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EDA news and hot articles

2010-04-16 Mentor: EDA to find solid opportunity in automotive
As EDA continues its quest for opportunities outside the IC industry, Mentor Graphics execs highlight automotive, saying the trend is likely to continue with the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles.
2010-04-15 Comment: EDA needs to innovate more
Oasys Design Systems executive chairman Sanjic Kaul discusses what the challenges in the EDA industry and what steps to take to overcome them.
2010-04-14 EDA sees positive sequential revenue trend
EDA revenue improved on a sequential basis in Q4 09 for the second consecutive quarter, according to the EDA Consortium (EDAC) trade group.
2010-02-25 EDA execs tip recipes for growth
While the EDA executives did not speculate on future industry growth, they did offer recipes for growth for their own firms at the EDAC's Annual CEO Forecast and Industry Vision event.
2010-02-05 What's in EDA crystal ball?
EE Times presents a discussion with EDA pundits Walden Rhines, Gary Smith, and Joseph Borel on their estimates and predictions for this year's EDA market.
2010-01-22 Does EDA need international roadmap?
Joseph Borel, ex-executive VP in central R&D at STMicroelectronics NV confirms that the EDA industry has a roadmap, but does the EDA industry need an international roadmap?
2010-01-13 An EDA company's take on 2010 growth sectors
P.V. Srinivas at Mentor Graphics takes you for a spin of crystal ball gazing, predicting growth sectors for 2010 and processes that will feed enabling technologies into electronics products.
2009-10-21 GlobalFoundries taps Mentor EDA tools
GlobalFoundries chose Mentor Graphics for its physical verification, RET, OPC and mask data preparation solutions.
2009-10-02 EDA posts sixth consecutive dip in Q2
EDA revenue slipped y-on-y for the sixth consecutive quarter in Q2, the longest string of successive declines since at least 1997, according to the EDA Consortium.
2009-08-17 Altera, Peking U open joint EDA/SOPC Lab
Altera Corp. announced the new Peking University and Altera International Ltd joint laboratory in Wuxi, China.
2009-08-06 EDA big three: Talent is the best asset
EDA's industry "big three" held a panel session at Design Automation Conference (DAC) on the future of EDA and agreed that this is not "your father��s recession."
2009-07-30 Is EDA getting its fair share in IC market?
Top execs reignited the debate of the age-old question of whether EDA gets its fair share of semiconductor ecosystem revenue at the Design Automation Conference, with at least one suggesting that the current recession may be the catalyst for a favorable change.
2009-06-23 EDA software adds new bus routing option
Pulsic Ltd has introduced an upgrade to its physical chip design software suite, Unity 2009.1.
2009-02-25 Will Synopsys rule the EDA world
While its major competitors have been reporting losses for several consecutive quarters, Synopsys says its relative strength will buttress trends that have been working in its favor, driving even more market share its way.
2009-02-06 Rhines: EDA innovation will continue
Mentor Graphics chairman and CEO Walden Rhines stuck a positive note presenting data that he said debunked many commonly held pessimisms about EDA and the broader semiconductor industry.
2009-02-05 Glowing in EDA negativity
It seems that lately if you want to be considered an authority on the EDA industry you must be negative about it, in fact you must say the most pessimistic thing you can muster.
2009-01-19 EDAC: IP, EDA to help stir economic recovery
Top executives from some of EDA's biggest companies delivered a sober message that could have surprised few, given the economy��business will be mired in difficult conditions for the foreseeable future.
2009-01-15 Report: EDA revenues slid 11% in Q3
The EDA Consortium reported that EDA revenue in Q3 08 reached $1.26 billion, down 10.9 percent from $1.41 billion in Q3 07.
2009-01-06 Is your EDA vendor stable
Are you teaming up with stable partners? Gabe Moretti suggests a way to measure a company's stability.
2008-12-25 Opinion: Are FPGAs running low on EDA tools
EDA tools for FPGA are not running out of steam, but could certainly benefit from additional energy in under-served areas, and, as with the rest of the EDA industry, will always benefit from incremental improvements to existing tools.
2008-12-15 FPGAs face EDA tool, designer shortage
The FPGA market has experienced lackluster and flat growth in recent times it now faces a set of new challenges that could threaten the business.
2008-10-14 Slump marks EDA earnings in Q2
The EDA Consortium Market Statistics Service revealed that the EDA industry revenue for Q2 08 declined 3.7 percent to $1357.4 million, compared to $1408.8 million in Q2 07.
2008-10-03 Synopsys is Sanyo's EDA choice
Sanyo Semiconductor has signed an expanded business agreement to establish Synopsys as its leading EDA supplier.
2008-09-18 ESL EDA platform slashes design time in half
From Agilent comes the SystemVue 2008, a new EDA platform for electronic system-level design
2008-09-03 How far can EDA sustain losses
Four of the major EDA companies have shown the financial records for their respective quarter sales. Only Synopsys had a positive statistics, while Cadence, Magma and Mentor all reported losses
2008-08-21 Imperas rolls MIPS-verified IP models free of charge
EDA startup Imperas Ltd has signed up processor and mixed-signal IP licensor MIPS Technologies Inc. to verify models of its processors that Imperas makes and plans to distribute for free
2008-08-04 EDA software improves RF board design
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced shipment of its Genesys 2008.07 release, which contains improvements to the reliability of artwork masks for EM verification and RF board manufacturing.
2008-08-01 Multithreading comes undone
EDA vendors have struggled to meet the challenge of multicore IC design by rolling out multithreading capabilities for their tools. Nonetheless, the question cannot be ignored: Is multithreading the best way to exploit multicore systems effectively
2008-07-30 National hails Synopsys as its key EDA partner
Synopsys has announced that the company was chosen by National as its key EDA partner in product development
2008-07-16 SpringSoft works on global ambition
In its thrust to offer additional specialized EDA solutions, SpringSoft has completed its merger with Nova Software, and has announced the acquisition of four EDA and channel companies
2008-07-07 EDA market shows signs of weakness
The EDA Consortium Market Statistics Service announced that the EDA industry revenue for Q1 declined 1.2 percent to $1,350.7 million compared to $1,366.8 million in Q1 07
2008-07-02 Mentor seeks advice on Cadence takeover bid
Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that its board has retained Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch as financial advisors with respect to Cadence Design System Inc.'s unsolicited bid for the EDA house
2008-06-24 Cadence CEO's EDA ambition
If Cadence Design Systems Inc. president and CEO Michael Fister had enough cash, he might be making a daring bid for Intel Corp., his employer of 17 years and the world's biggest semiconductor company by revenue.
2008-06-20 Cadence-Mentor merger a 'bad idea', analyst says
A veteran EDA analyst said Cadence Design Systems is under pressure and may lose its top spot in the electronic design automation sector, and its proposed $1.6 billion merger with Mentor Graphics is a 'bad idea
2008-06-18 IPL Alliance's 'interoperable' ref flow puts pressure on Cadence
The analog EDA market is suddenly generating a buzz, as a number of forces unite to advance the technology and threaten Cadence's stranglehold. Ciranova, Magma, Synopsys and TSMC are among the members of the IPL alliance with tools to compete with Cadence
2008-06-17 Analysis: Business gets tough for EDA vendors
Buffeted by the negative effects of poor and often erratic sales growth, weak leverage with customers, muddled pricing strategies and bloated operating costs, the EDA market is reeling as stockholders and private-equity investors shy away from even the better-managed companies
2008-06-16 UMC tips roadmap, veers away from 450mm
Taiwan foundry United Microelectronics Corp. has outlined its process roadmap and disclosed several alliances with the EDA community at the Design Automation Conference (DAC
2008-06-11 Bondwire design gets Helic touch
Greek EDA company Helic SA is launching a bondwire layout and inductance modeling tool called VeloceWired
2008-05-27 Assessing the DFM impact
The EDA industry, always looking for timely solutions to the existing problems of the electronics market, has taken the challenge of defining a new market segment
2008-05-09 Run practical power network synthesis
Although methodologies for power network synthesis typically assume that design tools can freely size sleep transistors for power gating, this assumption does not hold up for real-world SoC designs where the sleep transistors are commonly designed as custom switch cells of fixed sizes. The method described in this article avoids this unrealistic assumption and introduces the concept of a "fake via" to enable power network synthesis using existing EDA tools
2008-05-02 Agilent tips 10x faster planar 3D EM simulator
Agilent Technologies has announced a 10x speedup of its planar 3D EM simulator, which is part of the Update 1 release of its ADS 2008 EDA software platform
2008-03-25 The real deal on Synopsys' Synplicity buyout
Synopsys has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Synplicity for $8 cash per share, resulting in a gross transaction of approximately $227 million, and approximately $188 million net of cash acquired. Here's what EDA veteran Gabe Moretti thinks about the deal
2008-02-26 Rhines on EDA: End 'endless verification
Walden Rhines of Mentor Graphics calls for a combination of formal methods, TLM techniques and intelligent testbenches to lower the cost of design verification.
2008-02-18 Cadence identifies Asia's EDA growth factors
How is Asia's EDA industry faring? Lung Chu, Cadence Design Systems Asia Ltd's Asia Pacific president, shares the region's EDA growth information, bares his thoughts on the key places of development and discusses the company's efforts for low-power design
2008-02-12 EDA tools aid in drug development
While the results of applying EDA tools to drug discovery may take awhile, proponents argue that the technology could speed development of new drugs to fight disease
2008-01-24 EDA trio offers UPF-based products
Magma Design Automation, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys are now delivering low-power EDA tools based on the Accellera-developed Unified Power Format standard, UPF 1.0
2008-01-17 EDA grows slightly, action shifts out of North America
The EDA Consortium recorded modest single-digit growth overall for the EDA sector, even as the industry is continuing its gradual shift out of North America
2008-01-04 AMD taps Denali's flash tech for next-gen handhelds
EDA software and IP supplier Denali Software Inc. has licensed its NAND flash technology to Advanced Micro Devices Inc
2008-01-02 Expanding the DFM market
Apache's acquisition of Optimal is another clear signal that the EDA industry is adapting to provide designers with tools that allow them to work on the entire system, not just parts that have different physical characteristics
2008-01-02 Presenting an EDA success story
The success of SpringSoft Inc. the leading EDA player in the Asia-Pacific, demonstrates a very special and precious story. Martin Lu, chairman and CEO, attributes their success to two important factors: right product positioning and the realization of a designer-centered concept
2007-11-28 Car safety electronics go for system-level approach
A promising market awaits those chip and EDA companies that help carmakers meet the demand for safety, comfort and infotainment using fewer MCUs by way of a system-level, whole-vehicle approach to design and electronics integration
2007-11-01 Formulating an EDA solution to ESI
The growing demand for cheap consumer wireless applications calls for unprecedented levels of integration. Among all the challenges to address ESI impact on analog and RF victims, modeling noise generation and injection is particularly tricky. The issue is to collect the power supply and substrate currents in both time and frequency domains.
2007-10-25 EDA's big three unready for 3D chip packaging
Without design tools to allow exploration and tradeoffs to be made in 3D layouts, engineers are restricted to design in two dimensions and occasionally stack chips crudely. But without a clear market for 3D design EDA vendors are unlikely to offer tools
2007-10-24 NXP, Cadence ink multiyear EDA partnership deal
Cadence Design Systems and NXP Semiconductors have announced the signing of a multiyear strategic agreement that positions Cadence as NXP's primary EDA solutions partner
2007-09-24 Firms collaborate to address 65nm FPGA design verification
Xilinx Inc. and a group of EDA companies teamed up to define and implement new verification flows to address ultrahigh-density designs of 65nm FPGAs and new emerging FPGA architectures
2007-09-21 Firms join forces to advance DFM
The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) announced that top chip makers and EDA tool vendors have established a design-for-manufacturing (DFM) coalition intended to build on previous DFM efforts
2007-09-17 Asia's EDA moment is just around the corner
Mentor Graphics' Daniel Yang, managing director, Pacific Rim operations, discusses the Asian designer's future and how the region is shaping up to captivate the EDA industry
2007-09-14 MediaTek, Apache take on 65/45nm design challenges
Apache Design Solutions announced that MediaTek has selected Apache as their EDA partner for addressing 65- and 45nm physical design challenges
2007-09-13 Intel Capital invests in Fast-SPICE provider
Nascentric, an EDA firm providing Fast-SPICE simulation and analysis tools, announced that it has closed a $7.2 million Series C financing from its investors, which now include Intel Capital
2007-08-29 Software, IP solutions dominate ESC-Taiwan, EDA&T-Taiwan
Software and IP solutions took the centerstage at this year's ESC-Taiwan and EDA&T-Taiwan show in Taipei last August 23-24
2007-08-23 Industry heavyweights address EEs in Taiwan
Embedded and test engineers in Taiwan will be treated to an array of seminars on the latest embedded development tools, EDA solutions and test technologies as the 7th ESC-Taiwan and the 15th EDA&T-Taiwan open today at the Taipei International Convention Center
2007-08-17 Xilinx teams with EDA giants on 65nm FPGA verification
Xilinx has announced a collaboration with three major EDA companies to address the challenges of 65nm ultrahigh-capacity FPGA design verification
2007-08-08 Intel taps Synopsys as EDA supplier
Intel Corp. has selected Synopsys Inc. as its primary EDA supplier and signed a multi-year technology agreement under which they will closely collaborate on advanced design flows
2007-07-30 Nokia, ARM among companies in Accellera board
EDA standards organization Accellera has elected 14 Corporate-Member companies to its Board of Directors for the 2007-2008 membership year, among which are Nokia and ARM
2007-07-26 Indian design center gets $20M in tools from Mentor
Mentor Graphics is donating a complete suite of EDA tools worth over $20 million to RV-VLSI Design Center in India for use in classroom instruction and academic research
2007-07-19 CDT bags grant to develop EDA for organic electronics
Cambridge Display Technology has been awarded a $500,000 grant to develop EDA software for use in the application of organic thin-film transistors
2007-07-16 Taiwan shows to dish out new design solutions
If you're hungry for the latest embedded development tools, EDA solutions and test technologies, you may want to feast at the 7th Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan and 15th EDA & Test-Taiwan Conference & Exhibition, which will gather the world's top vendors, and showcase a smorgasbord of fresh design and test solutions on August 23-24 at the Taipei International Convention Center
2007-07-16 Multicore reshapes EDA landscape
The largest EDA vendors acknowledge that the advent of multicore processors is a cause for both celebration and concern. Multicore platforms will provide much-needed compute power as transistor counts soar at 65nm and below. But legacy applications could prove difficult or even impossible to parallelize
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