 100nA off-current when operating at voltages similar to Si.
2003-02-27 Fiber-optic connectors exhibit <0.2dB insertion loss
Sunstar Communication Technology Co. Ltd's line of fiber-optic connectors exhibits an insertion loss <0.2dB.
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