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EE Times Asia is 24/7 online publication that provides information that design engineers and engineering managers require to competitively design, test and manufacture electronics products as well as evaluate technologies and trends to develop technology and product roadmaps.

EE Times Asia is about you, the engineer. The publication offers a platform for engineers to help engineers advance society. It is about supporting the engineering profession in Asia.

Technical papers are but one type of communication you can have with our community. We welcome technical articles and/or technical viewpoints for publication. We do not pay for submitted articles, but we give you and your company full credit in the by-line.

Here are the general guidelines for contributing your knowledge through technical papers.

  1. Editorial, not advertisement
    Your article should focus on providing technical solutions or viewpoints without presenting a promotional pitch for your company or products.
  2. Submit an outline
    If you feel you can contribute an article that fits the needs of engineers in Asia, send us an outline of the content. Start by stating your objectives. You would normally have one or two objectives, such as:
    1. To show how to design... or
    2. Emphasize the importance of...
    Follow these objectives with an abstract of what you plan to write. Also, explain why your article will be suitable for an Asian audience. Express yourself within 200 words. The editors will review your abstract and, if it is accepted, agree a materials submission and publication schedule with you.
  3. Write the article
    Technical papers are generally not more than 2,500 words with up to four figures. If you feel you will exceed this limit or can contribute less than 1,200 words, let the editors know during the abstract approval stage.

    For technology viewpoints, consult the editor on the word length for each topic.
  4. Translations
    If you want us to consider your article for EE Times Taiwan, let us know beforehand. If accepted for that edition, we will request you to send us a traditional Chinese translation of the article.
  5. Presentation tips
    • Not all readers may be familiar with the standards, acronyms, or jargon you use. Explain these in a separate box/table.
    • Sometimes, you may require a product-specific application to explain a concept. Highlight this as a real-world example (or reference design) in a sidebar (separate block of text) of a few hundred words.
    • Use short sentences—they are easier read.
    • An active voice with a conversational tone will take your article further: use "you", like one engineer talking to another.
    • Illustrate your presentation to attract reader attention. The figures must have descriptive captions.
    • Help readers contact you. Include your full name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address for interested readers to contact.
  6. Copyright issues
    Please submit your article to only one publication at a time. If your article has already been published, ensure you have permission to publish the paper on EE Times Asia and inform us of that fact. Copyrights to content published on EE Times Asia are held by eMedia Asia Ltd.
    If the copyright to a previously published article is held by the author or author's company, we strongly recommend updating the article with new information, such as additional discussion and application/circuit examples.
    Remember, engineers like you have written sophisticated search algorithms that do a great job of finding content. Why not share different information that can benefit engineers?
  7. Your checklist
    Make sure you have all the material ready to go at one time:
    1. An electronic copy of your article in MS Word (*.doc) format. Include references to figures, captions, and sidebars in this file. E-mail this file to our editors.
    2. Electronic copies of figures and photographs saved separately as high-resolution (minimum 300dpi) *.JPG or *.TIF files. If, for some reason, you are unable to provide illustrations in any of the above-mentioned formats, consult our editors.
    3. Our infrastructure can only support 2MB attachments with email messages. If you are exceeding that limit, please use one of the free file-sharing services, such as Dropbox, Box, Hightail, etc.
Send your article ideas to:
Vivek Nanda
Executive Editor
vnanda [at ]

We often receive more articles than we can publish. We select articles based on the informational value to readers. If, for some reason, your article does not fit the editorial focus or the guidelines, we will inform you.

Editorial integrity

Like other professional publications, EE Times Asia's editorial is strictly unrelated to advertising. The primary purpose of the editorial material is to satisfy our readers' need for information.

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