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EE Times Asia is a 24/7 publication that reaches an online registered community of about 33,000 electronics engineers. The publication covers a large number of sectors in the electronics industry and a broad range of products.

Help us serve you and our readers better by identifying your target market. Tell us whether your products fit the R&D lab and design environment, or the QC department and production floor. This helps us quickly sort and better target your press releases.

Here are the general guidelines:

1.? Identify the important news
Clearly define the facts in your press release. Is your company opening a new facility or sales office? Are you acquiring another company? Have you introduced a new product?

2.? Differentiate your product
Our readers are engineers and managers. When submitting product news, include technical information, specifications, safety approvals, packaging options, minimum order size and FOB quotes.

Illustrated product announcements attract reader attention; include high-quality color photographs with your submission.

3.? Make it easier for readers to use your products
Include any information that may help readers understand your product, such as block diagrams. If you have prepared datasheets and application notes, send us the links. We may publish them without modification and guide readers to the additional resources.

3.? Help readers contact you
Let readers ask you questions about your company and your products. Include the full name, job title, telephone number and email address of someone in your company who can handle reader inquiries. We do not publish contact details but enable readers to send you inquiries through our database.

Provide a contact for editors as well so that they can request additional information to enhance the editorial.

4.? Be timely
The decreasing time-to-market requires us to get your news out as soon as possible. Submit your news release early. Here are a couple of tips:
?? E-mail your press releases
?? Send your press release before the official date of announcement. This helps us gather information and prepare it for publication on a planned date. Include a RELEASE/EMBARGO DATE. We honour release/embargo dates and never share pre-release material with third parties.

Your checklist
Make sure you have all the material ready to go at one time:

1.? An electronic copy of your press release in MS Word (*.docx/*.doc) format. Include references to figures and captions in this file. E-mail this file to our editors.
2.? Electronic copies of figures and photographs saved as *.jpg, *.png or *tif at a minimum resolution of 132dpi. We prefer these files e-mailed to us, but if the file size restricts convenient e-mailing, please send them via online services like Dropbox, Box, Hightail, Google Docs or a similar service.

Send your press releases, and feature and interview proposals to:


We often receive more press releases than we can publish. As with any successful publication, the primary purpose of the editorial material is to satisfy our readers' need for information. Selection for publication is made to meet that goal.

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