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Semiconductor industry to undergo a paradigm shift? 2016-05-20
The semiconductor industry has shown no consolidation due to its rapidly innovating nature, but after so many decades, isn't consolidation through mergers long overdue? ?
Intel's post-PC plan to take a short-term hit 2016-04-21
The semiconductor giant marks the beginning of the end for the PC era, and shifts its investments in microchips that power data centers and Internet connected devices. ?
There's more to IC design than just circuits 2016-04-01
It takes a village to get complex semiconductors out to market, from design, packaging, test and manufacture. It benefits everyone in the team to know where a product is headed. ?
Imagination talks product differentiation at China roadshow 2016-02-18
The Imagination Summit 2015 featured speakers from Imagination Technologies, Mentor Graphics, Rightware, CSIA, Synopsys, Dolby, SMIC and Ingenic stressing new opportunities and the need for product differentiation to beat price competition. ?
PC industry is not dead, says HP CTO 2015-10-29
Shane Wall, HP's chief technologist, described new computing markets in which HP Inc. will play, although it's not clear whether the company has clearly defined platforms for many of them. ?
Online design startup sparks tool debate 2015-10-02
The Upverter Parts Concierge lets engineers request a component be added to an online design in progress and it seeks to eliminate the need to copy information from datasheets into a CAD design. ?
CoolCube 3D interconnect targets FinFET process 2015-08-05
The research institute demonstrated the feasibility of CoolCube used to stack FinFET layers on its 300mm production line as well as with fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator manufacturing processes. ?
Dissecting FD-SOI: Understanding the risks and opportunities 2015-07-09
According to the CEO of CEA-Leti, FD-SOI's genuine advantage wasn't obvious at process nodes such as 40nm or 32nm, but there is a certain degree of potential now at 28nm node. ?
FD-SOI development programme targets low-power apps 2015-06-12
The collaborative design platform aims to give participants a comprehensive IC technology platform complete with IC design, advanced IP, emulator and test services along with industrial MPW shuttles. ?
EDA tool reduces design time for FinFETs 2015-04-24
The Calibre xACT claims to quickly and accurately extract parasitic capacitance, resistance and inductance for IC designs including digital, custom, analogue and RF. ?
Qualcomm to bring Monolithic 3D IC tech to smartphones 2015-04-21
According to a Qualcomm executive, the company is looking to leverage Monolithic 3D IC technology to win market share in the $8 billion smartphone market. ?
6-year academy preps students for STEM careers 2015-04-09
The State University of New York, Queensborough Community College and SAP, initiated Btech to fast-track students through a variety of hands-on technology courses and real world experiences. ?
ACM announces IC physical design contest winners 2015-04-08
The annual International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) showcases innovations in modern IC design, and this year also saw Kurt Antreich being awarded for his achievements in EDA. ?
Synopsys bares infringement-free ZeBu server emulators 2015-03-13
Due to a court injunction prohibiting them from marketing emulators that incorporate Mentor Graphics-patented emulation technology, Synopsys released infringement-free versions of ZeBu emulators. ?
Mentor Graphics buys Tanner, aims to expand IoT market 2015-03-05
Mentor Graphics plans to expand its IoT market after acquiring the business assets of Tanner EDA, a leading tool provider for the design, layout and verification of AMS and MEMS ICs. ?
NTU start-up unveils compact rotary 3D printer-scanner 2015-02-20
Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) start-up Blacksmith Group unleashed the Blacksmith Genesis that can also scan items into digitised models, on top of its 3D printing capabilities. ?
One-on-one with Imagination's CEO 2015-02-10
CEO of Imagination Technologies Sir Hossein Yassaie talks about how his organisation weathers the challenges in the world of IP, as well as the future he sees for the company. ?
Mentor Graphics wins patent case against Synopsys 2015-01-21
A California federal district court has released a summary judgement order nullifying all asserted claims of three patents by Synopsys Inc. against Mentor Graphics. ?
Mentor Graphics to own Flexras Technologies 2015-01-15
Mentor buys Flexras to expand its design prototyping technology.

Mentor Graphics Corp. has merged with Flexras Technologies. The acquisition deal aims to enhance Mentor's design prototyping solutions.

Shining the spotlight on supply chain talent dev't 2014-12-29
A survey of supply chain management professionals showed that the low ratings for the state of supply chain talent is primarily pointing at the lack of management support and poor staff development. ?
CMC expands Spice model standards for SOI 2014-12-29
Additional models called BSIM-IMG and HiSIM-SOTB were developed for extremely thin-body SOI CMOS (ETSOI) and will enhance the popular BSIM and HiSIM standards platforms. ?
Designing test tools to accommodate denser memories 2014-12-15
Testing vendors should keep ahead in offering tools aimed at existing memory specifications and emerging denser memories technologies with automation as customers look to quickly verify products. ?
Inside TI's DLP LightCrafter 2014-12-05
Together with his engineering team, Ivan Kuten, head of R&D at Promwad, studied the pico projector (DLP3000-C300REF) offered by Texas Instruments. This is his unboxing report. ?
Mentor Graphics wins patent infringement case 2014-10-15
A Portland, Oregon jury awards damages to Mentor Graphics in patent case versus EVE and Synopsys. ?
Rhines: Both inventions, efficiency improvements carry weight 2014-10-15
For Mentor Graphics CEO Wally Rhines, Nobels ought to celebrate inventions and efficiency improvements of them as both make valuable contribution to the society. ?
Mentor Graphics, TSMC team up for 10nm FinFET designs 2014-09-30
The collaboration targets 10nm FinFET process requirements for early customers' test chip and IP design starts through the use of physical design, analysis, verification and optimisation tools. ?
Intel plans to extend Moore's Law to 7nm 2014-09-12
Chipmakers generally don't expect the much-delayed extreme ultraviolet lithography in time for 10nm chips, but many still hold out hopes it could be ready for a 7nm generation. ?
15nm process design kit spurs innovation 2014-08-18
The FreePDK released by North Carolina State University includes a more complete set of tools that anyone can download to design state-of-the-art chips and tools. ?
Advanced packaging drives SPTS buyout 2014-08-11
Orbotech, a provider of optical inspection equipment for PCBs and flat-panel displays, acquired SPTS, a semiconductor etching and deposition company, for $300 million. ?
Semicon R&D joint labs to advance future electronics 2014-07-24
A*STAR IME and industry partners formed the Advanced Semiconductor Joint Labs to develop and innovate semiconductor technologies for future electronics markets. ?

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