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Worldwide sales offices:
? ? Area City Level TEL
Grace Wu TW TW Associate Publisher (886-2) 2759-1366 ext. 100
Jin Yi CN SZ General Sales Manager (86-755) 3324-8168
Bob Li CN BJ Sales Manager, Beijing (86-10) 5765-2866
Kerley Zhang CN SH Sales Manager, Shanghai (86-21) 6157-3812
Simon Lee HK HK/SG Sales Manager, Hong Kong (852) 3547-0481
Michael Sun TW TW Sales Manager, Taiwan (886-2) 2759-1366 ext. 300

Rest of the World:

? ? Area City Level TEL
Mike Sarles US US Headquarters & Southwest Chief Representative, US (1-435) 676-8788
Maggie Lord US US West Coast Senior Account Manager (1-510) 559-3104
Chuck Armitage US US East Coast Senior Account Manager (1-978) 461-4902
Keita Sato JP JP Sales Manager, Japan (81-3) 6824-9377
Keon Chang KO KO Sales manager, Korea 82-2-2273-4819
Shishir Lahoti IN IN Sales Rep, India (91-22) 6111-0701
Norbert Hufmann EU DE Sales Rep, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe (49-911) 9397-6445
Victoria Hufmann EU DE Sales Rep, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe (49-911) 9397-6445
Nick Walker EU FR Sales Rep, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands (44) 0 1442-864-191
Monika Ailinger EU SW Sales Rep, Switzerland (41) 41-850-4424
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